Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gaia News Brief 11.3.2015

The Nitty Gritty

I work on several projects from Spirit. I have worked with Raphael for the Divine Healing Codes, as one example. One of my newest projects is to work with Metatron.

Many people would jump at the chance.

I didn't.

Metatron was flabbergasted. Ross was explaining me, and that basically, I don't trust Metatron.

Again, Metatron was really shocked.

I told Metatron I want a symbol that I KNOW it's REALLY HIM. I've had fake ones and they really bothered me.

So I told him when he calls, I want to see him and also to have him do this:

I also said I will only talk to him if Ross is near.

Metatron agreed. So his call for me is 'More Cowbell'

Last night Metatron and Ross stopped by as I was falling asleep. I told them both my side of things:
  • Early in my spiritual awakening, at the Learning Light Center in Anaheim, a book called to me at the bookstore. It was called, the Bridge. I can't remember the name. Here is the story, under 'Getting to know my Higher Self' http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/11/gaia-news-brief-23112014.html
  • He is 'helping' one woman to Ascend and is the twin of TWO other women.
So I asked him two questions...why isn't your name ending in EL like Michael and Raphael? And, what are you going to do with those women when they find out? You're going to break their heart, and that's not right...

He is letting me write this. He says once people Ascend they will understand.

Please note I was holding Ross' hand, and also gauging Metatron's energy in his answer. 

Ross told him I will kick your butt at first but I will make a better person our of you for working with me. Metatron hadn't expected to meet Tiger Mom, but He did.

And in return, I offered my hands, my heart, my mind, and my experience as Ground Crew to help with the project, with full enthusiasm and support.

I haven't heard anything from him yet. But when I do, I won't miss it--I have a fever and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!  <3

Everyone Needs A Daily Dose of Vitamin Nature

Yesterday morning, I walked out on the wet grass in my socks, to go smell the orange blossoms.

Mom has a yard, and I asked myself, 'what happened?' I have a yard, of sorts, but not really the same as my parents, as we are in a 'housing development' with an 'association' which limits us.  I would love to have an orchard, a simple one, with fruit trees, just one of each kind...and an herb garden...and of course, flowers and vegetables.

Gradually, we have been taught to 'fear' nature in the wild, and to 'shun' it with our little patios in the condo that are 'much easier to maintain' because 'a garden is too much work'.

Who is telling you this?

Words cannot describe the JOY I felt today when I watered my plants. My aloe vera--for the first time I have ever seen in my life--is making a bloom! It has three spikes. I'm so excited to see it!

And the nectarine (I have everything in pots) was a little droopy and thirsty. So I watered it and it felt good.

This is what I enjoy.

This is my heart, my soul, my excitement, my renewal--to be in Nature and to enjoy the garden.

It is really difficult to co-create when you are stuck in traffic, or even worse, hitting every red light on the street you have to take to GET to the freeway!

That we take these beings--magnificent humans incarnate with the power to 'write their own movie script'--and have them buy their own shiny metal boxes, go inside, drive them to work, and sit some more. Then they grow fat, and have backaches.

My surgeon Dr. Berman--who has done fantastic through his heart surgery and is back to his hiking again by the way, thank you for the Reiki--said that he was told by his doctors he needed to get back surgery several years ago. Instead he lost weight and worked on his core muscles, and the back pain never returned...

He was talking today about all the nurses at another hospital where he works who have had the weight loss surgery, and 'gained it all back'...he thinks it's a warning sign about that kind of effect on people.

I also know a surgeon--OB-Gyn--who lost over one hundred pounds on the Medee-Quick (not real name for keeping under the radar) program. He played water polo for California Berkeley in college!!! He was once in EXCELLENT SHAPE. And now you can see the form once again.

Sometimes I wonder if our 'sports for kids' isn't just setting them up for obesity when they no longer use those muscle groups. I was a dancer--ballet--I absolutely LOVED it. But you can see by my weight--it collects around the leg muscles and the core I don't use...

Why aren't we out getting a little exercise in our day? In the garden? In the solarium? In the fresh air?

Why are we conditioned to go to dark rooms and watch things on screens? Why do we go into the mall and outside from Nature and all that is REAL--and of spirit--and all the realms there are--plants, animals, faeries...unicorns...?

Humans are the only people who make their own cage and pay for it.

You know, in Liberia, you don't need much money. You build your own house. And you grow your own food.  It's as simple as that. They have hospitals (not the same level of care as here though), play basketball, and enjoy being with each other...

There is so much in here, and I can't really tie it together, but it's from my heart. <3

I did it for Love

Here is a website I think you might enjoy. It is created by a woman from Liberia. http://www.ididitforluv.com

I even have a coffee mug from this website.

The Nitty Gritty, Part Two

Today, on the way to work, I was spiritually exhausted. Yesterday finding out about the timeframe for meeting Ross was really difficult.

So for today, I spoke with Divine Father, and Ross...and basically we figured out I needed a rest.  Ross alerted all his teams to my needs, so that they may take action for others like me who are starting to experience fatigue.

I basically explained that I have been working long and hard, and I needed a breather.

So for today, I was given a break.   I told Ross I need you to be strong for me! Just for today...

He asked, 'What about tomorrow? What about the day after that? And the next day?'

I agreed, I need him to be strong for me, every day, but for me to be free to do my own work and growth.

He said, 'will you be strong for me too?'

I realized that for him, I replenish him, when he is down...so just for today, I rested.

But tonight, it was time to write!

A lot is about this article: https://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/all-are-now-enveloped-and-overlighted-in-every-moment-by-the-tsunami-of-love/

I read it with interest, but quickly, during a long surgery while fully observing the monitors. As anesthesiologists, our vigilance is worse if we just sit and stare at the monitors all day and do only anesthesia tasks, which are few during very long boring cases. Reading has been shown to enhance vigilance by refreshing the mind. Today I read The Medical Letter (new drugs) on Hep C and two other brief articles.

Here is my beef about the John Smallman article--if there is a RESCUE, the victim is taken OUT of the situation, and given the basics--food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and psychological support.  Then the victim is allowed to 'take it at their own speed' with their healing. There is no timetable or expectation--and PTSD is completely understood as a potential outcome from the trauma experience.

If there is a WAR with mass casualties and suffering, AID WORKERS COME IN, and offer the basics--food, clothing, shelter, medical care and psychological support... Those devastated are allowed to 'take it at their own speed' with their rebuilding of what was lost, and healing as a community.

With this article, it isn't CLEAR what is in progress.

To be honest, I don't know how to have fun.  This is BEYOND 'feeling unworthy'.

I don't know how to have fun, because to MY experience here in 3D--which I don't like at all compared to back HOME in the higher dimensions--and I REMEMBER what it felt like to be there--in MY experience of 3D--everything you look forward to somehow turns sour and into 'a lesson'...

So when a reader made the comment of general support, 'We are all here to celebrate together'--not only do I not know HOW to celebrate in the first place, I am AFRAID to 'celebrate' because I wonder what STUPID FUCKING LESSON is going to come after that?

My first wedding? Divorce--very painful divorce.
My remarriage? Bipolar spouse, financial distress, plus verbal and emotional abuse to me.
My first child?  A custody battle and coparenting.
Graduation from medical school?  A really nice but awkward party because of my family's dysfunction after--I wasn't sure if there would be anything organized to be honest...I was ready to be forgotten, even on the morning of graduation. They would come to the ceremony, and that would be it, you know? (it was beautiful and at the Marriott, and I was totally overwhelmed and eternally grateful)

Finally I leveled with Divine Father, because he was hearing me out.

What are we going to serve to the people at this 'celebration'?

They are going to want to drink. Alcohol. And lots of it. They are not going to be like Mormons and just drink water and milk and lemonade...

And alcohol is not going to raise the energy of 5D...

Divine Father looked stricken. He knew I was right. OUR 'celebrations' on Earth don't even compare to those in Heaven. From what I have heard in channeling, the Galactics think it is cool to play celestial cultural music and join in dances together...

As a native Southern Californian, I have to admit, Galactic 'celebrations' sound 'fruity'--just--not too satisfying...

I also told Divine Father, I don't really see the soldiers celebrating the end of war like the civilians do. It's different. And many many many returning soldiers just want to go HOME and get on with their lives...what about those who just wish to spend quiet time with their family and skip the 'celebration' altogether?

So, as far as my 'official critique'--the 'author'--we all know who he is, has a 'blind spot'.

It is so very difficult to open your heart when you are hungry and sleepy and stressed...and apparently, 'this is a fever that the only prescription is LOVE'...

It's easier said than done. It's easier said than done.  It's easier said than done.

That being said, I am most thankful for the channeled message--it is better than doing nothing--and I appreciate the effort. For the most part, it is wonderful. I just with those of you 'in Sky Crew' understood more what it is like to be here in this Illusion...and could really FEEL it...I honestly don't think any of you can relate to what we refer to as pain--even though I am sure you have felt it while incarnate--it's been so very long ago it doesn't really 'make sense' to you...that's how it comes across anyway, and I think you should know.

One last thing.

About the channeled messages in general...they are all 'soon!' and 'you are doing AWESOME!' and so much to boost us up.

Well, we get boosted up by the 'other team' a lot too. 'The Economy is wonderful!' and 'Peace is near!' and all those things get told to us too by those who act like they have our best interest at heart but really don't down here on surface Gaia.  And unlike the Galactics, those down here give messages of support that are all lies!

So that is one MORE reason for the Galactics to really hone their efforts at the communication, and to help us to FEEL the sincerity (which I do), the the LOVE that we, like diabetics who are 'starving in a sea of sugar'--are 'lonely and unlovable in a sea of LOVE energy'...


My garden is complete.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross, and his beautiful wife Carla, who (he taps his head with his finger by the temple slowly to make a point) always makes me think.