Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Watch Your Step

They're at it again.
The negative ones.

On your earth walk with me I'm going to point it out to you so you don't step in it.

I watched TV for twenty minutes yesterday when I picked up my boy from mother who had been watching him.

I found it 'educational'.

For you. <3

That Crime Show With Jayne Mansfield's Daughter:

The HIV Episode

A mother catches HIV in the 1990's. She says, 'The antiretroviral drugs were going to KILL her!'. She stops taking her pills and goes to some doctor in a tweed coat who looks like Santa about twenty years younger.

He supports her emotionally, and also says that 'HIV doesn't cause AIDS'.

Her daughter dies of 'penicillin allergy'. After three weeks. Of a really bad cold. Post mortem films show pneumocystis pneumonia. (Only AIDS patients get this) They actually exhumed the daughter.

There is an older brother in his teens with one emotion--angry.

The mother dies of toxoplasmosis or cryptococcal meningitis--something neurological.

The detectives find out that the son is as risk of having HIV, and there is a struggle for him to be tested.

Long story short, there is a lot of negative 'light' on those who believe that there is conspiracy with Big Pharma, written into the script. Christian Scientists, Holocaust deniers, and those who say HIV is not the cause of AIDS were specifically mentioned--however--those who are against vaccination, those who are organic, against sugar, against high fructose corn syrup, who are vegan or vegetarian, were insinuated against too.

I am sure that Energy Healing and Reiki would be portrayed in the same way as well.

The real question, if you care to dig through the alternative media on the internet, is how HIV came to exist. Now that is an interesting question. It is fascinating where the DNA/RNA to make it was 'sourced'.

And my 'something to add', is that the mother's denial quite possibly could have been related to the neuropsychiatric manifestations of HIV, which are well known, and include, depression, memory loss and pronounced apathy.

The Super Dee Dooper Heroes Action Flick:

There is a movie I have never seen, only glimpsed over the shoulder of my boy as he watched it last summer at home. We bought it. It was his cousin's favorite movie. She had her sweet sixteen with this theme--all the decorations were like this but not the costumes.

You might enjoy it too. So as not to offend you, or get you to 'block' your receptiveness, I will share what this movie is at the last.

This movie is Disney.

It is about a Black Ops gone awry, called the Joint Dark Energy Mission.

Free energy from the cosmos (which is known as Zero Point energy) is re-named as Tesseract Energy, taking the time-travel concept from A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle (my favorite book!), and 'twisting it' somewhat.

This energy is referred to as 'She', and it has a consciousness. If you turn it off, she turns it back on, one actor says.

The energy is a cube which is a 'portal that is open to both sides'.

The villain is a 'God' who actually has the appearance of a Sirian in both the high forehead, the hair, and the costume--up to a point. When he wears a horned helmet, and supports a 'Freedom' that comes from 'everyone bowing to him' such as New World Order--he shows his, ritual abuse 'themes'.

Loki is clearly multidimensional. He 'pops in' to another dimension, in another costume at that, and pops back in a way that he describes as 'his avatar'.

This is how Higher D works--you go with the consciousness and not the physical like you would drive in a car--you go with your mind.

The flying battleship is very typical of a true craft, which are known to have full cloaking capability as 'clouds' and 'sky' (they have the technology to bend light around them) and are reported to be as big as a modern city.

The scene on the minotaur altar at the museum fundraiser, with one person being 'sacrificed' to have his retina scan read is another 'ritual reference'.

That Loki bilocates into two identical characters at once in this scene is an actual higher D ability.

The Council Room looks just like the ones I have visited with my consciousness. And the interaction between Nick and them is much like many conversations I have witnessed myself.

And this quote is one people who study ritual abuse have heard again and again, 'It's the monster, it's the magic, it's not you.'

The heroes have their own 'look'--Captain America looks Pleiadian, and I bet that Iron Man is from Orion. Thor looks like a Sirian Elf--they have them. And the Hulk represents the Elementals because he is made of rock, of earth.

The emphasis that the free energy is evil and impossible to control, and that further, all extraterrestrials are war-like and wanting to invade earth is hackneyed and not representative at all of the Galactics. This protects petroleum interest, nothing more, nothing less.

The energy portal at the end looks exactly like some vortexes I have helped to create. And the 'portal' actually has the function represented by the imagery, but it is hard to draw as they are wormholes, and the biggest one I know is in the Congo and was opened in 1996 to let very negative entities in, just like in the movie.

The Light has worked just as hard as our heroes to close that portal there too.

The battleships of those invading are alive and cetacean in origin, which also points to Sirius. All motherships have consciousness, and are 'alive' in their own sense. None are ugly, or evil. I have never seen a gun or it being fired in any of my many many times on board ship. I go to Ross' one, and sit at the helm with him and Ashtar, and look out the big window, with my consciousness through meditation.

Nuclear weapons shatter souls into many fragments. There are special crews who search the universe collecting them. Putting one soul back together is a lengthy process which can take thousands of years. This is why nuclear weapons are now not permitted by the Light. Many 'dysfunctions' happen now during 'tests', due to the intervention of the superior technology of our star families in the skies.

So there you have it, some truth, some distortion, and a lot of entertainment people enjoy without thinking twice about the truth in what is being presented on the big screen.

Don't Talk To An Anesthesiologist About Full Consciousness LOL: 

There is a movie due out this summer that is called Lucy. I saw a preview of it on the twenty minutes of TV I watched at my mother's house I had described earlier.

This is the whole motivation of this blog post.

Lucy has the beautiful Scarlett Johansson as a woman who achieves 'full consciousness' and must be stopped before all hell breaks loose.

One of the lines in the movie mentioned before, is that humanity has a weakness and humankind craves subjugation.

What is the purpose in putting fear and negative light in portraying Full Consciousness--our birth right as free Galactic Citizens--as bad?

Who does it serve?

The ability to affect matter, to affect people, to affect a matter of course! Being able to bilocate, or more--my teacher once saw Jesus go into TWELVE of him just to make a point, and then 'pop' back to one--is normal where our soul signature is from.

Telepathy is a valid means of communication.

It also eliminates the need for heavy policing of the people, because the 'bad vibe' of the negative intention in their aura tips everybody off WAY before the perpetrator ever has a chance to try anything. 

Love is the strongest force in the universe. Love is Light.

Not fear.

Fear sells movie tickets in summer.

Well, possibly the air conditioning helps sell those movie tickets a little, as well.

So just between us, watch your step. It's hard to scrape off and it really stinks up your car.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc