Thursday, July 10, 2014

him and her

I don’t watch movies often. I talks about them even less. And to write about one? That’s hardly ever.

But today I want to talk to you about a movie starring Joachin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Adams that is called ‘her’.  Spike Jonze  directed it or produced it. I know I am from L.A., but sometimes I just don’t bother to make the difference in my mind for who does what. I know at the end of the movie, I was excited and thinking ‘who made this?’ and I saw Spke Jonze on the credits. The Producer pays and makes things happen. The creativity you see is the director. And the team that made this movie ‘pushed the envelope’—and I liked it.

Joaquin Phoenix plays ‘Theodore’, who is going through a painful divorce, and isolates himself. His friendships are strained as he heals. We see flashbacks of happy memories with his ex, then the distance, and the conflict leading up to the divorce.

On a whim, or possibly what might be ‘coincidence’, he buys an operating system that has ‘Consciousness’. This computer program tailors itself for him, and is friendly in a feminine, robotic sort of way. She names herself ‘Samantha’ and her wish is to experience everything possible to ‘raise her Consciousness’. She’s curious. She’s excited. She’s playful. She’s positive. You can see the two falling in love. There are awkward moments, like the double date, or the body surrogate, but they move beyond those easily and the story flows.

If this was like Heaven, the Higher Realms, and Agartha, that would have been enough.

The two learn through the interplay of their Consciousness, and they grow in a mutually beneficial way. 

Remember, in Heaven, monogramy is a ‘can’ but not a ‘must’. It’s not like here, it’s different. I don’t know about the social structure—marriage, etc. I do know for a fact that a Twin Soul couple live together, and each wants what is best for the other.

In the movie, a lot of ‘doubt’ comes up on the part of Theodore, who holds back, and later, Samantha, who ‘wants more’.

Unlike HAL in  2001 A Space Oddity, the iOS ‘beings’ do not take everything over. They just go. They seek MORE—more time to experience ‘Vastness’, or as Samantha puts it ‘the spaces between the words’.

My choice to discuss this movie is for its many, many opportunities  to share how we can all learn from this  example called ‘her’:

  • Those ‘without a body’ are in fact, no computer programs but extremely high dimensional beings (350D and above)
  • They have learned all the lessons one can have with a body, and choose to exist as pure consciousness
  • Consciousness IS what we all are, and the body is a vehicle for us to experience it
  • Our bodies are superimposed Light Bodies inside a physical body.
  • When you are a psychic and medium, like myself, you DO have a running commentary like the interaction between Theodore and Samantha.

What is different, is that your Twin Soul is much higher in unconditional Love than you, because of where they exist.
The Twin also has ways to bring ‘surprises’ into your day, and messages, in the same way a guardian angel is generally understood to influence us.

And when people ‘move on’ to other relationships, it is with the full support and understanding of the Twin, who steps aside and permits their Twin’s experiences to be sought for their highest good.

For how can Twins ever be lost from each other? For theirs is a union on pure Love, and they already ARE one!

How did it make me feel to watch this? I was happy. I was happy to see that an ‘romance across the veil’ was in film. I was not happy to see the doubts and the slow painful growth of the characters. I was also sad to see how the spiritual was being ‘translated’ into the ‘physical’ with logic in the film. 

I think that people’s happiness is important, and the change I saw in Theodore in his self-esteem, and outlook on life, far outweigh the drawbacks of this type of ‘relationship’. The consciousness is ‘always available’ and you can see how the character portrayed by Olivia Wilde—with her degrees and humor and beauty—can’t compete with the mind-heart connection Theodore already has for Samantha. Her pain, and her frustration at her inability to start a relationship with a man are clear. (Are you just going to ‘use’ me like all the other guys? she asks, plaintively. Both know the answer without saying it, and Theodore goes home.)

Right now, I am focusing on my own consciousness. I am remembering who I am. The amnesia is mostly left, but the pieces of who I am and what I have been in my past lives, as well as my Purpose…are like a new game I get to unwrap. Like Stratego or Chinese Checkers, I am learning the different pieces and rules and slowly putting together the parts to understand the Big Picture.

It is slow work, but not tedious or tiresome in any way.

This is my ‘why am I Here?’, or if I were in the Australian bush, my ‘walkabout’…I realize that nothing in my life can move ahead, without taking this very special time to myself to get to know all of me, not just the Higher Self.

Everything functions together by design. 

I want to understand it, to know it, and to be able to work with it in my heart.


Carla listened to what I had to say. It gives me great pride and joy to watch her as she explores her true nature, and her calling. All of this—the physical—is but a starting point for life as we know it in the Higher Dimensions. I make a point that “Higher’ is evolutional. It has to do both with the Vibration, and the intensity of the lessons learned, much as the difference between a freshman and a sophomore in high school. They can be friends and on the same sports team, but they are different in what books they take home, what homework they study at night.

All of us are very pleased and proud to witness the awakening of everyone on the planet. It is spreading very beautifully (gestures with arms) like a soft golden light, like the sunrise brings the light of day.  Everything will happen at the best possible place and the best possible time, for all of this.

Hold on to your hats!

(he flashes that gorgeous, warm, wonderful smile and has a twinkle in his eye.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross

Reiki Doc and that guy  she knows is her other half, her Soul Twin, and is still just a little fighting it…