Thursday, July 17, 2014


Keiki is the Hawaiian word for 'children'.

Today we are going to talk about Gaia, our children, duality and the higher dimensions--as they are affecting our children, and ultimately, how the vibrations are affecting me and you. <3

The Lessons Of Duality

Duality is a description for the three-dimensional way of being--it's 'looking out for number one', 'me versus you', and 'us versus them'. There is a belief that resources are limited. And that 'survival of the fittest' is the 'status quo'.

Our children are 'a little bit closer to heaven' than us, if you don't mind me using the 'H' word in a totally non-religious reference. Our newborns have that glow, that gaze as if they are looking at if they remember the love and happiness and Oneness with All There Is before they came to Gaia and were born.

Children are our 'offshoots'. Our keiki are essentially the same thing as us, only a 'little bit younger', do you agree?

Here is a story. It is about a boy named Brody. As my son was about to enter the first grade, he went to a summer program at his new school. All of the grades were 'mixed' together in this 'summer adventure' so it was his first experience with 'the older kids'.

One day he came home to me, and was quite serious. He needed to buy some Fruit of The Loom underwear. It was important.

I asked, 'why?'

Because Brody has the poison, and if you touch him, you will die, unless you have on Fruit Of The Loom Underwear--that is what the big kids told me.

I humored him. I bought them (we are a Hanes family, LOL, but we went to Target that night).

I thought the older boys were teasing him my innocent little one.

I thought it was all in good fun.

Over the summer I realized that Brody got teased, a LOT. And with pride and gratitude, as I worked with my son to open his heart and to be kind to Brody, one day my six-year-old said, 'Mom? I don't care what the others think. Brody is really nice and I enjoy playing with him.'

I hugged him and told him how grateful Brody's mother would always be to him for showing lovingkindness to her son.

Brody went away. I have since learned that he lost weight, and enrolled in a new school, and is doing well.

I also learned that Brody had a stay-at-home father who suddenly left and never came back around the time we first met him back in the summer before first grade. Brody had a very hard time adjusting to this loss. He is being raised by his mother and grandmother to this day.

This is the kind of bullying I thought about when I grew up. People who were mean and would make you give them your lunch money.

I experienced this kind of being shunned myself, when I was a girl, too. I was 'too smart' and teased a lot for my intelligence...

But childhood has changed. Duality has sharpened itself to a lot worse than 'me versus you', or 'us versus them'. It totally affects every aspect of the child's this:

As my cousin said, yesterday, in discussing the bullying my boy, now, was experiencing, my cousin said that with kids these days, there is pressure to 'be the same' and for anyone who is 'different', for any reason--gay, tall, short, fat, thin, looks different, or is having trouble at home and emotionally 'vulnerable'--those who are lacking in confidence are singled out and bullied by the other children.

I had no idea until this conversation that this cousin, who is married and has a child, was ever bullied!

He said it was torment, and now he can see it for the lessons, but at the time, with the pain, he couldn't see any way out.  And no, he did not switch schools. He is the one who had the finest of Christian schools in his upbringing...

I also learned how my son's teacher was especially harsh on a girl classmate, for 'falling behind in her math assignments', and the parents complained to the school. Nothing was done to fix it. But because her brother had ADD, and couldn't just 'go' to another school, the girl had to endure it, until the year end, when she moved up to a different grade.

My son also said his teacher, who had labeled him 'defiant' and made him write essays about it--had treated him that way over his work too. I had no clue--he never talked about his classmate, his teacher, and this subject before until yesterday when I brought it up with him!

See the funny drawing in red, above?

This is the base or 'root' chakra.

This connects us to Gaia. And it is our chakra for the energy of survival.

So--please repeat after me:   I have a RIGHT to BE.

And so do our children.

In Unity and Oneness, We Are Each Valuable and Precious Children Of Creator:

Welcome to 5D.

And this is where we let go of 3D and Duality, starting with our kids who need it most...

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

1234 by the Plain White Tees

The first priority in the healing of Gaia, is the healing of the keiki--the children--our children, our future, our hope...

And to support them in safely learning to step into their own power--their missions, their purpose, their gift to humanity, their reason why they are here with us today...

Our goal is to fill their lives with so much love and acceptance and support, that it overflows from us to them and from them to each other...

Gaia wants ALL of her children to live in a state of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion...

Will you help bring this energy to everyone you meet to help Lady Gaia heal her children, just for this day?

And tomorrow...

And the next...

Until the healing is complete.


Good morning. I have wanted for some time to have this message for you. This is the first opportunity I have had to take it.

Please listen.

I love you.

I want you to know how very much all of us up here who are with me love and care for your well-being, for your happiness, and for your many hopes and dreams.  All of your dreams are different, just like you are from one another. And yet, through this dreaming is what propels you to move forward. You have our blessing.

I want to talk with you about your Purpose, your Divine Mission, the reason why you are here. Everyone has them, and not everyone is to be President or a blogger or a celebrity or a mom or even married with children...

Our job that we signed up for together is to anchor the Light quite firmly on Gaia, with all our might, and to allow this Light to pass through our crown chakras and into our energy systems, and to create whatever it is our hearts and our Divine Mission is telling us to do.

Yesterday, my beloved Carla, encountered a very fine woman who is from Wisconsin who manned the 'snorkel shack' at the place where she worked. That woman was full of judgement, and rancor, for all that she would meet. She was unhappy in just about every possible way, as Carla could 'sense' of it.

What did Carla do in that situation?

Carla was her usual charming self.

Carla smiled.
Carla was gracious.
Carla opened her heart with love to this woman.

Did the woman 'crack'?


She softened. Carla watched her face and body relax, as she let down her guard, and let just a sparkle of that Light from Creator through.

Carla sparked it in her--the woman from Wisconsin with a very negative outlook--and because of Carla, that lady got her very first 'taste' of 5D, the energy of the Higher Dimensions, from where I am from.

Can you do this? Can you bring the light of justice, of ho'oponopono in everything you do? And to everyone you meet?

I bet you will do this job BEAUTIFULLY!

Starting in your homes, and working out through all of your daily activities, this is my challenge to you 'just for today'--to allow your Light and your energy to release itself everywhere you go, with no expectation whatsoever on the desired outcome. Just let it out and let go.

And the rest will take care of itself.

Be sure to nurture yourself with plenty of self-love, respect, and compassion so that your 'cup' will overflow spontaneously too.

I love you very much, and it is with great JOY that I share with you this message for today.

Aloha nui loa,
From my Ohana--Carla and my son and I--to you.
Forever and ever,