Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gaia News Brief 28.3.2015

Rest and Recreation-- R & R

Today was a good day to just relax. Anthony is with his father until tomorrow.  I went to see a play, and 'get some culture'. It was a fantastic production of the musical Legally Blonde, all with high school his debut, one of my bariatric surgeons.

The time flew by.

And as an extra surprise, the woman who was the usher when I came in, asked, 'Are YOU Carla?!'--she was my friend in medical school who was from the area, and married, and became a pediatrician. I recognized her at once and asked who is in the play she knows? It was her daughter, a dancer...

Here is a sample of my favorite song from a different play--from another production just to get you in the mod for musical theater.:

On the way home, I thought about the similarities between the production company founder (the wife) and the doctor (the husband)...they both help people to make their dreams come true!

All of the young people in the production were in HEAVEN to perform to their family and friends. You could tell they had worked very hard on their roles. Everyone knew their lines, and everyone glowed with delight while they were onstage.

Even the surgeon, who was nervous to have a solo and to not only act but to sing...

Personally, I LIKED the idea of a medical professional singing and acting. I think it is good for us to do something new, and to take us outside of our comfort zone when it comes to creativity...

All in all it was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to perhaps taking my mom or my sister and niece, or even Anthony, to some of the future events!

A Visit With Koot Hoomi

He came to me while I was driving to the basketball game for Anthony. This was the first time there was a lot of traffic, and a galactic helped me to navigate my way. It was SaLuSa, actually, who flashed an image of what freeways and exits to take. And sure enough, I only missed about sixteen minutes of the game.

Back to Koot Hoomi, the Healing Arts Ascended Master...after formalities and pleasantries, he told me what he came to do--to explain the Soul and Incarnations.

It is like the Russian Dolls which 'nest' inside one another. Instead of being different 'sizes', our incarnations fit together as one doll across TIME. There are 'shells' of different incarnations always with us, only we can't see them usually, unless we really focus and meditate...

He also said it is like the rings of a tree, which form as the tree grows--it is always a tree--the consciousness, the 'spark' of YOU. It is always alive, and always always always learning.

The pool of Solomon in Bethlehem

Working With Your Mind-Body-Spirit

Again, I want to emphasize the importance of rest!

I listen to my body. There are energy upgrades happening for me, right and left. I have had tingles in my whole body, especially the legs, for two days straight. I 'sense' there is 'a lot of work' being done. When I was at the theater, I was distracted, and didn't notice it. 

If you have Meniere's disease, where your ears ring all the time--you would know what it's like to have a constant 'thing' going on with you...that's the closest I can imagine to the downloads and energy upgrades--like automatic healing attunements in Reiki--that go on intermittently, sometimes for days at a time. 

When I have had a hard time at work, or perhaps like tonight when I am missing Anthony--I am KIND to myself.

I am gentle.

In the past, I used to force myself to work on my 'to do' list, to the point of exhaustion.  Now I rest.

Mother used to have a saying, 'If it doesn't cry, it can wait'...what things are YOU doing, that can wait? Probably a lot more than you might realize.

So take a moment to enjoy life, to enjoy Nature, to enjoy those you love...Anthony's team won today. It was a first. I was happy to be there at the gym watching him play basketball.

He kind of did his best to ignore me. The pressure on him from his father is intense--he can't contact me or even talk about me when he is with his father on their weekend together. It's as if I don't exist.

It was very painful to see him go, in the other car, after the game. I know my son. And to see him afraid to even wave at me, except a little quick one, is sad.

I mentioned it to Aimee, the mom who had the pendant of the Jewish Priest Breast Plate I posted a while back...and HER ex lives across the street from her. Sometimes her son asks if his dad can come for dinner?  She agrees. She says 'it is through the love of Jesus that we are able to function as co-parenting moms, isn't it?'

I smiled.

Her love story is the best story I ever heard--she and her current husband met at a drug deal. Both of them were going to kill themselves. Instead they found love! Both are now clean and sober, and have a wonderful marriage...

Isn't it amazing what can happen?


Carla is my rose. And she is blossoming as we speak. She is absorbing so much energy, like the flower drinks in the sunshine in order to bloom.

When the time is right, your blossoming will take place.

There is no rush--there is a beautiful quote from 'The Little Prince' about his Rose that comes to mind on this...

Everything is in the right place, and all of you are ready! You are just as prepared as all of those lovely children (adolescents) were for that play that Carla saw.

You KNOW it!

Only you can't REMEMBER. (taps his head--ed).  It is because of the amnesia that was installed for you to be able to complete your missions and assignements that you volunteered for so long ago.

It is OKAY not to know why on Earth you are here!

It is OKAY not to understand your past lives, or your purpose!


Because your SOUL understands, and your SOUL is guiding you, and all of us are guiding you too. And WE drop hints like you can't imagine...flashes of insight and inspiration are how we 'speak'.

So remember to be quiet enough to hear them. Don't be too distracted by your thoughts and 'to do' -- for Me I have a 'honey do' list that is from Carla (laughs and smiles --ed) ..but when you meditate, you quiet your mind, and all of that is easier to 'come in'.

Those of you who watch TV, try to watch a little less of it. Turning it off completely will help to open you up so you can hear your guides a lot better. It gets you less caught up in 'other things' that are distracting from your purpose.

Enjoy some time in Nature, and you will improve your connection to us too.

We will remind you, so when it is your time to act, you won't miss it.  We are like the stage mothers and dads who help with the production off-stage, and coach you with your lines, and also help you dress for the quick costume changes...and YOU are the stars of the production! You are doing a fantastic job, whether you know it or not.

And I and all my associates right now are applauding for YOU.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla