Sunday, March 29, 2015

Synthesis Of Healing Advice

Here is an outline of things to consider when you have a problem that is not going away...

I.   Does it run in the family?  If yes, it might be due to genetics, or lifestyle, or a combination of the two.

II.   Are you willing to change? Sometimes people would like the healing to be done for them, for example, a smoker takes an inhaler for their COPD while continuing to smoke is the first example which comest to mind.

III.  Are you in touch with your body? If your body is trying to let you know 'something isn't right'--will you listen? Your body is your friend, and teacher, not your enemy.

IV.   Do you have patience?  I got a plantar wart on my right foot from the rental paddle boards. I had pain, major pain from it. I also bought the same things my son needed for his plantar wart--and did them every night until the skin would fall off the sole of my foot, taking with it what I believed to be the wart. Then it came back. I used the healing codes, and the medicines. It wasn't until Hana, the lady who does my pedicures--she had been concerned about the holes in my feet for some time--just spoke to me from her heart. She said, 'It is dry. Moisturize it. And it will go away.'  I took her advice. Now my foot is fine, for the wart part. Then my first joint of my big toe on the same foot got really painful. I could barely walk. I used codes and searched my soul...what is it I am sending, what message, with my body in this condition? Right side of body sends, left side receives the messages. I asked a podiatrist to look? It was arthritis, very painful, and he gave me an exercise.  I did it. I also confided to a healer friend and asked for help. The other thing I did is I 'told' (toe-ld) who I am, why I am here on Earth, in public. It is a very SMALL audience who knows--the faithful few who read these blogs.  The mobility is back and the pain is gone. A little stiff, but healed. It took about six months for this condition too.

V.  Are you willing to let go of the outcome?  My mother didn't get the call for her kidney transplant until she 'gave in' and accepted dialysis forever, the early morning visits to the center for her treatment, before dawn, three times a week, in the cold foggy drive she had to make.  I didn't get Anthony until I accepted I would be alone forever. There is something to do with Spirit that I can't explain, but once we ACCEPT what is, it is like the test is over, and in time we move on to 'other things'.

VI.  Are you OPEN to seemingly unrelated causes being the reason for the condition?  All my college days I had terrible back pain, in my low back. Even when I went to medical school I had a special pillow and footrest I took with me to lecture so I would not hurt. I paid for my college and medical school by myself, and was greatly concerned about finances; I was going into debt with my school loans. I also had an ulcer.  Well recently, my back started to hurt! And work is slow. I'm not making as much money as I once did. I also seem to have less time to enjoy life. There is a lot of waiting around at the hospital...for cases...  Something in that didn't 'resonate' with me...and all of a sudden I realized I was now sleeping on my stomach, something I have not done since college, and that was the reason!  I stopped and now my back is fine...

VII. Do you accept that WORRY is PRAYING FOR WHAT YOU DON"T WANT?  Energy flows where attention's not going to get better until you decide on a plan, stick with it, and forget about the rest of 'what if's'...this has to do with the powers of co-creation, manifestation, and the fact that 'thoughts are things'...which make the next experiences of our lives HAPPEN.

VIII.     Are you willing to accept that this whole 'situation' might be written INTO your pre-birth contract as a Life Lesson? Whether it is because of how you made choices in past lives, or perhaps it's just like another 'badge' to earn as an 'Earth Scout Incarnate' is always best in these situations to ask for help...for Grace and Ease...for Insight...for Guidance from anyone you feel close to in spirit. It can be Archangel Raphael, or Jesus, or Archangel Michael...Koot Hoomi...or Buddha...or even Divine Mother don't have to suffer in silence, or alone. Help is ALWAYS ALWAYS with you. You might not notice it, but just like your Guardian Angel, a guide who loves you is always there.

IX.    Do you LOVE?  Is your heart Open? Not just to those you like, but to all, including yourself?  Love is the Solution for Everything. It really is. Add to it Gratitude, and you have the strongest healing energy on the planet there is--Love and really helps raise the vibration. And the STRONGER the vibration, the less we get sick! This is because the aura is like an egg shell of energy which protects US.  Think good thoughts. Be filled with as much love and gratitude as you can possibly be. Forgive anyone that needs forgiveness, even if it is YOURSELF.  Ask for help.

X.   Consider making a Reiki Request.  Our Team of Healers has an excellent track record. They will direct the healing to you, all you have to do is trust, let go, and let it in. In doing so, you will make it possible for you to get inspiration on how to seek help, or remedy your situation. Self-Reiki is also a valuable tool when one has chronic illness, incurable illness, and terminal disease.

You are Precious! You are Special! And you are NOT in this alone!


I am a healer.

And I never once took for granted the illness that I faced in someone who came to me. 

It is my HEART that made the miracles people still talk about today.

It was my Love and Compassion, which fueled all the 'rigamarole' that I was taught in Healing on my travels and adventures to India and far reaches of the globe.

None of it would have worked without my powerful Heart Energy.

If you have a 'cloud' or a 'veil' over your heart, ask for my help, and I will help you Lift It.

Advice will arrive to you in ways you would not expect--this is for your healing journey as well.  

Look for what 'resonates' with your heart center--be it a flower, a song on the radio, a website, a healer, or conventional medical approach. 

This is how I will speak, how I will talk to you.

I am your friend.

I am in it for Love and nothing more.

I ask for no money.  

Only your getting better, your wellness, and your heart to open as it was once made to do.

Carla made a comment to me the other day, about how all the songs on the radio are more about why you should close your heart to Love, and how--and about sex without love or feeling...this message of closing your heart is everywhere, all over the media.

Don't buy into it, this message.

Take the Higher Road and OPEN YOUR HEART.

This is how the true Healing can take place.

Sometimes people die, in the process, for that is what it takes to finally OPEN and Forgive, and to count one's blessings (often this is written into the Life Script and desired to be experienced by the soul and the family, and agreed to in advance.)  But then once the Transition is complete, the health comes back and it is on to the next assignment and lessons!  

Suicide, is not a way out.  In fact one has to repeat one's lessons, and they are more difficult to learn.

So hold your heart, I'll hold your hand, Carla will hold the other, and we will guide you to health, of body, mind and soul, no matter how long it is going to take.

I have patience!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 28.3.2015

Rest and Recreation-- R & R

Today was a good day to just relax. Anthony is with his father until tomorrow.  I went to see a play, and 'get some culture'. It was a fantastic production of the musical Legally Blonde, all with high school his debut, one of my bariatric surgeons.

The time flew by.

And as an extra surprise, the woman who was the usher when I came in, asked, 'Are YOU Carla?!'--she was my friend in medical school who was from the area, and married, and became a pediatrician. I recognized her at once and asked who is in the play she knows? It was her daughter, a dancer...

Here is a sample of my favorite song from a different play--from another production just to get you in the mod for musical theater.:

On the way home, I thought about the similarities between the production company founder (the wife) and the doctor (the husband)...they both help people to make their dreams come true!

All of the young people in the production were in HEAVEN to perform to their family and friends. You could tell they had worked very hard on their roles. Everyone knew their lines, and everyone glowed with delight while they were onstage.

Even the surgeon, who was nervous to have a solo and to not only act but to sing...

Personally, I LIKED the idea of a medical professional singing and acting. I think it is good for us to do something new, and to take us outside of our comfort zone when it comes to creativity...

All in all it was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to perhaps taking my mom or my sister and niece, or even Anthony, to some of the future events!

A Visit With Koot Hoomi

He came to me while I was driving to the basketball game for Anthony. This was the first time there was a lot of traffic, and a galactic helped me to navigate my way. It was SaLuSa, actually, who flashed an image of what freeways and exits to take. And sure enough, I only missed about sixteen minutes of the game.

Back to Koot Hoomi, the Healing Arts Ascended Master...after formalities and pleasantries, he told me what he came to do--to explain the Soul and Incarnations.

It is like the Russian Dolls which 'nest' inside one another. Instead of being different 'sizes', our incarnations fit together as one doll across TIME. There are 'shells' of different incarnations always with us, only we can't see them usually, unless we really focus and meditate...

He also said it is like the rings of a tree, which form as the tree grows--it is always a tree--the consciousness, the 'spark' of YOU. It is always alive, and always always always learning.

The pool of Solomon in Bethlehem

Working With Your Mind-Body-Spirit

Again, I want to emphasize the importance of rest!

I listen to my body. There are energy upgrades happening for me, right and left. I have had tingles in my whole body, especially the legs, for two days straight. I 'sense' there is 'a lot of work' being done. When I was at the theater, I was distracted, and didn't notice it. 

If you have Meniere's disease, where your ears ring all the time--you would know what it's like to have a constant 'thing' going on with you...that's the closest I can imagine to the downloads and energy upgrades--like automatic healing attunements in Reiki--that go on intermittently, sometimes for days at a time. 

When I have had a hard time at work, or perhaps like tonight when I am missing Anthony--I am KIND to myself.

I am gentle.

In the past, I used to force myself to work on my 'to do' list, to the point of exhaustion.  Now I rest.

Mother used to have a saying, 'If it doesn't cry, it can wait'...what things are YOU doing, that can wait? Probably a lot more than you might realize.

So take a moment to enjoy life, to enjoy Nature, to enjoy those you love...Anthony's team won today. It was a first. I was happy to be there at the gym watching him play basketball.

He kind of did his best to ignore me. The pressure on him from his father is intense--he can't contact me or even talk about me when he is with his father on their weekend together. It's as if I don't exist.

It was very painful to see him go, in the other car, after the game. I know my son. And to see him afraid to even wave at me, except a little quick one, is sad.

I mentioned it to Aimee, the mom who had the pendant of the Jewish Priest Breast Plate I posted a while back...and HER ex lives across the street from her. Sometimes her son asks if his dad can come for dinner?  She agrees. She says 'it is through the love of Jesus that we are able to function as co-parenting moms, isn't it?'

I smiled.

Her love story is the best story I ever heard--she and her current husband met at a drug deal. Both of them were going to kill themselves. Instead they found love! Both are now clean and sober, and have a wonderful marriage...

Isn't it amazing what can happen?


Carla is my rose. And she is blossoming as we speak. She is absorbing so much energy, like the flower drinks in the sunshine in order to bloom.

When the time is right, your blossoming will take place.

There is no rush--there is a beautiful quote from 'The Little Prince' about his Rose that comes to mind on this...

Everything is in the right place, and all of you are ready! You are just as prepared as all of those lovely children (adolescents) were for that play that Carla saw.

You KNOW it!

Only you can't REMEMBER. (taps his head--ed).  It is because of the amnesia that was installed for you to be able to complete your missions and assignements that you volunteered for so long ago.

It is OKAY not to know why on Earth you are here!

It is OKAY not to understand your past lives, or your purpose!


Because your SOUL understands, and your SOUL is guiding you, and all of us are guiding you too. And WE drop hints like you can't imagine...flashes of insight and inspiration are how we 'speak'.

So remember to be quiet enough to hear them. Don't be too distracted by your thoughts and 'to do' -- for Me I have a 'honey do' list that is from Carla (laughs and smiles --ed) ..but when you meditate, you quiet your mind, and all of that is easier to 'come in'.

Those of you who watch TV, try to watch a little less of it. Turning it off completely will help to open you up so you can hear your guides a lot better. It gets you less caught up in 'other things' that are distracting from your purpose.

Enjoy some time in Nature, and you will improve your connection to us too.

We will remind you, so when it is your time to act, you won't miss it.  We are like the stage mothers and dads who help with the production off-stage, and coach you with your lines, and also help you dress for the quick costume changes...and YOU are the stars of the production! You are doing a fantastic job, whether you know it or not.

And I and all my associates right now are applauding for YOU.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27.3.2015

The New Cage for Harry Bird

About a year ago, I was at the bird store getting birdseed for my cockatoo, and Ross gave me a message:  buy a new cage for Harry!

I did.

But they don't deliver. So I went to Home Depot and rented 'that truck' so you could take things home yourself. At the bird shop, they had stairs at the front door, so I backed up the truck (actually their worker did) and he helped me lift it up into the bed.

It was an elaborate cage with the play top and the seed catcher on the bottom.

The best part was a grate at the bottom, so Harry had no access to the newspapers at the bottom of the cage.

I was stubborn. All five-feet-two decided to take that cage that was as tall as me down the stairs all by myself. Well, it didn't fit. And I lost control of it and it fell down to the landing, getting totally stuck and making a hole in the wall. It also broke the top off the cage (I wasn't going to use it.)

It took not one but TWO neighbors and Anthony to help me get it back out the front door and around the house to the side entrance down below.

Just now I was feeding Harry, and I saw how I don't have to fight with him over the mess of newspapers he used to make. Ross had done a good thing. That was the very first 'help' from my partner and Twin, to make my life easier and better.

He also covered for the price of the cage, and I got fifty dollars off my next bird seed purchase since I am a 'loyal customer'...

People Are Dying After Surgery

Obamacare has done some strange things--for example, our demographics of our patients is 'different'. Over at the 'fancy schmanzy' hospital with ocean views, their Operating Room is a total ghost town. Why? That hospital stopped taking a WHOLE lot of insurance carriers.

I was also told by my counselor that Cedars is running ads where 'their specialist will figure out what insurance will help YOU keep your connection with their hospital'.

At ours, in a word--our patients are sicker all across the board.

After the copayment and the deductible, a lot of people who could 'put off' surgery have done so. Our hospital will now require full payment before elective services. So it's more emergencies, or people with other insurances but aren't so healthy in the first place--come. Sort of the surgery 'frequent flyers'.

I had a long heart to heart talk with my therapist last night (she's Anthony's and mine, as parents need to go too when their children are in treatment). She gave me an extra half-hour free, because this one is such a tough issue...

With my twenty year's clinical experience, I have seen a LOT. And that means I know the surgeries, I know the capability of the surgeons, and I know the constellation of disease that comes with each patient.

I am in Pre-Op, interviewing a patient before surgery, and I KNOW how sick they are. They often have no clue of the severity of their illness. And I get a FEELING that 'something isn't going to go right'.

But the surgeon is clueless. The whole OR is ready and waiting, and the patient is super excited to go finally get their procedure done.

I am left in the difficult position where everything on paper is a 'go', the team is a 'go' and I have NOTHING I can use to 'prove' why I have this FEELING.

So effectively, I can't COMMUNICATE my knowledge based on my skills and experience in my specialty...

And we go through with it. There is a bad outcome--not from my work--but from what happens after, the complications, the take-backs to the OR, the hemorrhage...

My counselor shared that she experiences the same thing when she is asked to testify in court on behalf of her client when there is a divorce and custody battle (she works with children); she could do so much MORE to help her clients, but she can't because there are rules...

So basically, I arrived at 'it is what it is'...

And it helped to vent.

What I DIDN'T tell her is that the spirit of my most recently deceased patient came to me, and asked, 'why didn't you talk to me about it?'

This is the SECOND time a deceased person asked, 'Why didn't you tell me?', actually the third. Both my Aunt and her close friend didn't know I talk to Blessed Mother and dead people, and after they Transitioned, they said, 'Why didn't you share?'

I don't because people are locked in their own little worlds, and can't HEAR anything they don't find 'acceptable' to them.

Even now, with Ross and me, even my first friend I ever had--for all my life--once I told her who we are, for reals, not just 'Ross and Carla'--has cooled her friendship with me, and pulled away...

We saved her from breaking her arm in a fall, with our bracelet, and she 'gives us that'..but her heart?

It's closed.  There is no love in it, no warmth, in return for our Love and Kindness to her in our honesty and our reaching out for her support of me at this time.

It is what it is.

The Christian Bookstore

Anthony had his drum lesson. I walked next door for the first time and looked around in the Christian Bookstore.  I used to go to these and Catholic Bookstores all the time, usually when I was miserable and needed something to give me hope. My favorite is a travel mug with a verse from Jeremiah on it I got from the Crystal Cathedral.

This time it was different.

I looked around and went, 'WHOA!' to myself.

So many feelings washed over me.

And I was confused. Was this something Jesus would have wanted, to sell merchandise promoting him and God? Who makes the money from all of this marketing? Is this a way for people to comfort themselves, and lull themselves into a kind of spiritual sleep? (I am a  Christian, I am 'saved', so I don't have to worry about my actions and spiritual growth. All the work has already been done for me.)

I LIKED seeing all those things. They made me feel loved. They made me feel comforted. I liked how it concentrated on the topics of Faith, Hope, and Love...

I guessed it was okay.

Until I saw the wretch part.

There is a line of jewelry that is called 'Man of God' that is inscribed with little sayings. I needed a magnifying glass to read it on a bracelet that had caught my eye. It said, 'Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me'...and I put that bracelet down!

To spirit, and to Gaia, even the WORST most horrible, awful, commandment-breaking person is still made from Love, and is supported by LOVE, and is therefore PERFECT and DIVINE.


Instead we see a Cry for HELP.

So what are we going to do with all those devout Christians, who are sure and have their faith rooted in something that perhaps Jesus himself might not have supported if He were still alive?

We will be HONEST with them.

This is the advice Miss Maryann the director of Anthony's old pre-school gave to me, when I was sharing with her about dealing with Jared during the custody thing, where the wounds were still fresh.

It has never failed me.

So when pressed, we will be loving and honest, and embody our Truth.

There is no other choice than that.

On Anthony's Knee

He got hurt bad. And it was my last test. I used the codes, and I used Reiki. I FELT that everything was OKAY. And others who are sensitive to these things, also 'felt' it.

But I had to know.

The child was still limping, and the ortho people I knew in the OR said, 'he needs to get it checked out'.  Even Dr. Bret said, 'he needs to get it checked out'.

Anthony's dad said the knee was okay--I had examined it after the injury--so did he--and the ligaments were good. Anthony played basketball practice just fine too. And his therapist (I had warned her) got him to play 'paper basketball' and told me it didn't seem painful to him, or unstable.

But I just HAD to know.

I had to take him to my friend, the surgeon, who every time Anthony gets hurt, checks it out, and tells me 'he is okay'.

And he IS okay.

I realize that I am 'moving' from a paradigm where I would rely mostly on conventional medicine with the Divine Healing Codes as 'extra' to the other way--where the Codes are doing most of the work, and the 'conventional' is just to prove to me that they are indeed working.  My vibration increases by the hour, by the day, and I actively am working on it.

My Past Life and Me

We talk.

I am learning about souls and incarnations...I asked Ross today about the soul thing.
He says our HS coordinates all the soul pieces
I asked why am I incarnate but amnesia?
I saw Magdalen next to him, and she is me.
But I asked why have more than one (incarnation or copy of the soul or aspect)? It's confusing
I was told I am the Voice of Gaia
Many incarnations so I can fully represent Her
I am Her Spirit incarnate right now as me
And right when I asked, a car with the license plate I AM CAR showed up.

I think I approach my I AM prescence
Magdalen says that the series of incarnations is like a relay race, the consciousness is the baton. She told me this incarnation
It's my turn to run, it's my lap, my race now

Your Turn--You Decide

Is it HIM? Or is it YOU? Or is it a combination of the two, to achieve miracles?

Here is the data:

Rebuking a tornado in Jesus' name

Rebuking ANOTHER tornado in Jesus' name

Woman Rebukes Tornado away from her home (first two minutes of video)

A Comment From Nicole:

I finally did this. :) I had a strong feeling I would get the same object that I got in a shamanic journey two years ago, and I did. (It just felt "right.") I called it a "power rattle"; t looks rather like a Tibetan prayer wheel (see it here ), but the top part is lantern-like, with polyhedral cutout shapes (triangles and squares, and sometimes fire letters), so the light streams through it when it revolves, throwing firelit shapes into the environment like a disco ball. In the earlier journey, when I asked what it was for, I heard "empowerment." When I asked how to use it, I was told, "You shake it at people to keep them away / ward them off" (I had a strong need for protection at the time.) I was also told that it had many more functions, to be revealed over time. Recently, it's been showing up more often in my visions with the fire letters on top. :) on Gaia News Brief 14.3.2015

Last Night in the Shower

Thoth came.  (I had bought a tarot deck of his, the small one, to show I am 'open' and 'non judging' of him. I DON'T like the Aleister Crowley part, not one bit).

I smiled and asked him, 'How's your headache?' (he had blown up once and God put him together).

We really have trouble communicating. He's STILL in the 'I want power' mode, and he was trying to trick me into agreeing into something, and I said, 'Most definitely not' very politely and with a smile.

Thoth was taken away. (I made sure Michael and Ross and the rest were within reach when agreed to talk with him.)

Then Baphomet came.  I told him to get out. He didn't.

So we talked.

He too, was trying 'one last thing' and I was totally unsympathetic to his cause. I asked him why he thought they would rally?  I told him even if I were to disappear, the PEOPLE are on their way to waking up, and it's inevitable. I also asked him, 'isn't this BORING?' (your same old schtick?')

I told him even HE is worthy of Love, and HE deserves a second chance, and I made him a baby Baphomet--but this time, no funky horns and hat. He is a small, dark-haired boy, and he has been taken to another dimension (toddler safe) to start over and to grow, with very CLOSE supervision. His alternative is merging with Divine Mother, and he chose to 'remediate'. He will have many incarnations of curriculum to go over. And Divine Mother and Divine Father have the final say.

I've had better showers, LOL.  I'm looking forward to no more 'visitors' like Thoth and Baphomet.


Carla 'moved in' officially today. She unpacked her Hummel collection. She has two fake, and one real. The first is a boy with an umbrella that is about ten inches tall, and was on her dresser as a child. The second is a girl in pigtails with a doll and a doctor mirror on her forehead. This was given to her by a woman with myasthenia gravss who worked at her Medical School, and liked Carla--Mary Jo. Ironically, this second 'doctor' figure, was made in Japan, of all places! Is this a prelude to her Reiki? (smiles)

The REAL one, with the Gobel inscription on the bottom, is a couple of children going on a picnic.

When Carla feels REALLY safe, she takes these things out.

I love her.

This morning, Carla wouldn't come to me.

She was embarrassed.

She felt the presence of her old incarnation with me, like she was watching us, and listening. Even though is WAS Her!  To Carla, it is like the movie Back To The Future, where her 'future self' and her 'past self' 'interact'.

What we did for Carla was together, we activated her bracelet from her old incarnation, the one with the M of light.

For Carla had asked for a new Freedom, and it stopped me cold in my tracks. Carla wanted to let energy flow through her unhindered, and at full strength, and she wanted to let me be the force helping her to align her energies in this way, as her Twin.

I had never once in a million years, with all of my remote monitoring and technology and spiritual advancement, PREDICTED Carla would have the wherewithal to make a MY LEVEL spiritual request to be made simply and purely with no guile whatsoever.

She asked for her energy to flow through Her unimpeded so she could enjoy the Divine as is her birthright as a soul.

(he almost is in tears, he is so deeply moved)

My friends THAT is what the whole Awakening thing, the Ascension thing, the Liberation of Gaia and her people is about...

To bring everyone BACK to what is their right as souls in Heaven--even the deceased right now do not have these abilities due to the veil.

But TODAY, Carla does, just that, with her bracelet. All the connection is to the energy that is right there in the middle, in the M of Light. And Sophia, her higher self, and Magdalen, her past incarnation, both support and bless this too.

Carla has had many, many more incarnations, for her education.

What is coming together is the synthesis of the learning, spontaneously, on its own, for the conditions are right...and Carla surprised me with her jump in development, a very pleasant surprise, this morning.

Soon you will follow, and WE (the Ascended Masters) will the the ones struggling to keep up with YOU!

(the vision he gives me is when toddlers start to RUN--and how the grownups have to work hard to chase them quick... ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your friends

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 26.3.2015

On Releasing Fears

Dude? Dude, dude, dude, dude, dude....(big sigh)

This one isn't easy to write.

It's embarrassing.

My father raised me to 'face my fears', since I was an anxious child. He really really worked with me. A LOT.  I can hold snakes, I'm not afraid of bugs, I like roller coasters, I'm not so keen on stuff like getting my blood drawn or having surgery on myself...but even now with a toe that's got arthritis in it and 'is painful' as my friend the podiatrist said, I will go do the exercises he told me and bend it, even though it's really really painful to do.  I ride a motorcycle--a dirt bike. I know how to shoot a gun (dad taught me that too). I enjoy adventure and I like to try new things!

Here is a list of the fears I have encountered in myself during my Awakening:

  • fear of abandonment by God
  • shame of being separated from God, and guilt and dread to be incarnate and amnestic
  • total fear of my Higher Self--thinking she would 'swallow me up' and 'I would not exist'
  • jealousy of my past incarnation, and fear she would steal my Twin
  • anger at my past incarnation, for her channelings through others, for adding confusion to me and my role in the Ascension process
I also completely accepted the fact I would be alone forever and that I wouldn't meet my Twin until I died...SURPRISE! (I wasn't expecting that I would have a relationship with my Twin who is not incarnate...LOL...but I do and it's really wonderful!)

And healing these things takes TIME!  You can't rush it.  The things I have felt and done and said! My gosh!!!   You see I would feel both anger and desire to avoid certain beings of Spirit--very strongly--sometimes with reason as in the past they had led others astray or caused me in some way, pain.

Here I am thinking 'I love everybody' and yet there are some surgeons I needed to 'accept and allow', for 'love is the solutions for everything' least five I have had to forgive and even though they drive me crazy to let go and let them be and to Love Anyway.

I have been through the wringer resolving Ross and my past traumas. It took six months to a year to get over that one. (remember, my soul BOLTED way worse than any 'runaway bride'--one incarnation after the next)...

I've 'patched things up' with Metatron, Thoth (mostly), my Higher Self Sophia (she's surprisingly okay), and my old incarnation (Sophia helped us out on this one.)

Last night I made a bracelet with my old incarnation. She offered. And it was SO difficult! She wasn't telling me what beads to put in what order. She told me to 'put them together and see what feels right and looks pretty' I had the beads, and the right number of them. But twice I put it together and it would have been perfect for elastic but she had specified 'clasp' closure with a wire...

I even picked up all the beads and scattered them on the bead board, searching for a pattern. There was no help.

It got late, but I had to finish it. 

The final result is more beautiful than anything I have ever made. And the energy is nice too. She told me not to sleep with it, which is unusual. She actually had me take my bracelets off. 

I look forward to wearing it today.

The moral of the story is that in my relationship with her--I had 'settled' on being 'kind and polite' and 'not quite friends' in my heart. She could 'do her thing' and 'I could do mine'...

She taught me how working together is important, and my being able to find my way through the challenges of the bracelet-making, with very little guidance from her, builds up the trust I need in myself to counteract the jealousy...

These are VERY deep, hard-wired in fears in the soul...fears of survival as a soul...everyone has them.

This is HER energy, and if you look closely at the center, it makes a letter 'M' with light.

Sometimes when you do this healing, you are 'selective'. I had forgotten I had 'patched things up' with Sananda too.

He had sent me this image, a magnet on a locker...

So--I wish you luck and patience with yourself on this last phase of the Awakening process!

The Gossips In The Breast Case

This has nothing to do with anatomy. It has everything to do with the people in the room, their energy, and their level of spiritual development. During the conversation, I took notes!

Here are the topics:
  • one percent of all adoptions are 're-homed', typically due to violent, sexual, or violent-sexual behavior in the adopted child. The family can't cope when the child kills the pet or molests their other children. But out of the RE-adoptions, there is a very high success rate. Why is this? My surgeon wanted to discuss this topic, and said, for example, there was a 're-home' mother who was seventy, had an autistic daughter and was used to abnormal behavior (she had 'seen everything') and knew what to do.
  • in ten percent of all couples with children,  the father in the relationship is not the actually paternity of the child. And the mother has reason to know this. What happens is when there is a cancer diagnosis in the family, people want to make sure about the DNA risk. So analysis is done on the DNA. Well, for example, if you have Greek parents, which Greek DNA is clearly visible to some researchers, but you end up with half Scandinavian DNA patterns, then it is highly doubtful that the Greek 'father' is the actually biological father. This puts the cancer doctors in a bind--do you tell the family the truth? How do you support the family?  Some fathers, due to anger and betrayal, break off all contact with the child they have raised for thirty years...These tests cost around ninety-nine dollars too, where you can send them in for 'ancestry' analysis in our popular culture too. It's a dilemma.
  • My surgeon likes volleyball because the other team is on the other side of the net. She played basketball and water polo growing up. She refuses to let her daughter play these sports now because the children are routinely coached to hurt the other players. The entire room piped up about how children are so competitive and without conscience. (I suspect the 'programming' made for children leads to disrespect of authority, and also the 'video gaming' creates a false sense of being 'above recourse' when it comes to hurting others.)
  • There is a book recommended by my surgeon, 'Little Girls Can Be Mean'. It has scenarios and real stories of the complex and constantly shifting social/power alliances of young girls, and how they hurt each other, so you can help the child to best navigate them. 'Let them figure it out' is actually no longer wise, as some 'Mean' girls are highly successful at manipulating the system to torment another, and when that person acts out, gets them in trouble for 'being mean to them'.
  • We discussed Landmark (new versions of EST and Summit) 'self-help' that isn't exactly 'spiritual', to know what it is, and what they do. Apparently a mom of the Brownie troop drops a lot of suggestions on how to work with the girls that are 'Landmark'-based.  The nine and ten year old girls have 'changed'--the surgeon who has worked with her daughter's troop and leads it is finding that they are more difficult to work with, and disrespectful of her.  (again, the 'programming' on children's entertainment always has inept or absent ten years of watching this has an 'effect' on the child, I think.)
  • The surgical technologist, a traveler from another local hospital--the fancy one--brought up Love and Logic, a method of parenting. Many of the successful re-home adoptive parents are using this approach. She herself only agrees with parts, but not all of this philosophy. (you can't warn you child of consequences or intervene. you let them learn it on their own)
  • The tech also brought up MGTOW, the movement called 'Men Going Their Own Way'. These men refuse to marry or support a woman. There's youtube videos on it. (I wouldn't want to watch them, myself)...we talked of how these men enter relationship saying I am a MGTOW...with no excuses. And how George Clooney was a huge MGTOW but got married. I brought up the new concept of a 'nurse or a purse', much to the amusement of my surgeon who had never heard of the term (we are both single moms).  In my opinion, when I was on social websites after my second divorce, I was 'matched' with men at least twenty years older than me. And in these circles, the men typically WANT something--someone to care for them (travel--health, etc) or to support them. Or BOTH! LOL

This type of conversation would not have been possible in the Operating Room even five years ago. 

People are waking up. They are the way, this beautiful surgeon gives every single one of her cancer patients a free copy of Buddha Boot Camp...she is so caring and loving for those who come to her for their care. And she's excellent too! Internationally known for her life-saving work!

Just another day...


Carla is taking Anthony to the doctor.

I helped with her schedule.

This is why--her comments to a very close friend--about the situation.  She had asked EVERYBODY to trade with her, sacrificed a day of work with a colleague who eventually did trade, and informed her boss of the reasons behind the trade. He said, 'we will play it by ear' and Carla, without skipping a beat, totally professional said, 'I already had to reschedule my son's appointment last Wednesday (she should have gone home at two and had to stay until six). My surgeon is very kind and understanding of the situation.'

Carla let it go.

And said this to her friend:

Please Jesus save me from this heartache and hell of not being able to help our boy when he is not well.

Please honey.


I listened.

At five-thirty last night, her boss, after a computer meeting, told her she would be able to go to the appointment, much to her relief.

(He had asked her if she is going on vacation earlier. Carla didn't think anything of it, and  she said, 'no, I don't go until June but I stay here to help with the computer project'.  Apparently some are trying to go on Spring Break, and would pull a trick like that to get free of the hospital and make their flight...sad, isn't it?  )

We are here to change this. We are here to change everything about how society is, and to base it on love, mutual respect, and reality.

Carla made a big step in overcoming her distrust of her former incarnation.

Another lightworker got a head necklace of Gold from Ashtar's treasure chest. It helps to align the Higher Self with all the rest of the soul, its aspects, incarnations, and soul fragments...she is sharing this gift with the world. You can see how it is working with Carla.

Her cousin, got a ring, from that same treasure box. Into it we have put both the Golden Christ Consciousness and the Seal of Solomon in one. He can use it now, just like Carla. 

Carla herself got the timeline splicer.

What did you get?

Will you find out?

Are you going to use it for the Highest Good?

And will you share it with the world?

These gifts are that powerful!

And so are you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
'in love'

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gaia News Brief 25.3.2015

My Box From Peet's!

Yesterday I got three packages.   One, a mini package from Shanghai, had one small envelope of rondelles for my bracelet work. I marveled at the label on it, which was almost but not completely in Chinese.

Another, was like a book that wrapped around the Tanzanite beads. Inside was the usual plastic pouch to hold them. I had been looking forward to this arrival, for it is a gift.

Last, a HUGE and did I say I could barely almost carry it size box arrived from Peet's. My special glasses which insulate are here!  I'm still smiling when I think about them.

Dr. Bret

I ran into him on the way to my locker. Right in the hall, I gave him a big hug. I held him and said I read his blog. Not only me, but all of you too. And we are praying for you Big Time!!! We have your back!!!

I told him I am a 'big blogger' with over 660,000 blog hits!  But I don't use my real name.

He smiled and said, 'I will figure that one out'.

He loses more weight. Yesterday he had a scan, an MRI, to look for mets to his brain.

I saw his future the minute he disclosed he had 'health issues'--it flashed before my eyes. I will be working with him, later. For now, he is the bravest angel I know. He is an Awakener. And with his blog, and his heart with people like his coworkers and colleagues--is really helping people to realize life is about so much MORE than news, weather, and's about the miracle of being here on Earth with each other.

Later, in the doctor's lounge, someone asked about Anthony's knee. I explained how his partner the lady pediatric orthopedic surgeon doesn't even take my insurance; the women at the reception area I had worked with on the phone were getting me to switch to someone was really disorganized and I didn't know what to do. I wanted the first doc so much I was willing to pay cash. I did that once for a different orthopedic surgeon who looked at my shoulder once.

So Dr. Bret texted his partner. She'd be available until six p.m.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. I was working. Getting Anthony to a knee doctor is really giving me a lot of resistance as a mom. And it's breaking my heart, he's a doctor's kid, and for him, being sick, it is NO BLESSING. I can't take him in without giving up a day of work--or pushing it back until next Wednesday--or having his grandmother take him instead of me because his dad works too. (it's our insurance, just us two, and that's why I need to be there for a new doctor visit).

On the way home, I realized, that I don't have a primary care doctor, and I haven't seen the dentist in two years, because there is only enough time for one of us to be seen by medical and dental care in my schedule. And it's my kid who needs the help, not me...

Our Date

Ross took the night off, and we had a date. Anthony was at his dad's. Jared has studied sports injuries--not a doctor but a healer, who does massage.  He said 'the knee is okay' and let Anthony play on it in sports practice for his basketball team. Yup--a partial tear of something, and he lets the boy play. 'Just shake it out'...

I was excited.  Ross had asked me to go out with him in the morning, and I had completely forgotten about it until walking to the car last night.

I wanted to look my best. But I was in scrubs! I wanted to go home.

On the drive home I get a gorgeous view of the metropolis at night. And I waved my hand at it, and said, 'Ross? Look at all of these places and not one where I want to go eat!'

He laughed.

We decided to cook together, to stay in.

Once home, I was stressed. The breakfast dishes were in the sink. I had been on the phone all DAY during cases coordinating and rescheduling trades so I could take Anthony to the doctor on Friday.

So I took a bath. With japanese spa salts in it. It smelled so nice!  As you may know, I've thrown out all my sweats 'as a public service' according to Ross. But I still wear something comfortable when I get  home. I have knit leggings, and a tee shirt. Ross tells me the silhouette is Galactic; this is getting me used to what living in a flight suit is like. It's not bad, especially when the leggings are very soft.

Our challenge was to find a recipe for seitan, a vegan meat alternative. It would have gone bad tomorrow.  So with fun we looked at this website:  (I also looked up here for the recipe, and I'm still confused if this wheat gluten protein is like the opposite of 'gluten free'?

We settled on tandoori style seitan in a small skillet.

I also made rice in the rice cooker.

I poured a glass of wine with San Pellegrino water mixed into it, into a Waterford crystal glass for Ross. And I had a very small glass for wine (He had shown me Vouvrray wine in the morning, and sure enough, there was a bottle at home in the cellar), and a larger one for the water myself.

We ate in courses. I had sliced tomato with black Hawaiian salt. Then a salad with yogurt, apples, beets (raw), and celery. Right as we were talking, the rice was ready for the main course. And dessert was a cold cooked yam--very tiny--with coconut milk and Manuka honey.  I finished with a cup of 'Love' herbal tea.

Then I was ready to call it a night.

The best part was how we TALKED.  I had so many questions! His one regret is he would have told me 'I love you' every single day. This means that he never would have left home or me for his travels. (He does say this now though... : )   )

I asked many questions about many topics, and he enjoyed my questions, and answering them.

Two Miracles

Number one:

Hi Carla, I just wanted to say thank you for all your gifts. Sharing the healing of numbers on my left arm has increased my testosterone levels. I've been faithful each day since you taught me except for maybe two days. My levels weren't even within parameters with hormone replacement. Now I'm low middle and feeling Great...thanks a bunch, E

(E is the one who asked for this Divine Healing Code. Divine Mother gave it right there on the spot for him. E is not Reiki-trained except for my teaching him a 'little'...)

Number two: Farvahar

Kat: I knew nothing about him until you posted.....I did get chills reading your post last night. I found this in my jewelry drawer that I was drawn to taking out to polish and wear 2 days grandmother gave this to me, I know she was a practicing Muslim living in Iran all her life. I never wore this pendant but 2 days ago I felt I had to polish it and wear it not knowing what the pendant means. I don't know if this is the same as yours that showed up! Do you have a picture? I have to get going to the hospital. Love and light. I want to read your post again today.

Carla: Yes! That's him!!! If you click the link in the post his picture is there too. Wow! What a coincidence for us both!

Kat: I am going to give my mom this pendant now (Ellie is on a ventilator in long-term care, our Team heals her often. Here is her bracelet I made just for her)

(here is her other ones from us and Divine Mother Blessings)

To keep with her stones She said this is Farvahar She wanted it when I asked her if she wants it lol Is it coincidence? What are the chances Carla?! Omg this is a sign I will read it tonight (the blog post) Thank you

Carla: He is also one who blesses the New Year.


I enjoyed having dinner with Carla last night, at our home. I live there, in my heart. She has a picture of me she keeps in the bed next to her. It is a real photograph of me. And she talks to it and kisses it.

As a certified healer and psychic (she is only one class away from Anne's IMPART program), she is able to 'reach' me and 'talk' to me, just as two who are incarnate would do, as a couple.

What I loved the most about last night, over dinner, was that Carla let down her guard with me. She relaxed. We spoke openly as partners, equals, friends. I was a little shy at first with her questions, which were open and engaging and warm--but something that the people up here, who rely mostly on telepathic communication NEVER think to ask!

It was like explaining how you do your perfect serve in tennis after you have been doing it for years! (he smiles and laughs)...

This is what we have to look forward to, in the coming phase for the Awakening--the engagement of humanity with us (points with both hands bent and fingers on chest, tapping). Wanting to KNOW who this is, and why this happened? And what are we together going to do about it?

