Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gaia News Brief 4.3.2015

Ross Called It

He said I would be busy. He wasn't joking. I did ten cases yesterday, with three rapid sequence intubations (full stomach--only for emergencies).  I ate, a little, but also, I had some significant delays due to surgeons not being able to show up. One even cancelled a case after we waited for him for one hour...

I remember going from one case to the next, thinking, 'I would really like to be free to think my own thoughts...for just a few minutes...'

It was a good day, nice patients, nice colleagues, but LONG.

I slept in until ten a.m. this morning. By some fluke, I randomly had the day off. I needed it.

The Housewife

Today was a very strange 'shift' in my consciousness. I cleaned. I organized. Not everything, but with ease I cleaned some piles that my son actually noticed and said, 'It looks good mom!'...

What was strange was I did it in like, way faster than usual. I had clarity. And the things I found! I found the missing camera cable I've turned the house over, looking for it. I found some of mom's old oranges she'd given us, that we never unpacked. It was a good plastic bag that held it. It explained the 'bergamot' type odor that had been in the kitchen. With disgust, I threw it in the big trash. Nothing was harmed.

Off-handedly, I made the comment to Anthony, while he was doing his homework, 'Why am I doing this? When I wasn't able to before? What's going on with me?'

Ross told him that I am a housewife.

I was like, 'I am a WHAT?!' and yet, deep inside, I felt truth, and something very tight inside me relaxed a little...

Ross told Anthony that because I graduated from medical school, I probably couldn't figure it out. I would have a hard time...

Nothing would please me more than to be a housewife to Ross and Anthony. 

It would be my greatest dream come true.


Major things went on today.

In summary--Gaia opened her heart chakras to every individual on the planet, and joined hers with them.  The energy drain was so severe on her being, that emergency stoppage of the process took place.

The connections are still intact. But only YOUR energy can flow to Gaia now. Hers cannot be drained further by humanity with all it's 'collective vibration'.

When you get a chance, if your cup if full enough to share, she might use a little lovingkindness from your heart to hers.

It was a  rough day.


Today at the therapist for Anthony, I realized that there is no 'safe harbor' with my career. And that further, a lot of my future has to be 'decided' in just about as long as it took from my end of training to here, about fifteen years--up the road ahead until I am sixty five.

You see, my specialty is undergoing rapid changes. Huge ones. And what I learned to do and have been doing needs some new skill sets.

Further, all the good things I had coming out of residency--academic strength--isn't as important in the workplace of private practice. Corners are to be cut, and money is to be made.

Add to that the sleep deprivation, the lack of meals, the stress, the infighting in my group, the holiday calls, the weekends...I'm not so sure I want to do this any more...

But I have to. I have to support our family.

My therapist was really nice. And she talked about how in her specialty, things are changing rapidly too. How the insurance companies expect behavioral changes by, for example, twenty weeks, and then (she brushes her hands like getting the dust off them) 'you're CURED'.

She said the insurance companies understand that for the more severe things, this isn't possible. But it's all about the money...

I was proud of myself for facing some tough challenges because of some tax and business concerns that I had wanted to ignore, but am facing. I had a 'fine' I paid once, then the post office told me it was a fraud and sent the check back, now I got ANOTHER fine for the same amount. Was it phishing? I didn't know.

But this time I was hopeful, and resolved to work my way through.

My higher self showed herself to me when I was walking down the stairs to my car. I stopped, startled, and saw her with my mind's eye, not like a person--she was THERE in spirit and had never shown herself to me like that before. She told me 'you will be so happy'--twice. And she kissed me, two times, right on the lips, like an Auntie would do. 

Gig Harbor

A friend of mine is selling her house, moving back home to Seattle, and gave notice at work.

She has a Twin, who does excellent work helping to open doors for her.

She can't believe how amazing her latest job offer is--exactly what she wanted and needed!

I think she is co-creating and starting to manifest.

Please Forgive My Delay

Some people have recently sent kind offers to me, amazing ones. My heart is filled with gratitude and Light for these gifts.

I'm holding on the best I can.

Please forgive me for not downloading a song, for showing a color for yarn I would like--I'll get to it.

Even now, I must wake up in four hours. That's all the sleep I am going to get. And I'm not in residency any more. I'm a lot older.

Work and home have me so ragged, with the time passage 'speeding up' for Ascension, that sometimes my pets skip a day. They can--reptiles, bird and mice--because of my call they are used to it. But it's more often.

I never enjoy my garden.

Today I exercised for forty minutes and felt like a queen at the gym. I watched a travel show on Switzerland while I was on the treadmill. I would LOVE to lease a cow! You lease it, and visit it at least once, then you get all the cheese from that one cow for the year in September. It's like three hundred pounds of cheese!  If shipping were free I'd do it!


This bracelet arrived, and it was the best part of my day. The energies are wonderful.  I think it's my favorite one. Isabel Henn made it for me. It has Pegasus energy in it.


I want you to say good night. Tomorrow isn't here yet. It's another full day at work.

Carla has only worked two days this week. What was once full time is now part time, not by choice. And often the days are only one or two cases. It's not really worth it to give up the day for this...

I am working on our future, both hers and ours. And I want my little housewife to know she is pampered, well-loved, and admired very much by her husband. I am the man of the house--(he winks)--because that is the way that Carla likes it.  Carla is very feminine. Very very very feminine in her heart. It is a mother's heart.

I suspect you know that about her too.

That's why I love her so.

GOOD NIGHT everybody! (smiles big)  Carla has got to get some sleep!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla