Monday, March 9, 2015

Gaia News Brief 9.3.2015

Update On Team Mati मति

Today was a changing day for Team Mati मति.  We have really hit things off! People are playing, the play is smooth. The emoticon 'menu' is now simplified  There is a Tab up at the top of the blog if you wish to know more about the game to 'train your intuition'--it's really fun and I'd love for you to play!

Once we get really good, we are going to need three administrators to 'supervise the playing field' and help us open it up to our friends--keeping it a closed group for just a little longer before we go 'public'.

If you are interested, please PM me on Doctors With Reiki on FB.

Update on Team Doctors With Reiki

There was a misunderstanding today that led to hurt feelings for many of our team, and this made Ross and I sad.

What he have now in the interest of Healing, is enhanced Guidelines For Healers. This is a 'Form' that is listed at the top of the group page on FB. 

Although the Mission (statement is also saved as a Form) is simple, it is also very strict--the focus is on the Healing Requests, and nothing else besides the Updates. If a 'general request Healing' is posted, it is permitted to have 'overflow Reiki' to the group. Ross, Archangel Raphael, and Divine Mother is supporting this page. To keep the vibration at its very highest, our focus is to be like a laser targeted on the Healing Requests. Ross has also requested the appointment of an administrator to help; I can't see every post the group makes. 

The photo of the day above is a dog in England who had a heart problem, what was like a miracle in response to the Reiki Request. 

Let us have more miracles like this as a result of the work of our team!


Ross talks through Anthony and to Anthony a lot. Today he said that it would be about two years before we reunite.

Tears instantly came to my eyes, but I kept driving.

Anthony asked, 'What's wrong mom?'

I said, 'It's Ross. I MISS him!' then I found my composure. I said, resolute, 'I will do what I signed up to do and I will be brave about it. I won't cry.'

I didn't think it would be two years. But I started waking up in late 2009. I took the Reiki classes in 2010 and 2011. Then I started REALLY blogging daily with my 'pace' in June 2012. Here it is, March 2015.

These things take time.

My MOM is really starting to wake up. She is distancing herself from her 'Political Activism' (I think the Republikin (spelled bad on purpose to hide under the radar) groups just want her financial support and have her sign things...she is watching yoga on TV. Her energy is higher vibration. She is more philosophical. She says how 'Life is a school' and as Aunt Annette once said, 'No one is spared (their lessons)'.  She even said today that, 'Some people might LOOK like they have an easy life but no one knows for sure what they are going through...' 

Mom says we should smile more, we should relax on our troubles because most work out by themselves in the long run, and that we should forgive one another. 

This is my MOM!!!

So consider 'most of humanity' where I was around 2009. The awakening, the growth as a collective, will accelerate because the 'path' has been already made by the 'forerunners' like me and you.

Ross says he will be next to me the day Anthony begins Middle School.


Divine Father came and asked me why I am upset? I told him I didn't want to be a baby about it, but I feel like a piece of me is missing and I really want it back...I confided this to him.

Instantly he threw up.

He felt my pain, and understood it, and reacted at once.

I would never stop throwing up if I let myself think about the situation I am in--incarnate, stuck here on Gaia as Ground Crew, and waiting for others to awaken--far from my Star Family I love.

I signed up for this. I will be strong. I will do what I was sent here to do.

The Divine Healing Codes

If you haven't had an opportunity, please click on the tab at the top of the page to see the newly-reorganized lists.  It is designed to make looking up a code simpler.  So far the feedback is encouraging. All new codes will be added to this list. Bookmark it for safekeeping!


That is my video to Carla.  The words are important for me to say to her. I tell her 'Aloha'. She looks up things she doesn't know. And for some reason looking it up here on the blog YouTube link--no songs can play and be heard. (It is because I blocked it). Then she looks on the regular youTube site. And Anthony said to her, 'Mom! The one Ross wants is the one with the asian writing'.

So Carla plays. And she listens. She never will put up a video she hasn't tested first for herself.

And in the middle, Carla found my message to her.

She knows it is me, because I can find the English she can understand in the middle of a Korean TV show.

Our message to you, is that the type of people in the audience are who we have to work with, our target--the portion of humanity who enjoys this kind of programming--the competition, the judging, the appearances, as a GROUP collective.

It is fun for them.

And now we get to 'help them awaken'.

That is what you including Carla are sent here to do.

If I were to show up, on stage, in one of those doors, would anyone believe what I am and why I am sent? Not on your life. They would think it is a hoax.

That is the safest maneuver those who do not have our best interest at heart (notice I no longer capitalize the name)--is to make fun of me and everything I represent, to have duplication and distraction. So I am out of the game at this moment.

I am the 'ace in the hole' in some people's mind--just walk me out of a UFO and the game is over.

It isn't that simple.

What we achieve is highly effective. Like a snowball and an avalanche, it will start rolling down the hill and gain momentum.

Then everyone will know and understand who I am, who our Team is, who you are (including yourselves! you are very highly accomplished as healers in your own right!)...and what we are sent to do.

If Carla's mother can 'open up', the rest of the world is not far behind to follow.

I love you.

I thank you for your courage, for your commitment, and for your support of Carla and my cause.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Ross and Carla