Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I got to go here today. I was very happy. I saw many fish...and something more...

(As I loaded the car with our snorkel equipment and packed lunch this morning, I saw up in the sky, another 'funny cloud' that was a Reiki Symbol. Through claircognizance, I learned how to draw it, and what the meaning is: Heaven On Earth. I look forward to healing people with it. Many times when I 'send reiki' to all of my readers, I include the newer symbols that are given just to me, in order for me to heal YOU...lots of people ask if they are to be taught. As far as I know, at this time, the answer is, not yet... so just enjoy the Reiki  that I send to you with these new healing energy, okay?<3)

This is my heaven on earth, 'hanging out with the fish'. I love hearing them. I love taking photos of them. I love telling them through my snorkel with my excited coos and squeaks, and also from my soul, just how beautiful they are. I get overwhelmed with happiness, and enjoy holding my son's hand, and we give each other the 'thumbs up' and point at really cool fish to see.

I really enjoyed seeing the baby fish this time, too. Teeny little humuhumunukunukuapua'a babies just about as long as their name in print here, hid inside the rocks...

When you go see Hanauma Bay, go early. Although I brought our wetsuits, the water was warm. We got there at nine when there were only a few parking spaces left. As you can imagine, you run into a lot of people. And my boy, who is anxious, did fine until some Japanese tourists started SCREAMING in the water, right at the edge between the inner reef and the rest of the bay.

The lifeguards came and paddled out, and came back with a middle-aged man on one board and the screaming woman on the other.

After that, my son wouldn't go out to where the good fish are. We were stuck in murky shore break, getting kicked by kids in floaties, and not seeing many fish.

We did go most of the length of the shore, and walked back to our towels and bags, which were at the base of a palm tree like this:

After a snack (there is no restaurant down below) we went into the water and played. Then an ambulance came down the hill. There was a commotion. I saw the lifeguards had on gloves, and a circle of people, so they were treating somebody. I stayed in the water because the paramedics were on top of things. I did ask if my boy wanted to go 'scout' and he did. We never really knew what happened.

It was also cool how two lifeguards paddled out really fast to Witches Brew, a closed area where the water really swirls a lot like this...and they never paddled back...

(The volunteer at the educational display told us that we were not going to get sucked out to Molokai--like my son had heard--but to avoid toilet bowl and witches brew because they had been closed for over ten years. A lady had gone on the hike past witches brew, and fallen into the water, and hit her head. This was two weeks ago. If there hadn't been fishermen to pull her out, she would have not lived. We wondered if something like that happened to make the lifeguards paddle out like they did.)

We just stayed in the shallows, without our masks and fins, and hung out.

Then this happened!

Imagine in spirit,  a woman this beautiful and with this energy, coming to you standing up just above the waves...

C:  Are you my mother? (Queen Ka'ahumanu)

She was. And we talked. She asked if I had questions. I did. She answered them. The most important was would I ever see her again?

I was told how when I was little, papa was always around. I was born after he conquered everything and united the islands. He got to see a lot of me when I was very small, but I did not remember. As I grew old enough to know him and expect him to be involved in my upbringing, he was gone most of the time, because of his position.

She said she was very proud of my accomplishments. I was a good daughter. I had helped our family very much. She also knew Ross, and told me that he was the only one who was suited for me--back then there wasn't anyone who would have been a good match, unfortunately. She told me good things about Ross, and how very happy she was for both of us.  She asked me if I wanted anything? Anything from them? 

I thought about it. I assured here there wasn't anything I wanted except perhaps for one small thing--for our 'official' wedding, could it be Hawaiian? Or at least I have a small Hawaiian thing, perhaps a maile leaf lei? And of course for them and all of our ancestors to be present to share our joy?

She smiled and was pleased. She said 'she'd think about it'.

Then she went back a few steps, and was joined on her right (my left) by a young Kamehameha--my parents both together in spirit, happy at last! And they waved and went away.

I treasure this vision of them together like this, and knowing they are filled with everlasting joy...

My son was in much better spirits all day today. He smiled and laughed, and was carefree. Gone were the challenges of the past weeks.

And I even got to drive a little out past the bay, up the east coast of Oahu, to see something I've never seen...the 'mo mo' island., or something like that, so it said in the tour book...

Some people paddle board out to those things, the tour book said!

When it was time to turn around, I pulled off at this beach. It was so intensely beautiful, with the cloud-topped green mountains behind us, and this gorgeous scene to the front. I told my son, I HAVE to just go get my feet wet in the ocean! I will be right back!

While he stayed in the car, I ran with excitement to the water, and let a small wave wash over my feet, and I ran ran ran  so content back.

Ross helped me to come up with a behavior reward system to encourage our son to control his moods, especially when he 'wants' something.

The kid likes it. And between Ross and him, since he bought my gift from both of them with his money, Ross factored 'in' to the system 'paying him back' with a little interest.

Consequently, since the Go Pro costs like four hundred dollars, he wanted to stop at the mall 'just to look around' which I knew was for the sunglasses.

I coached him carefully on what the expectation was. And what was 'okay' behavior, and what 'was not okay'. I frankly told him, 'one scene, and we go home, no questions asked.'

After having lunch, he stopped at the store that set him off the last time. The one pair of Shaun White on clearance that was in his price range with his 'reward system', was gone.

To make matters worse, the salesman showed him a pair of 'kid proof' sunglasses.

He walked out.

I tried wifi and my cellular reception was AWFUL...then we came up with a little game. I saw Louis Vuitton by the place where we were sitting, and I knew they had good air conditioning. I made a bet for one dollar with my boy--I bet that large suitcase is five thousand dollars--why don't you go see the price?

He went in and out, and no price. So I went in with him. The prices are not ON the luggage! LOL So we asked. The small one was like two thousand, and the large was four thousand two hundred! He was very happy he had won the bet.

Next, I took him to 'Needless Markups' and before we went in, we had challenged each other. We said, Boxers are thirty dollars, socks are twenty-five, a tee shirty is fifty dollars, and panties are thirty. We had to go in and find out how much they really 'cost'.

He couldn't believe one blouse cost two hundred fifty dollars. And the La Perla? Two hundred for a bra? (he stood at the edge of the lingerie section while I looked for the price of panties--twenty eight originally, marked down to nine. LOL)

And the Herve Legere bandage dresses? Two THOUSAND dollars!!!

We were totally cracking up. We found our items, and an eighteen hundred dollar lambskin leather jacket that I thought for sure was 'pleather' LOL, a five hundred dollar YSL tee shirt with an ugly snarling rottweiler on it, and my favorite, the nine hundred dollar marked down to four hundred fifty dragon sequin men's slippers.

The last was the underwear. The socks were 'Happy Socks' for twenty eight. And at the sales table with the tee shirts on it, we were totally cracking up--and I looked down--much to my surprise were sunglasses!

We had already been to the counter, and he tried on one pair, and they were over four hundred. The man said 'starting price here is two hundred fifty' earlier, so we had given up. But there were some awesome pairs from Shaun's Shades (http://www.shaunscalifornia.com/story). This one pair he bought would trigger an eye exam and fitting of glasses to someone who couldn't afford it!

It was a match made in heaven--the pair looked great, the boy was happy, and someone else gets a chance to see!

On the way home, he said, 'Mom? I think Ross helped us to find those sunglasses!'

I agreed.

My lunch had looked like this--soba noodles

As we took Kapiolani street to the freeway, there was a large poster/display with King David Kalakaua on it.  I smiled and pointed him out to my son. He knew what I had done after I had written the blog post on it, and I explained it.

There was much traffic. And on the way home, much to my surprise, King David 'popped in'. He has a wonderful energy, very full of heart and positive outlook. Here is the conversation:

KD: I have a surprise for you. You are going to like it. It is going to make it very happy.

C:  What is it?

KD: I can't tell you. (smiles) Let your son know, and have him guess!

S:  Is it something on sale?

KD:  What kind of king would promise a gift and have it be something on clearance? (teases us)

The teasing went on for several rounds, all of us enjoying each other's humor. Then King David showed me this, and put it on my neck, in spirit.

These are the finest shell leis in all of the kingdom of Hawai'i. It is full length, and is for my wedding day.

I have been married to Ross two times already, once in a formal marriage on board ship where I only knew Blessed Mother and Ashtar, and had little clue what was going on. There was another, just for close friends and family--in spirit--on the Kona Coast at the Four Seasons Hotel wedding area by the beach.

But the last one, when we are to be together forever in the same dimension at last?  This is what I call my 'wedding' for lack of a better word. I look forward to it very much.

After dinner, Ross asked me to sit with him while our boy watched his iPad. So I did.

Ross said, 'There is something I want you to know that is important.' And he started getting choked up!

I said, 'Ross! You are wonderful with your emotions! You are better at sharing them than I am! What could possibly be going on right now inside of you? Are you okay?'

He nodded yes. He took a breath. He looked at me with great love...and stammered out these words:
That day, when you come to be....with me...(forever)...is going to be...the HAPPIEST...Day...Of My entire life....

I was deeply moved! I held him, and I told him the same thing, I felt the same way too. And I looked at him and said simply, 'we get to be like this now, for reals, one day? we really do?'

He held me tight and called me his angel. He realized I never expected anything more than what we have now. Anything more was completely beyond my comprehension!

Marry Me by Train

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross
and our little family
with Reiki <3

P.S. The energies are incredible. And our son--is like a new person. It really feels like an important shift happened in the last two days... for this I am most appreciative and give thanks to Heaven for making my hell on earth go away...