Sunday, July 6, 2014

Advice From A Bariatric Surgeon On Weight Loss


My son is nine. He has metabolic disease. One of my readers kindly suggested the Insulin Resistance Diet. I bought it and look forward to reading it.

We saw a dietician. The most important thing she had to offer was showing us how a can of orange juice has the same amount of carbohydrates as cola. And that both were not good for us. She also said that Nutrasweet is 'one atom away from formaldehyde--that's used to embalm--and we are not dead so don't use it.'...stevia and equal are good, according to her.

I asked my bariatric surgeon I was working with the other day, as a mother, what I could do? This is the conversation we had by the scrub sink in the O.R. hallway:

  • He recommends the slow carb diet. He did it and lost ten pounds, but his brother-in -aw lost fifty on it.
  • He is also extremely active and does vigorous physical exercise often.
  • For six days a week, he reduces carbs to as low as possible.
  • Avoid the White Carbohydrates--bread, pasta, rice
  • Reasonable carbohydrate limit is twenty to thirty grams a day--and one can of that orange juice has thirty, although lower is better.
  • On the seventh day, you eat whatever you want. This is because lo-carb will slow your metabolism. That seventh day revs it up, and you begin again.
  • Protein intake should be about one gram per kilogram body weight a day--so if you are around one hundred fifty pounds, you are approximately seventy kilograms, so you would aim for seventy grams of protein.
  • He recommends vegetables vegetables vegetables--be careful with the starchy ones like potatoes and corn.
  • Now he is on maintenance because he lost his weight, but his brother-in-law is very strict about it to keep his weight off.

He also has a funny you know, the medical term for weight loss is 'bariatric'. He is the one that does the gastric bypass operation.

His mother also owns an ice cream store about one hour drive away from here.

One day a gentleman came into the store and asked for ice cream milkshake. She overheard him explaining to his friends about how he couldn't eat much because of his surgery. He was fresh off his bypass.

She asked him, 'Where did you get your surgery?'

He said, 'At the hospital.'

She asked further, 'WHAT hospital?'

He said the name, and she recognized it.

'What was the name of your surgeon, do you recall?' she asked.

He said it.

She smiled and shared that his surgeon was her son!

The customer thanked her in a hurry, and left the store--I bet he hoped that she wouldn't tell on him!

I have lost one pound already. So has my son. <3 <3 <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc