Friday, July 11, 2014

On Cell Phones And The Ways Of The Soul

Got rice?
You might know what I'm alluding to--my cell phone got wet.
Going online, they say, 'everything is going to be okay, just dry it out in a bag of rice for forty-eight hours...'

except if it's salt water--then the residue is corrosive and the performance is 'unpredictable'.


I went to the cell phone place and got a replacement. And no--I didn't have insurance! LOL I did have an upgrade available, so it helped.

On the drive home, I got this insight:

  • The Consciousness is like the phone number.
  • The Body (as in 'Incarnation') is like the phone--as in my wet cell phone 'died', yes?
  • The Higher Self is like 'the Cloud'
  • Creator is like the carrier of the cell phone service

Due to the veil, with the amnesia, it might seem as if all of your contacts got erased.

It also might seem as if a loved one's cell phone 'service' ran out when they transitioned.

I feel the aura, the energy signature, of people--when they comment online, or when they are communicating through mediumship with me, or face to face--in other words, I 'get it', your 'phone number' and I go with it from there.

And the more we meditate, the more we 'upgrade' from a simple phone to a 'smart phone', don't you think?

I guess it was worth it to have my phone get destroyed and have to pay to replace it, to get this message out...about this spiritual 'way' of looking at things?

What could make more sense than something simple like the cell phones we use every day?

Fever by the Black Keys at Glastonbury Tor

Get this--from my hubby--

My name is Ross and I approve of this message.

We are both laughing and smiling over his 'joke'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc