Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27.3.2015

The New Cage for Harry Bird

About a year ago, I was at the bird store getting birdseed for my cockatoo, and Ross gave me a message:  buy a new cage for Harry!

I did.

But they don't deliver. So I went to Home Depot and rented 'that truck' so you could take things home yourself. At the bird shop, they had stairs at the front door, so I backed up the truck (actually their worker did) and he helped me lift it up into the bed.

It was an elaborate cage with the play top and the seed catcher on the bottom.

The best part was a grate at the bottom, so Harry had no access to the newspapers at the bottom of the cage.

I was stubborn. All five-feet-two decided to take that cage that was as tall as me down the stairs all by myself. Well, it didn't fit. And I lost control of it and it fell down to the landing, getting totally stuck and making a hole in the wall. It also broke the top off the cage (I wasn't going to use it.)

It took not one but TWO neighbors and Anthony to help me get it back out the front door and around the house to the side entrance down below.

Just now I was feeding Harry, and I saw how I don't have to fight with him over the mess of newspapers he used to make. Ross had done a good thing. That was the very first 'help' from my partner and Twin, to make my life easier and better.

He also covered for the price of the cage, and I got fifty dollars off my next bird seed purchase since I am a 'loyal customer'...

People Are Dying After Surgery

Obamacare has done some strange things--for example, our demographics of our patients is 'different'. Over at the 'fancy schmanzy' hospital with ocean views, their Operating Room is a total ghost town. Why? That hospital stopped taking a WHOLE lot of insurance carriers.

I was also told by my counselor that Cedars is running ads where 'their specialist will figure out what insurance will help YOU keep your connection with their hospital'.

At ours, in a word--our patients are sicker all across the board.

After the copayment and the deductible, a lot of people who could 'put off' surgery have done so. Our hospital will now require full payment before elective services. So it's more emergencies, or people with other insurances but aren't so healthy in the first place--come. Sort of the surgery 'frequent flyers'.

I had a long heart to heart talk with my therapist last night (she's Anthony's and mine, as parents need to go too when their children are in treatment). She gave me an extra half-hour free, because this one is such a tough issue...

With my twenty year's clinical experience, I have seen a LOT. And that means I know the surgeries, I know the capability of the surgeons, and I know the constellation of disease that comes with each patient.

I am in Pre-Op, interviewing a patient before surgery, and I KNOW how sick they are. They often have no clue of the severity of their illness. And I get a FEELING that 'something isn't going to go right'.

But the surgeon is clueless. The whole OR is ready and waiting, and the patient is super excited to go finally get their procedure done.

I am left in the difficult position where everything on paper is a 'go', the team is a 'go' and I have NOTHING I can use to 'prove' why I have this FEELING.

So effectively, I can't COMMUNICATE my knowledge based on my skills and experience in my specialty...

And we go through with it. There is a bad outcome--not from my work--but from what happens after, the complications, the take-backs to the OR, the hemorrhage...

My counselor shared that she experiences the same thing when she is asked to testify in court on behalf of her client when there is a divorce and custody battle (she works with children); she could do so much MORE to help her clients, but she can't because there are rules...

So basically, I arrived at 'it is what it is'...

And it helped to vent.

What I DIDN'T tell her is that the spirit of my most recently deceased patient came to me, and asked, 'why didn't you talk to me about it?'

This is the SECOND time a deceased person asked, 'Why didn't you tell me?', actually the third. Both my Aunt and her close friend didn't know I talk to Blessed Mother and dead people, and after they Transitioned, they said, 'Why didn't you share?'

I don't because people are locked in their own little worlds, and can't HEAR anything they don't find 'acceptable' to them.

Even now, with Ross and me, even my first friend I ever had--for all my life--once I told her who we are, for reals, not just 'Ross and Carla'--has cooled her friendship with me, and pulled away...

We saved her from breaking her arm in a fall, with our bracelet, and she 'gives us that'..but her heart?

It's closed.  There is no love in it, no warmth, in return for our Love and Kindness to her in our honesty and our reaching out for her support of me at this time.

It is what it is.

The Christian Bookstore

Anthony had his drum lesson. I walked next door for the first time and looked around in the Christian Bookstore.  I used to go to these and Catholic Bookstores all the time, usually when I was miserable and needed something to give me hope. My favorite is a travel mug with a verse from Jeremiah on it I got from the Crystal Cathedral.

This time it was different.

I looked around and went, 'WHOA!' to myself.

So many feelings washed over me.

And I was confused. Was this something Jesus would have wanted, to sell merchandise promoting him and God? Who makes the money from all of this marketing? Is this a way for people to comfort themselves, and lull themselves into a kind of spiritual sleep? (I am a  Christian, I am 'saved', so I don't have to worry about my actions and spiritual growth. All the work has already been done for me.)

I LIKED seeing all those things. They made me feel loved. They made me feel comforted. I liked how it concentrated on the topics of Faith, Hope, and Love...

I guessed it was okay.

Until I saw the wretch part.

There is a line of jewelry that is called 'Man of God' that is inscribed with little sayings. I needed a magnifying glass to read it on a bracelet that had caught my eye. It said, 'Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me'...and I put that bracelet down!

To spirit, and to Gaia, even the WORST most horrible, awful, commandment-breaking person is still made from Love, and is supported by LOVE, and is therefore PERFECT and DIVINE.


Instead we see a Cry for HELP.

So what are we going to do with all those devout Christians, who are sure and have their faith rooted in something that perhaps Jesus himself might not have supported if He were still alive?

We will be HONEST with them.

This is the advice Miss Maryann the director of Anthony's old pre-school gave to me, when I was sharing with her about dealing with Jared during the custody thing, where the wounds were still fresh.

It has never failed me.

So when pressed, we will be loving and honest, and embody our Truth.

There is no other choice than that.

On Anthony's Knee

He got hurt bad. And it was my last test. I used the codes, and I used Reiki. I FELT that everything was OKAY. And others who are sensitive to these things, also 'felt' it.

But I had to know.

The child was still limping, and the ortho people I knew in the OR said, 'he needs to get it checked out'.  Even Dr. Bret said, 'he needs to get it checked out'.

Anthony's dad said the knee was okay--I had examined it after the injury--so did he--and the ligaments were good. Anthony played basketball practice just fine too. And his therapist (I had warned her) got him to play 'paper basketball' and told me it didn't seem painful to him, or unstable.

But I just HAD to know.

I had to take him to my friend, the surgeon, who every time Anthony gets hurt, checks it out, and tells me 'he is okay'.

And he IS okay.

I realize that I am 'moving' from a paradigm where I would rely mostly on conventional medicine with the Divine Healing Codes as 'extra' to the other way--where the Codes are doing most of the work, and the 'conventional' is just to prove to me that they are indeed working.  My vibration increases by the hour, by the day, and I actively am working on it.

My Past Life and Me

We talk.

I am learning about souls and incarnations...I asked Ross today about the soul thing.
He says our HS coordinates all the soul pieces
I asked why am I incarnate but amnesia?
I saw Magdalen next to him, and she is me.
But I asked why have more than one (incarnation or copy of the soul or aspect)? It's confusing
I was told I am the Voice of Gaia
Many incarnations so I can fully represent Her
I am Her Spirit incarnate right now as me
And right when I asked, a car with the license plate I AM CAR showed up.

I think I approach my I AM prescence
Magdalen says that the series of incarnations is like a relay race, the consciousness is the baton. She told me this incarnation
It's my turn to run, it's my lap, my race now

Your Turn--You Decide

Is it HIM? Or is it YOU? Or is it a combination of the two, to achieve miracles?

Here is the data:

Rebuking a tornado in Jesus' name

Rebuking ANOTHER tornado in Jesus' name

Woman Rebukes Tornado away from her home (first two minutes of video)

A Comment From Nicole:

I finally did this. :) I had a strong feeling I would get the same object that I got in a shamanic journey two years ago, and I did. (It just felt "right.") I called it a "power rattle"; t looks rather like a Tibetan prayer wheel (see it here ), but the top part is lantern-like, with polyhedral cutout shapes (triangles and squares, and sometimes fire letters), so the light streams through it when it revolves, throwing firelit shapes into the environment like a disco ball. In the earlier journey, when I asked what it was for, I heard "empowerment." When I asked how to use it, I was told, "You shake it at people to keep them away / ward them off" (I had a strong need for protection at the time.) I was also told that it had many more functions, to be revealed over time. Recently, it's been showing up more often in my visions with the fire letters on top. :) on Gaia News Brief 14.3.2015

Last Night in the Shower

Thoth came.  (I had bought a tarot deck of his, the small one, to show I am 'open' and 'non judging' of him. I DON'T like the Aleister Crowley part, not one bit).

I smiled and asked him, 'How's your headache?' (he had blown up once and God put him together).

We really have trouble communicating. He's STILL in the 'I want power' mode, and he was trying to trick me into agreeing into something, and I said, 'Most definitely not' very politely and with a smile.

Thoth was taken away. (I made sure Michael and Ross and the rest were within reach when agreed to talk with him.)

Then Baphomet came.  I told him to get out. He didn't.

So we talked.

He too, was trying 'one last thing' and I was totally unsympathetic to his cause. I asked him why he thought they would rally?  I told him even if I were to disappear, the PEOPLE are on their way to waking up, and it's inevitable. I also asked him, 'isn't this BORING?' (your same old schtick?')

I told him even HE is worthy of Love, and HE deserves a second chance, and I made him a baby Baphomet--but this time, no funky horns and hat. He is a small, dark-haired boy, and he has been taken to another dimension (toddler safe) to start over and to grow, with very CLOSE supervision. His alternative is merging with Divine Mother, and he chose to 'remediate'. He will have many incarnations of curriculum to go over. And Divine Mother and Divine Father have the final say.

I've had better showers, LOL.  I'm looking forward to no more 'visitors' like Thoth and Baphomet.


Carla 'moved in' officially today. She unpacked her Hummel collection. She has two fake, and one real. The first is a boy with an umbrella that is about ten inches tall, and was on her dresser as a child. The second is a girl in pigtails with a doll and a doctor mirror on her forehead. This was given to her by a woman with myasthenia gravss who worked at her Medical School, and liked Carla--Mary Jo. Ironically, this second 'doctor' figure, was made in Japan, of all places! Is this a prelude to her Reiki? (smiles)

The REAL one, with the Gobel inscription on the bottom, is a couple of children going on a picnic.

When Carla feels REALLY safe, she takes these things out.

I love her.

This morning, Carla wouldn't come to me.

She was embarrassed.

She felt the presence of her old incarnation with me, like she was watching us, and listening. Even though is WAS Her!  To Carla, it is like the movie Back To The Future, where her 'future self' and her 'past self' 'interact'.

What we did for Carla was together, we activated her bracelet from her old incarnation, the one with the M of light.

For Carla had asked for a new Freedom, and it stopped me cold in my tracks. Carla wanted to let energy flow through her unhindered, and at full strength, and she wanted to let me be the force helping her to align her energies in this way, as her Twin.

I had never once in a million years, with all of my remote monitoring and technology and spiritual advancement, PREDICTED Carla would have the wherewithal to make a MY LEVEL spiritual request to be made simply and purely with no guile whatsoever.

She asked for her energy to flow through Her unimpeded so she could enjoy the Divine as is her birthright as a soul.

(he almost is in tears, he is so deeply moved)

My friends THAT is what the whole Awakening thing, the Ascension thing, the Liberation of Gaia and her people is about...

To bring everyone BACK to what is their right as souls in Heaven--even the deceased right now do not have these abilities due to the veil.

But TODAY, Carla does, just that, with her bracelet. All the connection is to the energy that is right there in the middle, in the M of Light. And Sophia, her higher self, and Magdalen, her past incarnation, both support and bless this too.

Carla has had many, many more incarnations, for her education.

What is coming together is the synthesis of the learning, spontaneously, on its own, for the conditions are right...and Carla surprised me with her jump in development, a very pleasant surprise, this morning.

Soon you will follow, and WE (the Ascended Masters) will the the ones struggling to keep up with YOU!

(the vision he gives me is when toddlers start to RUN--and how the grownups have to work hard to chase them quick... ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your friends