Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gaia News Brief 22.3.2015

My Last Test

On the way home from a family get-together, Anthony had the feeling to go to a certain mall. Ross nudged him, but not me.

I drove three or four exits past it, and decided to turn around.

Anthony explained how what happened yesterday was my last test.  And because his higher self let him get hurt yesterday for this lesson, both of us would get a gift.

I passed my test.

I kept it together when Anthony got hurt on the basketball court. And I did what I had to do to help him ice and stop the pain. I wrote a heartfelt letter to the director of the league program, asking why a 'club team' who is particularly aggressive is allowed to play a Y team which is a whole different level of competition?

(I mentioned it to my sister, who said, 'kids do that these days, isn't it strange?'--they are very overly competitive...)

I asked the director as a mom, to reflect on my son's future in basketball. If this agressiveness IS what basketball has to offer, my boy might as well sign up for football, because he has the build for it, and gets to wear protective padding in play!

I told him to please not offer apologies, but to answer with his heart, and let me know what to do as a concerned mom, who is the daughter of someone who loved basketball very much, and hoped her boy's interest in the sport was a living tribute to his grandfather who is deceased.

Once Anthony explained the test was over, I started crying.  It was brutal. I'd stopped my dance because of a torn ACL, and limited my activities beyond ballet after it was reconstructed. No tennis. No skiing or snowboarding. Just dance--and boy did I love dancing and was thrilled when Blessed Mother had told me at a stoplight after my injury that 'one day you will dance again'!

That was my miracle!

To see Anthony go through that, and to have a loved one in pain and suffering (like Ross did so many years ago--lifetimes ago--for us), to know my insurance is so awful even an MRI would set me back a thousand dollars, never mind the surgery, and to just reassure him as best as I could that 'everything would be all right'---took an emotional toll.

It was a MEAN test! It was a MEAN test! I exclaimed with release of the terror and shock from the whole thing. (on the radio Coldplay played 'I will fix you'--no accident).

I was reassured I had passed. And that we each would get a gift.

We used the restrooms at Sears, and were told to 'go up'. At the jewelry counter was a sixty percent off sale. And Anthony noted Pompeii was playing --Ross' song.  I got a replacement for the earring I had lost, an open heart, and it had blue and white diamonds on it (created, and also sterling, not gold)--and a necklace to match.

Anthony looked all over the mall, and got Kyrie 1's, basketball shoes, that were just released yesterday. He wants to play now! Go to the gym!

Anthony said Ross said the surprise had been planned for five hundred years! And I had just enough cash in my wallet from a miracle cash case last call--to pay for both.

Ross really did treat us.


(he smiles and blushes a little, with pride, for his good deed to us).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla