Friday, March 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 19.3.2015

Happy St. Joseph's Day

The patron saint of my mother's town in Sicily, San Biagio Platani, is San Giuseppe.  March 19 is always a special day for us; we have great love for him and his protection for the family.  Back 'home', there was always a celebration and parade.

Here in Southern California the Swallows Come Back To Capistrano. This is San Juan Capistrano. Locals know that the birds actually prefer the shopping mall up the freeway more than the old mission. And many shops in the area have special netting put up to prevent the swallows from building their unique mud nests under the eaves of the buildings, and then soiling customers with their abundant droppings...

I Am A 'Grandmother'

Local birds here, I'm not sure what kind, sparrows perhaps?--have made their nest under the eaves of my porch for years. They peep and fly about feeding the hungry little mouths.

When they fixed the wood and repainted the area, quickly before the workers arrived, I took down the next of twigs and soft fibers, and saved it. It was gently returned after the workers were done.

Nobody came to use the nest for several years.

Yesterday I heard a  peeping sound, and actually took a video of the front door so we could hear the sounds of the babies forever.

It Took Too Long!

These are the words of my patient, who had a lump the size of a golf ball to be 'biopsied' right above the clavicle.

A sweet woman, and not medically astute, she went from 'one doctor to the next' trying to get diagnosed.

By the time she came to us for her biopsy, tumor had encased the great blood vessels and the bronchi; she could barely speak to catch her breath.

She knew she had not been given the right tests soon enough; she still told her friends it's not cancer...

Know matter what our society tells us about 'health care'--people know.

Several of the latest Divine Healing Codes were given to us from Divine Mother yesterday to help people like the woman I describe.


Pets are awakeners. I came to this conclusion some time ago. On our page, and now our group, Team Doctors With Reiki, animals are treated like humans as far as the Reiki Requests are concerned. We treat everyone.

Sometimes, people are a little more willing to help an animal in distress, than a human.

This is okay.

It is the unconditional LOVE which these companion animals have given which has opened the hearts and souls of their humans enough to raise the vibrations to be compatible with Ascension.

So if you have a fur baby (of in my case, feather baby and scales babies)--be sure to thank them for their steadfast devotion to raising the vibration everywhere they are, and for their courage to endure sometimes even the worst of conditions, to light LOVE into the darkest of places spiritually on earth.

I Hear You

Two days ago, some Aboriginal shamans were playing the diggerdidoo (I don't know how to spell it) and they accidentally summoned the spirit of Gaia. They saw Her. And she chose not to interact because it was a first time to experience this.

Gaia is cautious.

Last night, a woman's voice, from her soul, was heard loud and clear. She said, 'Gaia I love you!!'

Over the last week, Gaia has been intensively 'connecting' with Her People.

She has connected her Heart Chakra to that of every living being on earth. She has called for New Leadership, to awaken and summon the new leaders to their places. And She has sent Healing from Her heart to your and everyone else's...

One day it will be a chorus of singing that never ends and never grows dull or repetitive...of people awakening to their deepest Love and Gratitude to Her.


Metatron and I are now 'okay'. We have 'patched things up'.

Thoth, I'm not so sure about, I would be friendly and pleasant if face to face, but if I had the chance to walk across the street to avoid running into him I most certainly would.

Sananda was brought up by another Lightwkrker yesterday. I was asked, 'Is my HIGHEST SELF Sananda?'

Sananda is one of my buttons I don't like to get pushed.

I avoid any channeling from 'Sananda' like the plague because some of the most corrupted, low-vibration channeled messages come from 'him'.

I told this Lightwkrker 'Sananda can kiss my butt!' basically--but I would work with him if I needed to do so for the Team, our team.

Well Sananda came to me. I wanted Ross to hold my hand, I didn't want to be alone with Sananda. Ross came, hand only.

Then Sananda lay on his belly in front of me.  I was told by Ross to tell him to 'get up!' after I mentally decided Sananda could lay there forever and lingered a little too long with the Galactic tribute to me.

After that Sananda got up, and there was this LONG pause. He wanted me to do the same to him! I couldn't. I told him I forgive him and ask his forgiveness of me; I want a new start between us. I am sorry for my 'judgement' the same time, I am NOT fully Galactic, I don't have to follow expectation or social norm, and I don't know him from Adam.

I only pay homage like that to my Twin, which he isn't, as far as I know, and the Highest Self is just to complex for me to fathom. I will stay with Sophia, my Higher Self, and call it a day, thank you very much.

Sophia's Gift

I was given a second gift, like the first one I took from the Treasure Box (the timeline splicer).

This was a mystery. It was thick and like an old antique alarm clock and gold, with writing on it I didn't understand.

She gave it to me this week, I'm not sure when, I think perhaps on Monday.

She told me it will stop Time. And that they would do this next after the clearings are complete of the inhabitants of Gaia.

_I asked would people be stuck in the dark or in Winter? She said no, not to worry. The airports might get mixed up a little at first, but no one would get hurt.

Yesterday I went to meet an old friend from medical school who lives in Houston at the California Adventure. I was delighted to meet her twins, Paul and Elena, who were seven.

With Anthony gone I 'felt' there was an assignment, but I wasn't sure what or why.

Early in the day I saw a celtic cross on a woman's necklace, and it was gold and caught my eye like important spirit things do.

At the center of a Celtic Cross, time stands still.

I realized in the park at the Cathay Circle is something very close to a Celtic Cross, and I know the 'builders' who designed the park are really 'into' stuff like that.

So after I said goodbye to my friends (I have to work)--I went to Mulholland Fountain and noted the pyramids on top of the posts. I was guided to put my hand on it, and say something to the effect of claiming all these works for Gaia (and her People)--that they can only transmit GOOD and LIGHT to families as they 'claim' to do (but those who study know more and we don't need to go into that).

Then Sophia bid me to throw her gift into the waters of the fountain--it is a Spirit gift--and I threw it with my Light Body.

The time-stopping device activated--gears and springs and things popped out of it, making it twice its size, and it started to move like a swiss watch workings...

After that, greatly relieved, Ross wanted me to go buy something special for 'The conquest'.

I don't EVER use that word...

And That park sells mostly junk.

But sure enough, there was a park exclusive Pandora bead meant for me.

And on it is the year, 2015...

This is why some of these things are mentioned...and match...this post...who had no way of knowing what happened. I only told one person, Isabel Henn, in confidence, and she does not write these posts or know the people who write them.

Ross will give another message today. I didn't hear my alarm. And it said six but it's early. I've written for thirty minutes, and I need to be at the hospital in thirty minutes from now.

Anthony returns home. I am greatly looking forward to this.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc