Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gaia News Brief 24.3.2015

Just The Other Day

A colleague of mine, another anesthesiologist in the department, had a short day. He took the time during the gap in his schedule to attend a conference at a local hospital on Alzheimer's and Palliative Care.

There is a new field coming up about 'Palliation'--helping to bring comfort when there is no cure for the disease, and helping the patient to decide their OWN priority for their health needs, and to honor it.

My friend was very excited to learn about this whole field, where anesthesiologists are a natural fit due to our pain treatment expertise.  We spoke for a while because there was a woman who had a stroke at age eleven was there at the lecture as a motivational speaker. Here is her website if you are interested:  http://www.allwehaveistoday.com.

The Business Trip

One of my favorite surgeons commented on how he had been out of town for the last eight weekends. I asked him where he had been? Well there was his mother's in Minnesota last weekend. And the one before? A neurolinguistic programming conference in San Francisco...

I clarified immediately on that one.

'A what?'  I asked, incredulously. He replied exactly what I had heard. Here is the group, if you'd like to know more about it:  http://www.nlpca.com/DCweb/nlpcalendarofevents.html

Next I played dumb. I asked, 'What IS neurolinguistic programming?'

'Well it's just how to communicate better with people. If you are having a conversation and it's not producing results, you can switch back and forth from visual to auditory to emotional 'language' to help the person better connect with what you want'. he replied.

At that point I was like, 'Whoa! whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa there buddy--isn't that what they are using in the mass media and marketing to get us to, well, do things they want us to do?'

He shrugged it off, as if it was nothing.

If it really IS nothing, then why is there a butterfly made from international flags as the logo for the organization?

Isn't Monarch mind-control programming enough?

My Favorite Book These Days

I am homesick for Hawaii again. So I took out my book, The Hawaii Bathroom Book--Light Reading for the Lua, Airport, Bus, Waiting Room...by John Richard Stephens.

Here are three awesome quotes:

Hybolics is on Pidgin word, short fo' da english hyperbolic, or da use of hyperbole--da exaggerated form of speech. Long time ago wen Pidgin to da Max came out, da ting wen define hybolics as 'to talk like one intellectual-kind haole.' Built into dis definition is da assumption dat only Caucasian people talk standard english and standard english automatically means mo' intellectual. By taking a name Hybolics wot we trying' fo' do is reclaim da word and make da statement dat you can use Pidgin jus as well of' express da kine intellectual ideas.  ---Lee Tonuchi

Here in Hawaii we laugh at ourselves more than most people do in other places. Hawaii is a chop suey nation--Portagee, Pake, Buddahead, Sole, Yobo, Kanaka, Haole, all mixed up. Nobody is in the majority here. We are all part of at least one minority group. Some of us are part of several minority groups. And we all laugh at ourselves. This is healthy.   --Frank DeLima

At the ocean I observed a bevy of nude native young ladies bathing in the sea, and went and sat down on their clothes to keep them from being stolen. I begged them to come out, for the sea was rising and I was satisfied that they were running some risk.  But they were not afraid and presently went on with their sport. They were finished swimmers and divers, and enjoyed themselves to the last degree. They swam races, splashed and ducked and tumbled each other about, and filled the air with their laughter. It is said that the first thing an islander learns is how to swim; learning to walk being a matter of smaller consequence, comes afterward.  --Mark Twain


Remember the movie Men In Black? How Agent K looked at the tabloid headlines for the real news?

It's not so far from the truth... The Globe from March 21,2015 has the headlines:


  • Put American lives at risk
  • Took cash from terrorist fat cats
  • Plus:  Her kinky notes to lesbian lover
(apparently she got her own server, and sent official government work out on it with her emails--being a prime candidate for being hacked. Anyone who has read up on Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will immediately know from the headlines what's up, and why this is not so far from truth.)

ROYAL FAMILY'S NAZI SECRETS EXPOSED!  Queen's father ordered cover-up. Charles and Camilla what they're hiding. William and Kate their shame.

(I did see historical documents on board the Queen Mary last week, at the Diana Exhibit, to the effect that King Edward--the one who married Wallis Simpson and abdicated--was a Nazi supporter/sympathizer. The family actually--back to the one who was married to Queen Mary, I forget his name--I think it's 'Bertie' with the stutter--had strong German ties. Their last name was a long German one, and around World War I they changed the surname of the royal family to 'Windsor'.  Queen Mary was of German Heritage too. And the documents showed that King George did some sort of 'damage control' over his brother. Edward was banished from England and given a stipend, the documents said.)