I like seitan. It is entirely plant based. Our meal last night, except for the little bit of yogurt in the salad and the tandoor sauce--was vegan.

I opened up my heart to my Lady. And Carla's warmth and love for me, has never changed.

She also still enjoys eating beets! I told her this, over dinner, and she smiled. It was our first happy memory both new and old, which 'connects' our past incarnation to this.

We are timeless, all of us, and Carla is just now stepping her first steps, into the awareness of what being timeless 'means' to her, and to us, personally, in our relationship.

It ALSO is 'time', unfortunately, for Carla to get to work. And to also do the dishes! I had her relax and not do them last night.

(he smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gaia News Brief 24.3.2015

Just The Other Day

A colleague of mine, another anesthesiologist in the department, had a short day. He took the time during the gap in his schedule to attend a conference at a local hospital on Alzheimer's and Palliative Care.

There is a new field coming up about 'Palliation'--helping to bring comfort when there is no cure for the disease, and helping the patient to decide their OWN priority for their health needs, and to honor it.

My friend was very excited to learn about this whole field, where anesthesiologists are a natural fit due to our pain treatment expertise.  We spoke for a while because there was a woman who had a stroke at age eleven was there at the lecture as a motivational speaker. Here is her website if you are interested:

The Business Trip

One of my favorite surgeons commented on how he had been out of town for the last eight weekends. I asked him where he had been? Well there was his mother's in Minnesota last weekend. And the one before? A neurolinguistic programming conference in San Francisco...

I clarified immediately on that one.

'A what?'  I asked, incredulously. He replied exactly what I had heard. Here is the group, if you'd like to know more about it:

Next I played dumb. I asked, 'What IS neurolinguistic programming?'

'Well it's just how to communicate better with people. If you are having a conversation and it's not producing results, you can switch back and forth from visual to auditory to emotional 'language' to help the person better connect with what you want'. he replied.

At that point I was like, 'Whoa! whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa there buddy--isn't that what they are using in the mass media and marketing to get us to, well, do things they want us to do?'

He shrugged it off, as if it was nothing.

If it really IS nothing, then why is there a butterfly made from international flags as the logo for the organization?

Isn't Monarch mind-control programming enough?

My Favorite Book These Days

I am homesick for Hawaii again. So I took out my book, The Hawaii Bathroom Book--Light Reading for the Lua, Airport, Bus, Waiting John Richard Stephens.

Here are three awesome quotes:

Hybolics is on Pidgin word, short fo' da english hyperbolic, or da use of hyperbole--da exaggerated form of speech. Long time ago wen Pidgin to da Max came out, da ting wen define hybolics as 'to talk like one intellectual-kind haole.' Built into dis definition is da assumption dat only Caucasian people talk standard english and standard english automatically means mo' intellectual. By taking a name Hybolics wot we trying' fo' do is reclaim da word and make da statement dat you can use Pidgin jus as well of' express da kine intellectual ideas.  ---Lee Tonuchi

Here in Hawaii we laugh at ourselves more than most people do in other places. Hawaii is a chop suey nation--Portagee, Pake, Buddahead, Sole, Yobo, Kanaka, Haole, all mixed up. Nobody is in the majority here. We are all part of at least one minority group. Some of us are part of several minority groups. And we all laugh at ourselves. This is healthy.   --Frank DeLima

At the ocean I observed a bevy of nude native young ladies bathing in the sea, and went and sat down on their clothes to keep them from being stolen. I begged them to come out, for the sea was rising and I was satisfied that they were running some risk.  But they were not afraid and presently went on with their sport. They were finished swimmers and divers, and enjoyed themselves to the last degree. They swam races, splashed and ducked and tumbled each other about, and filled the air with their laughter. It is said that the first thing an islander learns is how to swim; learning to walk being a matter of smaller consequence, comes afterward.  --Mark Twain


Remember the movie Men In Black? How Agent K looked at the tabloid headlines for the real news?

It's not so far from the truth... The Globe from March 21,2015 has the headlines:


  • Put American lives at risk
  • Took cash from terrorist fat cats
  • Plus:  Her kinky notes to lesbian lover
(apparently she got her own server, and sent official government work out on it with her emails--being a prime candidate for being hacked. Anyone who has read up on Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will immediately know from the headlines what's up, and why this is not so far from truth.)

ROYAL FAMILY'S NAZI SECRETS EXPOSED!  Queen's father ordered cover-up. Charles and Camilla what they're hiding. William and Kate their shame.

(I did see historical documents on board the Queen Mary last week, at the Diana Exhibit, to the effect that King Edward--the one who married Wallis Simpson and abdicated--was a Nazi supporter/sympathizer. The family actually--back to the one who was married to Queen Mary, I forget his name--I think it's 'Bertie' with the stutter--had strong German ties. Their last name was a long German one, and around World War I they changed the surname of the royal family to 'Windsor'.  Queen Mary was of German Heritage too. And the documents showed that King George did some sort of 'damage control' over his brother. Edward was banished from England and given a stipend, the documents said.)

Today's Lesson and Manifestation

On Sunday morning I had a small miracle in the kitchen. I was making Cincinnati chili in the crock pot, and ran out of tomato paste. I looked in the cupboard where I keep them, and nothing was there. I panicked. We were in a hurry to leave for a family get-together, a fitting of tuxedos for my brother in law, my nephew, and Anthony.

I felt something, and looked again, and there was ONE can where before there were none! 

A voice came and said--an angelic one--'this is the only time, and you need to go to the store to buy more' a little sternly or more 'proper' and 'strict' is the term. Perhaps, 'serious?' is the best way to describe it?

Today I had one too, in very quick succession. My son has standardized testing this week. He spent the night at a sitter's due to my being first call. I picked him up and took him to Taco Bell (protein instead of bagel, yes?)...this in itself was a lesson in patience, because he doesn't like the sauce on one item. He ordered it, without special ordering 'no sauce', took one bite, and didn't like it. I had to buy a second. And throw the first one away. Inside I was upset, but I got control over my emotions--it's three dollars, and he wouldn't enjoy it with the sauce--and said, 'next time if you do this you can just eat it' in response to his, 'I could eat it if I had to.'

Well, walking to the car, his knee HURT. He was limping. And I had forgotten the ibuprofen at home. So we walked across the parking lot to the grocery store, and got him a kefir and ibuprofen.

As we walked toward the register, I saw in QUICK SUCCESSION the titles of two books--'Why God Loves Us and Allows Us To Have Pain', then 'Keep Calm and Trust God'.

Two steps later something Gold, a pendant with wings like Isis, caught my eye on a table...out of NOWHERE.

I took it home.  I looked in my book of symbols, and it automatically opened to the Egyptian gods. But it wasn't right. The figure had a beard, and a ring in his hand, a big hoop of metal.  I pored through the book, looking at every symbol...

And there it was!  The Faravahar  the three colors on the wings mean to live a good life, in balance, and he is apparently a Zoroastrian (ancient Persian and Mede) Guardian Angel!

It also is part of the identity of Iran, and associated with the New Year's celebration which is being celebrated now for two weeks.

I learned more about my pendant.  I read it all. I was surprised how diclofenac (a form of NSAID--non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) is killing off all the India Vultures. This faith is the one that leaves their dead to the vultures on those Silent Towers.  Now they have to cremate...instead.  Skim down to Ecological Effects

There was also this very cool article on angels

The most amazing thing is that this religion is said to have influenced other major religions including Judaism...back in the day!

My Two Cents

Back to the neurolinguistic programming--compared to those who do not have our best interest at heart--the Galactics with their advanced technology must have a comparable form of this at their disposal for GOOD desired outcomes, as well as for dealing with negotiations such as in this link from the recent Sheldan Nidle:

Always know that anything you read that is channeled, if it 'resonates' with you, has a form of 'energy upgrade' to your aura, just by you reading and interacting with it. A form of 'downloads' you wouldn't really notice while you are getting them, if you will. When I read the book Margaret channeled about Gunter, he limited us to only one chapter a day, because of the energy upgrades that were embedded in the words.

Even my words, with my vibration, and my energy in them, is going to touch you in some way 'heart to heart' instead of eye-brain-knowledge...

I think this has a whole lot to do with it too:

My Questions

I am starting to interact with Sophia more. I have a concern about parts of me that are going off and 'doing things' without my conscious awareness.

For example, ever since I was a child, people would dream of me. I would be shiny and in a white glowing dress, and I would help them. But it was me. I never recalled ANY of it.

Then there are the many channelings from a past incarnation of me, for example, most recently from Fran Zepeda. This one incarnation lady shows up with her husband, and counsels people, even a friend of mine starting this week too!

I asked Sophia, 'who is responsible for these things? me? or you?' and in choosing the word 'responsible' I meant, 'who takes the karma when things go unexpected?'...

She said it is not me, it is her.

I asked Ross--things like WHERE are you? I need to know in general where you are please? All this popping in and out of my consciousness at random is difficult...Ross what IS my soul? What are the parts? What are they called? What does it LOOK LIKE? I need to know!  (he said now is not the time for me to know but that time is coming soon)

These questions I am asking are making my Higher Self and Ross THINK. They are good questions. And I watch them be very careful and 'edit' and 'review' their answers to me before they say them.

Tonight, I had a heart-to-heart with a friend. I was unhappy with the whole situation. I won't go into the details. But I felt like I could never compete--hold a candle to HER--this past incarnation.  You see, Ross is WITH Her, in history. Where does he go? To me? To her? 

I said I would be happy with one Ross-flavored piece of the 'pie' (Ross' soul, oversoul, aspects, the whole gmish) that was just for me and I wouldn't have to share with anybody.

My friend was kind and said that Ross has many duties, and if he could abandon them he would come running to me and stay with me for all eternity.

We were very sad, us two friends. I explained how on our end, it feels like we are in a very one-sided relationship, where the men call all the shots.  And even if our men are 'with us'--what is the use if we can't see it or feel it or know it except for the energy 'love squeeze'?  I wanted arms, and a chest, not a floating bubble of energy.  I need to be held, and instead I get the energy which isn't really what I wanted, you know?

I also shared how when I complain too much, I get 'suddenly sleepy'--they work on me and adjust my very soul!

I felt the energies. She did too, and got dizzy. 

Then I felt a hand on my right upper arm, press, and I heard Ross' unmistakeable voice and felt his energy! He asked me, 'is this enough?'

And it WAS!  And her Twin did similar for her too, at the same exact time!

Well, I also was 'distracted' the way one would distract a crying toddler with a toy. My thoughts just turned to 'other things', and also it was time to make dinner.

In the kitchen, my 'past incarnation' came to me for the first time, and asked, 'Do you like me?'

I said simply, 'No, I don't.'

She was VERY hurt, I could tell, and reeling emotionally, and asked me for a reason?

In an instant, I knew, and I shared, from heart to heart, 'I have all of your sorrows and none of your joys.'

She startled even more, as it was in fact, true.

Ross has told me that I exist in another dimension, blissfully unaware of what is going on to me down here. Perhaps this is 'her'?

I sense that for many of us, our role in part is to 'advance' the spiritual progress of our Higher Selves and our Ancestors by being incarnate in a human vessel.   WE 'work through the issues' that have been left behind by those who have gone on before us. And when WE master a lesson, everyone 'rejoices' because in effect, 'we ALL win!'

Out of the memories of the past lives I have lived, I have yet to remember a happy one vividly. I am aware there was one incarnation in Japan where I enjoyed my life very much. Everything else I remember is the pain...and the suffering...and how I died...

I think I might be on to something. And like an ice-breaking boat going through the frozen arctic sea, I hope to make the passage open and smoother for the rest of you when it is your turn to go this path...


Carla is wordy.  She used to have trouble cutting back to a five-hundred word essay,  and keeping below the page limit on her school papers in college. 

Carla has a lot to say in this article for you.

I suggest you take the time to digest it, and perhaps go over it more than once. 

Bookmark it.

That is what I would do, to get the most out of the opportunity that is given to you here.

Carla thinks she is UNLOVEABLE by the fact she is incarnate today, and not in the higher realms.  

There is a guilt and a feeling of rejection by God for her not being where He and Her Divine Mother is unconscious, just like the fear of death which is always with us when we are incarnate.

Carla is aware this is ILLUSION, and yet, she struggles as in fact, she is immersed in it fairly deep.

Carla is struggling, but it is not without promise of a light at the end of the tunnel--an opening to the Higher Realms, which is her Home. 

Her Home is with ME, the one and only, and one day all of this will make perfect sense to her, just as it will with all of you. This has a lot to do with 'Full Consciousness'.

Carla is in fact an Ascended Master who has Ascended, and has a terrible case of amnesia. This is in order for her mission to be complete.

Signs that Carla is growing as she took time to enjoy her son today. To look at his foot--and marvel how it grew from his tiny infant foot to a size nine mens!  She realized the beauty of playing basketball games 'horse' and 'pig' with him, not just to be more active and for their health, but for the bonding and the emotional connection, and the enjoyment of motherhood itself!

Carla is 'getting it' and soon you will be too...the beauty and the wonder of everything being in the right place at the right time...for that is how you co-create.

Yes, I helped her with the tomato paste. Just this once! I don't want to make a habit of it!


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the duo