Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trade Winds

This is a tree filled with wishes for the Tanabata Festival in Japan

Ross gave me an assignment today.
He wanted me to be present for our boy, and to enjoy my day with him.

I am on the computer a LOT...and Ross said to 'heal our own before you heal others online'.

So I did this.

I made breakfast instead of blogging and catching up online.

I took us to the indoor racetrack and let him have fun. He also made some friends there. 

I just sat. I didn't eat lunch (all they had was hot dog and nachos). So at two thirty he wanted to do the mini golf.

We did that too.

(I almost titled this 'Holy Crap!' because he likes to watch Jeff Dunham Show--and he says this all the time, just like Walter. Even this annoyance I took in stride, except at Genki Sushi, where he said it very loud in public and I said, that's not so cool...LOL. Besides, it could be worse--his favorite could be Ahkmed.)

this is a beautiful wish from a stranger, and it includes you.

I realized he is his own person. And he was good at it and very excited to compete.  He was glowing with joy and contentment.

At the same time, my aura took a hit, a major hit. No activity for three HOURS! Being blasted with very loud music (It's a nice station, Island 98.5  http://www.island985.com/main.html Here's the link so you can listen online.)

Frankly, I was stunned when we left that place. 

I see clearly what I need for my aura to be healthy:
  • nature--especially ocean!
  • spirit
  • high vibration food
  • sleep
  • healing others-being useful.

this wish for healing for a family is beautiful, isn't it? it's also from a stranger too.

I was so stressed in my energy system, we went to Genki Sushi where the food comes on a little conveyer belt. I was famished. But I held my temper in check, and was the better person when he wasted three things he didn't like. 

I realize it is better to ignore unwanted behavior, and to reward desired behavior.

But when I stopped at the store after, I forgot to buy what was our main course!I bought everything BUT!  LOL. That's how frazzled I was. LOL.

I wonder if this person reads Doctors With Reiki?

When kids are young, we care for them and guide them. When they grow up, we allow them to care for us and guide us. --- Confucius

Family is everything.  It's the most important thing in the world.  My grandmother Lucille said this.

I am here with you.
I am writing because you are family to us.
You are healers in our collective, and I urge you to explore within your hearts the connection that you read this, you are drawn to this, and that means you have a purpose as healers in this lifetime!

Not everyone needs certification or an advanced degree or a position in a healing profession to be a healer--although if you do that is wonderful and a building point for adding the energy healing component to your work, just like Carla.

A smile can be infinitely healing to someone in trouble and distress.
So can an extra five dollars when the money has run out.
Or a glass of milk and a sandwich to one who is hungry.

We help those who do not manifest desired things until they are on a more even footing.

We help them up.

That is the way of the Universe. One takes a look around, and when one knows in their heart the situation, instinct that comes from many incarnations (lifetimes) as healers comes to the fore, and without knowing it, you realize just the right thing to do.

Ask your angels for guidance on this. They will assist you on your path, on your awakening.

And for those of you 'lighting the path'?

I thank you most sincerely for your energy, your effort, and your Light.

I want you to think about your message that I give to you.

I would also like to share with you a song that is very special for Carla and myself:

Love of My Life -- Fiji

Carla, I can't get enough of you... <3

I will close for both of us today.

Thank you for your attention, for your opening your heart to the message I have to share.

That goes for everyone, not just my 'shorty'. : )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc (Carla) and Ross