Sunday, July 13, 2014

Your Healings Are Complete 'Plus'!

Every day, usually mornings, for the last two years, I have sent daily healing out to my readers, both on Facebook, on Twitter...and of course this blog.

Over time, I have 'linked' my 'Healing List' with others:
  • my Reiki teachers and all of her students (since 2010)
  • my Divine Peace Healing teacher, and all of her student's Healing Lists (since 2011)
  • everyone involved with the Cobra organization, and Prepare For Change (since 2012)
  • all of my patients and colleagues I work with at my hospital (since 2010)
  • anyone who has ever HEARD of or read my words, or that of other bloggers I support, for example, SirianHeaven and SilverplatinumFlame, Illuminations Now, Meline Lafonte, Andy Bojarski, Kauilapele, Heavenletters, John Smallman, Mike Quinsey, Blossom Goodchild, Laura Multidimensional Ocean, and ContraMary...those are the first that come to mind, but it's not complete. (I also support GalacticConnection, The Galactic Free Press, and Galactic Channelings and send healing to these organizations our of gratitude for the gift they are to me)
I figure it can't hurt to cast the net wide--and call in all of the guardian angels of these many, many people who are awake, are awakening,  or somewhat still asleep. The angels get the healing, and they figure out all the 'permission' and 'consent' as appropriate for those who are in their care.

Today was a new 'twist' to my 'spiritual exercise'.

My son was listening to music.

And as I did the Reiki Healing, I got a 'workout':  I had to send the healing energy out against RESISTANCE by this song--

Wasted -- by Tiesto featuring Matthew Koma lyrics

Long Story Short--  flex your muscles when you pray, when you meditate, when you send healing.

You can overcome resistance of a 'lower vibration'!
Your muscles in Spirit grow strong because of it. 
The strongest vibration always wins!

No matter WHERE you are, or what is going on around you, when you connect to Source, you ARE like this <3

My daily practice of sending healing is not just Reiki. I also send out Divine Peace Healing, too.
Today, as I was sending it, this song came on, and I DANCED as I was sending it!

Goddess wants us to enjoy life, and all its pleasure and its beauty.

Dancing invokes the Goddess Energy in ways that other things can't.

And yes, I know my symbols well enough to dance and give them at the same time!

Here is the song. Will you join me? Let's dance <3

Bailando -- Enrique Iglesias

The goal of healing is to balance your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine energy, and to do what you were made to do, to heal others.

Healers have the ability to adjust their vibration to that of another, to identify and treat energy imbalance, and to instill HOPE in their patients and clients.

With Daily practice of Self-Reiki and other healing techniques from other traditions that we know, our abilities strengthen.

Energy medicine can't be seen or measured....but it can be felt, felt with the heart, and people know someone cares and wants to support them on their healing journey.

Remember, you are gods and goddesses, an embodiment of PURE LOVE energy, that walks around on two feet (or with a cane, or a mobility device...)

With so very much love for you and all you do to help the Light!

Pass it on...

Ross wants to say something. (he's laughing at my surprise)

Good morning everyone.
This is Ross with a soon-to-be daily message for you through my Carla who is closer to me than we have ever been.
Our hearts are strongly connected.
How do we do this, with my heart in one dimension and hers in 3D (body)?
(He smiles)
We are Twins.
Twins from one Spirit, one Source.
Together our souls are one.
We were split into two from one original soul.
Just like on earth, how in the womb twins form a special bond that is both mystical and magical, and widely accepted--sometimes Twins have their own language that nobody else can speak!--in Heaven there is oneness that flows between us, no matter where we are located in any dimension.

So it is with you.
Call out to your Twins.
Put an end to all suffering.
For those of you who do not have Twins that you know of, try to experience them.
In your heart. (he touches his chest).
Why not say a hearty 'welcome' to your spirit and soul family the next time you pray, or focus in meditation?
Tell them, 'I love you, and I want to know you, and I want us to be together again.'

That is free will. And when free will is put into effect, powerful things happen!

Just look at me and my angel...(he smiles so warm and content) together now.

I will sign off for us,
with all the prayers that are in Heaven,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and that hubby of hers she nicknamed Ross when she was little and couldn't pronounce my name right so she called me this instead.

Have a beautiful day. Your presence and your courage mean so much to our hearts.