Sunday, March 29, 2015

Synthesis Of Healing Advice

Here is an outline of things to consider when you have a problem that is not going away...

I.   Does it run in the family?  If yes, it might be due to genetics, or lifestyle, or a combination of the two.

II.   Are you willing to change? Sometimes people would like the healing to be done for them, for example, a smoker takes an inhaler for their COPD while continuing to smoke is the first example which comest to mind.

III.  Are you in touch with your body? If your body is trying to let you know 'something isn't right'--will you listen? Your body is your friend, and teacher, not your enemy.

IV.   Do you have patience?  I got a plantar wart on my right foot from the rental paddle boards. I had pain, major pain from it. I also bought the same things my son needed for his plantar wart--and did them every night until the skin would fall off the sole of my foot, taking with it what I believed to be the wart. Then it came back. I used the healing codes, and the medicines. It wasn't until Hana, the lady who does my pedicures--she had been concerned about the holes in my feet for some time--just spoke to me from her heart. She said, 'It is dry. Moisturize it. And it will go away.'  I took her advice. Now my foot is fine, for the wart part. Then my first joint of my big toe on the same foot got really painful. I could barely walk. I used codes and searched my soul...what is it I am sending, what message, with my body in this condition? Right side of body sends, left side receives the messages. I asked a podiatrist to look? It was arthritis, very painful, and he gave me an exercise.  I did it. I also confided to a healer friend and asked for help. The other thing I did is I 'told' (toe-ld) who I am, why I am here on Earth, in public. It is a very SMALL audience who knows--the faithful few who read these blogs.  The mobility is back and the pain is gone. A little stiff, but healed. It took about six months for this condition too.

V.  Are you willing to let go of the outcome?  My mother didn't get the call for her kidney transplant until she 'gave in' and accepted dialysis forever, the early morning visits to the center for her treatment, before dawn, three times a week, in the cold foggy drive she had to make.  I didn't get Anthony until I accepted I would be alone forever. There is something to do with Spirit that I can't explain, but once we ACCEPT what is, it is like the test is over, and in time we move on to 'other things'.

VI.  Are you OPEN to seemingly unrelated causes being the reason for the condition?  All my college days I had terrible back pain, in my low back. Even when I went to medical school I had a special pillow and footrest I took with me to lecture so I would not hurt. I paid for my college and medical school by myself, and was greatly concerned about finances; I was going into debt with my school loans. I also had an ulcer.  Well recently, my back started to hurt! And work is slow. I'm not making as much money as I once did. I also seem to have less time to enjoy life. There is a lot of waiting around at the hospital...for cases...  Something in that didn't 'resonate' with me...and all of a sudden I realized I was now sleeping on my stomach, something I have not done since college, and that was the reason!  I stopped and now my back is fine...

VII. Do you accept that WORRY is PRAYING FOR WHAT YOU DON"T WANT?  Energy flows where attention's not going to get better until you decide on a plan, stick with it, and forget about the rest of 'what if's'...this has to do with the powers of co-creation, manifestation, and the fact that 'thoughts are things'...which make the next experiences of our lives HAPPEN.

VIII.     Are you willing to accept that this whole 'situation' might be written INTO your pre-birth contract as a Life Lesson? Whether it is because of how you made choices in past lives, or perhaps it's just like another 'badge' to earn as an 'Earth Scout Incarnate' is always best in these situations to ask for help...for Grace and Ease...for Insight...for Guidance from anyone you feel close to in spirit. It can be Archangel Raphael, or Jesus, or Archangel Michael...Koot Hoomi...or Buddha...or even Divine Mother don't have to suffer in silence, or alone. Help is ALWAYS ALWAYS with you. You might not notice it, but just like your Guardian Angel, a guide who loves you is always there.

IX.    Do you LOVE?  Is your heart Open? Not just to those you like, but to all, including yourself?  Love is the Solution for Everything. It really is. Add to it Gratitude, and you have the strongest healing energy on the planet there is--Love and really helps raise the vibration. And the STRONGER the vibration, the less we get sick! This is because the aura is like an egg shell of energy which protects US.  Think good thoughts. Be filled with as much love and gratitude as you can possibly be. Forgive anyone that needs forgiveness, even if it is YOURSELF.  Ask for help.

X.   Consider making a Reiki Request.  Our Team of Healers has an excellent track record. They will direct the healing to you, all you have to do is trust, let go, and let it in. In doing so, you will make it possible for you to get inspiration on how to seek help, or remedy your situation. Self-Reiki is also a valuable tool when one has chronic illness, incurable illness, and terminal disease.

You are Precious! You are Special! And you are NOT in this alone!


I am a healer.

And I never once took for granted the illness that I faced in someone who came to me. 

It is my HEART that made the miracles people still talk about today.

It was my Love and Compassion, which fueled all the 'rigamarole' that I was taught in Healing on my travels and adventures to India and far reaches of the globe.

None of it would have worked without my powerful Heart Energy.

If you have a 'cloud' or a 'veil' over your heart, ask for my help, and I will help you Lift It.

Advice will arrive to you in ways you would not expect--this is for your healing journey as well.  

Look for what 'resonates' with your heart center--be it a flower, a song on the radio, a website, a healer, or conventional medical approach. 

This is how I will speak, how I will talk to you.

I am your friend.

I am in it for Love and nothing more.

I ask for no money.  

Only your getting better, your wellness, and your heart to open as it was once made to do.

Carla made a comment to me the other day, about how all the songs on the radio are more about why you should close your heart to Love, and how--and about sex without love or feeling...this message of closing your heart is everywhere, all over the media.

Don't buy into it, this message.

Take the Higher Road and OPEN YOUR HEART.

This is how the true Healing can take place.

Sometimes people die, in the process, for that is what it takes to finally OPEN and Forgive, and to count one's blessings (often this is written into the Life Script and desired to be experienced by the soul and the family, and agreed to in advance.)  But then once the Transition is complete, the health comes back and it is on to the next assignment and lessons!  

Suicide, is not a way out.  In fact one has to repeat one's lessons, and they are more difficult to learn.

So hold your heart, I'll hold your hand, Carla will hold the other, and we will guide you to health, of body, mind and soul, no matter how long it is going to take.

I have patience!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla