Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Today's story is about the land of Hawaii.

I am very close to this land, having been once alive here as a native Hawaiian. I have full memory of this past life.

So today we talk about 'aina (aye-nuh), or the land.

Ancient belief is that we are one with the land--she supports us, and we honor and respect her. Everything belongs to everybody. There is no buy or sell of land, much like with the Native American tradition, too. We all own it.

Last time when I was in Oahu, I decided to take my son to see this memorial. It is history. It is remembrance. It is a very nice place that is provided by the government for the people with free boat rides and free movie, and even lets people get onto military base. It is a little disconcerting because they do not let you bring in any backpack or purses. And the parking lot has high rate of break in to cars. But there is a 'locker' and for three dollars a bag the military will watch your bag for you...

What I remember is a fight amongst the people in the parking lot on the way in.

Woman, good Hawaii woman with aloha in her heart, was SCREAMING at the top of her lungs at some man who had gone past her waiting and zooooom went in and stole her spot!

She said, 'you SAW I was waiting, and you TOOK it! Don't leave your car! Don't leave your car here! Don't you DARE leave your car here!' and she implied she was going to damage it. (might I suggest a fish under the driver seat on a hot day?--just a thought--ed).

Nobody helped her. Her husband could not calm her down. And the offender? Resolute, unmoving, jaw set.

Another man and I we walk by, we shrug and I say, 'no aloha in her, huh?'  I also shrug and say, 'In L.A. it happens all the time--one F. you and flip of the bird and that's it. I wonder why she is so angry?'

If you are in Honolulu for any length of time, you will notice the airport is extremely active. For as many minutes as there are in the day that a plane can safely land, one is always coming. And another one is always going.

Those planes bring in passengers whose money that they spend is a life blood for the people.

cabin for second in command on the Missouri

'coffin bunks' for the enlisted

My mother is from the island of Sicily. Like most islands, Sicily has been an important stronghold for the military. It has been taken over many a time by one invader or the next.

The people have a sense of connection to their home, to the land, to their island. And they know and pass down this fact from generation to generation, including to me:  if someone overtakes where you are, don't be a hero, do your very best to blend in, and survive. You will outlast them!

Ni'ihau (knee-he-how-oo) is the seventh and smallest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is privately owned, and sold to one woman for ten thousands dollars in gold in the 1800's. (She was also offered Pearl Harbor and Waikiki) There is very little tourism on this island. And as a result, the income is with the military, who operates a small facility on the island but no one is stationed there. The workers commute from Kauai. Hawaiian is the first language of everyone there...here is more if you are interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niihau

In 1886 the Prime Minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Walter Murray Gibson, gave a speech on the 'Progress of Hawaii since 1836'--to celebrate the Jubilee Birthday of King Kalakaua (who had died under dubious circumstances --http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2012/08/he-mele-no-lilo.html)

Fifty years ago the tide flowed where now are some of our busiest streets; a small coasting schooner anchored where now may be seen steam vessels carrying the Hawaiian Flag across the ocean...Kalo patches and grass huts, unshaded by any tree, except where the cocoanut fringed the shore, have been replaced by substantial buildings and busy streets, and the whole shaded by such a wealth of lovely foliage...busy haunts of a commerce...brought with rapid strides to its present high condition by the wise and patriotic effort of the King whose jubilee we now celebrate.

It is also true that when the missionaries came to the islands, many people converted, and literacy rates went way UP across all the areas where the missionaries were.

The woman was angry because the Goddess in her has had enough.

There is collective memory of the past, which everyone can access,  where the people were one with their land, with their Gods, and with each other...

All of this has been taken away:

  • western diet makes Native Hawaiian health very poor indeed.
  • the 'melting pot' has all but destroyed Native Hawaiian Culture and Heritage (fortunately the immersion schools are making headway, and are accepting of all races into this education)
  • the economy is so harsh that people work two or three jobs just to keep alive
  • Hawaiian Gold Heirloom Bracelets, once on all of the women, have virtually disappeared--in its place are shady 'buy gold' shops in the strip malls
  • the military presence since the original 'annexation' has never gone away.
No wonder there is a movement for the Kingdom of Hawaii to return!

Instead of picking 'one side' or 'the other', why not focus more on ourselves, our family life, our connection to the land, and our ability to 'make ends meet'?

Hawaii is an example for all of us too--it is more recent--but basically all of the western world has been taken over, and much of the eastern world too, by people who believe in the upside-down star--and everything that goes with it.

this medal is another example of 'hidden' Illuminati symbolism

It is time for the 'caretakers' of Gaia's inhabitants, the 'Anunaki', and whatever they did to our DNA (reduce it from twelve strands to two), to make some serious Pa'u opono--to nurture some very deep healing and justice--to those they had changed.

Our DNA is like a high-dimension fiber optic cable for Light.

They made the veil, the Anunaki, as well as other 'modifications'.

They quarantined us and separated us from Creator, both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

What happened to the Kingdom of Hawaii is a smoking gun in their hand.

It is time for us to reconnect to what we are, and why we are here...to shake off the shackles of control, to release ourselves from the systems which control us.

And to govern as a people for ourselves again.

Not just the Kingdom of Hawaii, but the Kingdom of all Humanity.

Gaia wants us free.

Please think about what you can do to make it happen.

Listen to your heart.

Connect to source.

Follow your heart, listen to it.

And in small steps only you can do...take your sovereignty back.

It doesn't have to be fancy--it could be one plant that you love and care for every day--but in your HEART?

Set it free to love freely, to receive love,  and to intuit life for you, as it was created to do...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. all of the energy healing techniques--there were MANY in Japan---went away after the war, going 'underground' like Reiki. Our own Chujiro Hayashi did seppuko because he would not reveal secrets of Pearl Harbor and Honolulu layout to the Japanese.  The Goddess wants justice for this hiding of healing from humanity...please always remember and give thanks to Hayashi for his selflessness in keeping his honor pure for us.  http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2013/06/with-respect-to-our-reiki-ohana-chijuro.html

P.P.S. This link was provided to me by a homeowner in Hawaii. It is an interview with someone who is uncovering the Dark Side of Hawaiian Homestead and was actually beaten unconscious and required nine stitches because of his investigative work. http://youtu.be/Y4XCUZFpeLY