Today's Lesson and Manifestation

On Sunday morning I had a small miracle in the kitchen. I was making Cincinnati chili in the crock pot, and ran out of tomato paste. I looked in the cupboard where I keep them, and nothing was there. I panicked. We were in a hurry to leave for a family get-together, a fitting of tuxedos for my brother in law, my nephew, and Anthony.

I felt something, and looked again, and there was ONE can where before there were none! 

A voice came and said--an angelic one--'this is the only time, and you need to go to the store to buy more' a little sternly or more 'proper' and 'strict' is the term. Perhaps, 'serious?' is the best way to describe it?

Today I had one too, in very quick succession. My son has standardized testing this week. He spent the night at a sitter's due to my being first call. I picked him up and took him to Taco Bell (protein instead of bagel, yes?)...this in itself was a lesson in patience, because he doesn't like the sauce on one item. He ordered it, without special ordering 'no sauce', took one bite, and didn't like it. I had to buy a second. And throw the first one away. Inside I was upset, but I got control over my emotions--it's three dollars, and he wouldn't enjoy it with the sauce--and said, 'next time if you do this you can just eat it' in response to his, 'I could eat it if I had to.'

Well, walking to the car, his knee HURT. He was limping. And I had forgotten the ibuprofen at home. So we walked across the parking lot to the grocery store, and got him a kefir and ibuprofen.

As we walked toward the register, I saw in QUICK SUCCESSION the titles of two books--'Why God Loves Us and Allows Us To Have Pain', then 'Keep Calm and Trust God'.

Two steps later something Gold, a pendant with wings like Isis, caught my eye on a table...out of NOWHERE.

I took it home.  I looked in my book of symbols, and it automatically opened to the Egyptian gods. But it wasn't right. The figure had a beard, and a ring in his hand, a big hoop of metal.  I pored through the book, looking at every symbol...

And there it was!  The Faravahar  the three colors on the wings mean to live a good life, in balance, and he is apparently a Zoroastrian (ancient Persian and Mede) Guardian Angel!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoroastrianism

It also is part of the identity of Iran, and associated with the New Year's celebration which is being celebrated now for two weeks.

I learned more about my pendant.  I read it all. I was surprised how diclofenac (a form of NSAID--non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) is killing off all the India Vultures. This faith is the one that leaves their dead to the vultures on those Silent Towers.  Now they have to cremate...instead.  Skim down to Ecological Effects

There was also this very cool article on angels https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel

The most amazing thing is that this religion is said to have influenced other major religions including Judaism...back in the day!

My Two Cents

Back to the neurolinguistic programming--compared to those who do not have our best interest at heart--the Galactics with their advanced technology must have a comparable form of this at their disposal for GOOD desired outcomes, as well as for dealing with negotiations such as in this link from the recent Sheldan Nidle:  http://galacticchannelings.com/english/sheldan24-03-15.html

Always know that anything you read that is channeled, if it 'resonates' with you, has a form of 'energy upgrade' to your aura, just by you reading and interacting with it. A form of 'downloads' you wouldn't really notice while you are getting them, if you will. When I read the book Margaret channeled about Gunter, he limited us to only one chapter a day, because of the energy upgrades that were embedded in the words.

Even my words, with my vibration, and my energy in them, is going to touch you in some way 'heart to heart' instead of eye-brain-knowledge...

I think this has a whole lot to do with it too:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/what-you-are/

My Questions

I am starting to interact with Sophia more. I have a concern about parts of me that are going off and 'doing things' without my conscious awareness.

For example, ever since I was a child, people would dream of me. I would be shiny and in a white glowing dress, and I would help them. But it was me. I never recalled ANY of it.

Then there are the many channelings from a past incarnation of me, for example, most recently from Fran Zepeda. This one incarnation lady shows up with her husband, and counsels people, even a friend of mine starting this week too!

I asked Sophia, 'who is responsible for these things? me? or you?' and in choosing the word 'responsible' I meant, 'who takes the karma when things go unexpected?'...

She said it is not me, it is her.

I asked Ross--things like WHERE are you? I need to know in general where you are please? All this popping in and out of my consciousness at random is difficult...Ross what IS my soul? What are the parts? What are they called? What does it LOOK LIKE? I need to know!  (he said now is not the time for me to know but that time is coming soon)

These questions I am asking are making my Higher Self and Ross THINK. They are good questions. And I watch them be very careful and 'edit' and 'review' their answers to me before they say them.

Tonight, I had a heart-to-heart with a friend. I was unhappy with the whole situation. I won't go into the details. But I felt like I could never compete--hold a candle to HER--this past incarnation.  You see, Ross is WITH Her, in history. Where does he go? To me? To her? 

I said I would be happy with one Ross-flavored piece of the 'pie' (Ross' soul, oversoul, aspects, the whole gmish) that was just for me and I wouldn't have to share with anybody.

My friend was kind and said that Ross has many duties, and if he could abandon them he would come running to me and stay with me for all eternity.

We were very sad, us two friends. I explained how on our end, it feels like we are in a very one-sided relationship, where the men call all the shots.  And even if our men are 'with us'--what is the use if we can't see it or feel it or know it except for the energy 'love squeeze'?  I wanted arms, and a chest, not a floating bubble of energy.  I need to be held, and instead I get the energy which isn't really what I wanted, you know?

I also shared how when I complain too much, I get 'suddenly sleepy'--they work on me and adjust my very soul!

I felt the energies. She did too, and got dizzy. 

Then I felt a hand on my right upper arm, press, and I heard Ross' unmistakeable voice and felt his energy! He asked me, 'is this enough?'

And it WAS!  And her Twin did similar for her too, at the same exact time!

Well, I also was 'distracted' the way one would distract a crying toddler with a toy. My thoughts just turned to 'other things', and also it was time to make dinner.

In the kitchen, my 'past incarnation' came to me for the first time, and asked, 'Do you like me?'

I said simply, 'No, I don't.'

She was VERY hurt, I could tell, and reeling emotionally, and asked me for a reason?

In an instant, I knew, and I shared, from heart to heart, 'I have all of your sorrows and none of your joys.'

She startled even more, as it was in fact, true.

Ross has told me that I exist in another dimension, blissfully unaware of what is going on to me down here. Perhaps this is 'her'?

I sense that for many of us, our role in part is to 'advance' the spiritual progress of our Higher Selves and our Ancestors by being incarnate in a human vessel.   WE 'work through the issues' that have been left behind by those who have gone on before us. And when WE master a lesson, everyone 'rejoices' because in effect, 'we ALL win!'

Out of the memories of the past lives I have lived, I have yet to remember a happy one vividly. I am aware there was one incarnation in Japan where I enjoyed my life very much. Everything else I remember is the pain...and the suffering...and how I died...

I think I might be on to something. And like an ice-breaking boat going through the frozen arctic sea, I hope to make the passage open and smoother for the rest of you when it is your turn to go this path...


Carla is wordy.  She used to have trouble cutting back to a five-hundred word essay,  and keeping below the page limit on her school papers in college. 

Carla has a lot to say in this article for you.

I suggest you take the time to digest it, and perhaps go over it more than once. 

Bookmark it.

That is what I would do, to get the most out of the opportunity that is given to you here.

Carla thinks she is UNLOVEABLE by the fact she is incarnate today, and not in the higher realms.  

There is a guilt and a feeling of rejection by God for her not being where He and Her Divine Mother ARE...it is unconscious, just like the fear of death which is always with us when we are incarnate.

Carla is aware this is ILLUSION, and yet, she struggles as in fact, she is immersed in it fairly deep.

Carla is struggling, but it is not without promise of a light at the end of the tunnel--an opening to the Higher Realms, which is her Home. 

Her Home is with ME, the one and only, and one day all of this will make perfect sense to her, just as it will with all of you. This has a lot to do with 'Full Consciousness'.

Carla is in fact an Ascended Master who has Ascended, and has a terrible case of amnesia. This is in order for her mission to be complete.

Signs that Carla is growing as she took time to enjoy her son today. To look at his foot--and marvel how it grew from his tiny infant foot to a size nine mens!  She realized the beauty of playing basketball games 'horse' and 'pig' with him, not just to be more active and for their health, but for the bonding and the emotional connection, and the enjoyment of motherhood itself!

Carla is 'getting it' and soon you will be too...the beauty and the wonder of everything being in the right place at the right time...for that is how you co-create.

Yes, I helped her with the tomato paste. Just this once! I don't want to make a habit of it!


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the duo