Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21.3.2015

My Lesson

Spirit is wise.

I was a feral soul, angry and upset at being stuck here incarnate, longing for the higher dimensions.

Ross is one of the few who knows how to work with me.  Even then, I wanted nothing to do with him for many an incarnation. It took entire teams of Ascended Masters, after many incarnations where I would just BOLT and abuse myself to get as far away from him as possible, to get me close enough to introduce me to him.

On that time, he told me, 'I am you twin, Ross, here where I am, and I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to find someone else for companionship while you are incarnate.'

For the longest time, I only called on him when I needed help, I was in trouble, and I'd call out with my soul, 'Ross!' and this shower of energy would come down the second I asked. And things would get better.

We dated. We literally did, we would go do some activity, and we would talk, and get to know each other.   At the beginning, where I agreed to interact with him, and start dating/reaquainting, Ross was overcome with relief, and literally cried for three days. His team released him from duty, and allowed us the time to just be close with our hearts, and reconnect.

Today, he has been sending me hints and messages of his arrival...I get so very excited just to think of it! Romantic as he is, there was even one in my fortune cookie today--a special friend will soon arrive to see you.  I showed it to Anthony and was like, 'whoa!' and delighted me had my feet 'happy feet' right under the table!

This isn't my lesson.

My lesson is how to get my life back after some damage was done to my soul after my incarnation with to trust in him, and now, in Sananda and Metatron and my Higher Self...and others.

This morning I realized my 'beef' was that Ross listened to THEIR advice and not to my own, and that got us as a couple into a whole world of pain...

Part A:  The Mani Pedi

Anthony's nails were a fright after going camping for a week. Toenails too. I bailed. I cheerfully said, 'Would you like to go with me to get a mani pedi?'  He loves the attention, and I always buy for him the extra fifteen minutes of massage.

He jumped at the chance!  (he goes for a manny mani, with no polish or color)

While I was there, there were MANY women workers with the little jade buddha necklaces--not like this one above, but with gold, lots and lots of it.

For the first time since 2013, I saw Buddha. We have spoken many a time. He has given me spiritual gifts to commemorate my growth and progress. And I had missed him. He, like Jesus, is my Karuna Reiki guide.  I have two.

He said, 'I am Sananda.'

My jaw almost dropped.

He asked me, 'which one do you love, the energy of Sananda that I am, or me, the one you know?'

I said, 'Of course, you the one I know.'

He said, 'But we are one and the same, whether you agree or know, isn't it?'

I confronted him, 'But what about the channeled messages? The ones that are wrong?! And mislead the people?!!!'

Calmly, he said, 'Where there is ego involved, much gets lost in the translation from us to you through the channel. Who is wrong here? The one who sends the message and makes contact? Or the ones who misconstrue the message and misappropriate it?'

At the same time with telepathy I could sense that the correct answer is 'no one is wrong' and 'it is what it is' and 'Sananda was just trying'.  I also realized the energy of Sananda supplies both of my Karuna Reiki guides, and therefore, I am blessed by him, in many ways.

Then Buddha went away.

On my toes was the last bit of the nail polish that my Higher Self Sophia had helped me pick out when WE were 'patching things up'.  Now we are friendly, I interacted her much to create a bracelet last night for someone who wanted it. In the morning I am like, 'Hi Sophia!' and cheery when I say it.

I understand now that I am in no way threatened by Her presence--she is not going to 'eat me'--absorb my soul, and she is not going to 'steal my man' which I must admit has happened to me WAY too many times in this incarnation alone!!

This growth took me three months, to heal with her. And she never once tried to push it after I told her to just back the heck off. She had HER lesson that you can't 'push things' on people, even your full incarnation here on earth...

Hex Box One

My boy had me take him to the computer store because his 'controller' didn't work. He has two. We have spent about fifty dollars in double A batteries, with him 'trying to fix the problem'.

I understand nothing about the gaming system, and I don't wish to know. I don't like any of it.

We are 'apple family'...when it comes to computers...yes?

Well the guy was friendly and offered to help, but he took the controller and walked away as if to prove it was not broken but it still worked...'we get this all the time'.

He missed a SUPER important point:  my son is his best customer and he made him feel like shit

Anthony spent his own money to buy himself the system for Christmas. He traded in his old console, all his games, and used everything he had to buy it. He was devastated the controller didn't work.

All it took was a little kindness, and compassion on the employee's part to us...instead it felt like we were one big problem-solving 'selfie' situation for the guy!

Gently, I explained to him we were used to exceptional Customer Service, and what he did wasn't the point, it was the eye contact, the turning of the back, and the belittling my son.

Problem SOLVED! Customer lost didn't have to be that way.

We came home, and I videotaped us putting the batteries into the controller, and Anthony doing what the man said to do. It worked.

This is a SUPER important learning point for you Aspiring Ascended Masters--timing is everything--a soul's development is riding on it.

We never ever tell someone they are 'wrong'...we let them approach us, we keep to the information, not the emotions, and we give the person 'room' to 'come around'...

Suggested Reading from Today's Creator Writings

your enemies are ADORABLE

I kid you not on this one. As your heart fills with LOVE and GRATITUDE and the energies of Ascension, your once 'enemies' appear to you to be very mixed up, missing the boat (the whole Ascension Love Tsunami), and almost pathetic because of it.  Just as hairstyles change, hemlines adjust to what is in fashion...your heart is absolutely FILLED with love and respect for your 'enemies', and even a little bit of 'gratitude' for the lesson they taught you.

As the timeline splicing which is taking place for all inhabitants on Gaia continues, the past 'was' but 'doesn't carry with it the pain'...only the LOVE remains.

You will find 'loving thy enemy' is very easy to do, and in fact, they really are ADORABLE and you just can't help but love them with your whole heart.

A Character Reference

One brave soul contacted me with such diplomacy, she was asked to 'give a character reference' for some of the people involved in my 'lessons'--Koothoomi I love and have worked with for about two years, and Metatron, who I am just 'coming around' to enjoying him after whatever misunderstandings took place.

I can see him, and hear him, but I don't feel his energy much.

I just look with delight at the little globe on my Pandora bracelet, and touch it, and am so pleased and touched to know 'he cares enough to send it' for me...


My mother-in-law (we never married, but Mana) does internet business. There are two places she won't ship, because 'nothing ever arrives' to the customer.

I sent to bracelets to Mexico. These lovely readers had to wire money here--it's the way it's done in this beautiful country.

But I wasn't sure about the mail. I sent two bracelets and a vogel crystal...I didn't know if it would make it through customs or whoever checks packages.

I asked Angels to protect it.

It took two months for this--surprisingly enough--when I made the bracelets they had the colors and energy of Spring in them, and I had wondered why!--but now it's Spring, everything arrived safely.

This is a lesson itself in Trust with our global neighbors, and their postage systems...and to remember to ask angels to assist you with everything you need their protection with.


This is my Carla.
I love everything about her.

You must excuse us. Anthony has his basketball game. I am going to go watch.

I interact with him, and he does with me.  I adore him.


Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins