Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gaia News Brief 25.3.2015

My Box From Peet's!

Yesterday I got three packages.   One, a mini package from Shanghai, had one small envelope of rondelles for my bracelet work. I marveled at the label on it, which was almost but not completely in Chinese.

Another, was like a book that wrapped around the Tanzanite beads. Inside was the usual plastic pouch to hold them. I had been looking forward to this arrival, for it is a gift.

Last, a HUGE and did I say I could barely almost carry it size box arrived from Peet's. My special glasses which insulate are here!  I'm still smiling when I think about them.

Dr. Bret

I ran into him on the way to my locker. Right in the hall, I gave him a big hug. I held him and said I read his blog. Not only me, but all of you too. And we are praying for you Big Time!!! We have your back!!!

I told him I am a 'big blogger' with over 660,000 blog hits!  But I don't use my real name.

He smiled and said, 'I will figure that one out'.

He loses more weight. Yesterday he had a scan, an MRI, to look for mets to his brain.

I saw his future the minute he disclosed he had 'health issues'--it flashed before my eyes. I will be working with him, later. For now, he is the bravest angel I know. He is an Awakener. And with his blog, and his heart with people like his coworkers and colleagues--is really helping people to realize life is about so much MORE than news, weather, and's about the miracle of being here on Earth with each other.

Later, in the doctor's lounge, someone asked about Anthony's knee. I explained how his partner the lady pediatric orthopedic surgeon doesn't even take my insurance; the women at the reception area I had worked with on the phone were getting me to switch to someone was really disorganized and I didn't know what to do. I wanted the first doc so much I was willing to pay cash. I did that once for a different orthopedic surgeon who looked at my shoulder once.

So Dr. Bret texted his partner. She'd be available until six p.m.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. I was working. Getting Anthony to a knee doctor is really giving me a lot of resistance as a mom. And it's breaking my heart, he's a doctor's kid, and for him, being sick, it is NO BLESSING. I can't take him in without giving up a day of work--or pushing it back until next Wednesday--or having his grandmother take him instead of me because his dad works too. (it's our insurance, just us two, and that's why I need to be there for a new doctor visit).

On the way home, I realized, that I don't have a primary care doctor, and I haven't seen the dentist in two years, because there is only enough time for one of us to be seen by medical and dental care in my schedule. And it's my kid who needs the help, not me...

Our Date

Ross took the night off, and we had a date. Anthony was at his dad's. Jared has studied sports injuries--not a doctor but a healer, who does massage.  He said 'the knee is okay' and let Anthony play on it in sports practice for his basketball team. Yup--a partial tear of something, and he lets the boy play. 'Just shake it out'...

I was excited.  Ross had asked me to go out with him in the morning, and I had completely forgotten about it until walking to the car last night.

I wanted to look my best. But I was in scrubs! I wanted to go home.

On the drive home I get a gorgeous view of the metropolis at night. And I waved my hand at it, and said, 'Ross? Look at all of these places and not one where I want to go eat!'

He laughed.

We decided to cook together, to stay in.

Once home, I was stressed. The breakfast dishes were in the sink. I had been on the phone all DAY during cases coordinating and rescheduling trades so I could take Anthony to the doctor on Friday.

So I took a bath. With japanese spa salts in it. It smelled so nice!  As you may know, I've thrown out all my sweats 'as a public service' according to Ross. But I still wear something comfortable when I get  home. I have knit leggings, and a tee shirt. Ross tells me the silhouette is Galactic; this is getting me used to what living in a flight suit is like. It's not bad, especially when the leggings are very soft.

Our challenge was to find a recipe for seitan, a vegan meat alternative. It would have gone bad tomorrow.  So with fun we looked at this website:  (I also looked up here for the recipe, and I'm still confused if this wheat gluten protein is like the opposite of 'gluten free'?

We settled on tandoori style seitan in a small skillet.

I also made rice in the rice cooker.

I poured a glass of wine with San Pellegrino water mixed into it, into a Waterford crystal glass for Ross. And I had a very small glass for wine (He had shown me Vouvrray wine in the morning, and sure enough, there was a bottle at home in the cellar), and a larger one for the water myself.

We ate in courses. I had sliced tomato with black Hawaiian salt. Then a salad with yogurt, apples, beets (raw), and celery. Right as we were talking, the rice was ready for the main course. And dessert was a cold cooked yam--very tiny--with coconut milk and Manuka honey.  I finished with a cup of 'Love' herbal tea.

Then I was ready to call it a night.

The best part was how we TALKED.  I had so many questions! His one regret is he would have told me 'I love you' every single day. This means that he never would have left home or me for his travels. (He does say this now though... : )   )

I asked many questions about many topics, and he enjoyed my questions, and answering them.

Two Miracles

Number one:

Hi Carla, I just wanted to say thank you for all your gifts. Sharing the healing of numbers on my left arm has increased my testosterone levels. I've been faithful each day since you taught me except for maybe two days. My levels weren't even within parameters with hormone replacement. Now I'm low middle and feeling Great...thanks a bunch, E

(E is the one who asked for this Divine Healing Code. Divine Mother gave it right there on the spot for him. E is not Reiki-trained except for my teaching him a 'little'...)

Number two: Farvahar

Kat: I knew nothing about him until you posted.....I did get chills reading your post last night. I found this in my jewelry drawer that I was drawn to taking out to polish and wear 2 days grandmother gave this to me, I know she was a practicing Muslim living in Iran all her life. I never wore this pendant but 2 days ago I felt I had to polish it and wear it not knowing what the pendant means. I don't know if this is the same as yours that showed up! Do you have a picture? I have to get going to the hospital. Love and light. I want to read your post again today.

Carla: Yes! That's him!!! If you click the link in the post his picture is there too. Wow! What a coincidence for us both!

Kat: I am going to give my mom this pendant now (Ellie is on a ventilator in long-term care, our Team heals her often. Here is her bracelet I made just for her)

(here is her other ones from us and Divine Mother Blessings)

To keep with her stones She said this is Farvahar She wanted it when I asked her if she wants it lol Is it coincidence? What are the chances Carla?! Omg this is a sign I will read it tonight (the blog post) Thank you

Carla: He is also one who blesses the New Year.


I enjoyed having dinner with Carla last night, at our home. I live there, in my heart. She has a picture of me she keeps in the bed next to her. It is a real photograph of me. And she talks to it and kisses it.

As a certified healer and psychic (she is only one class away from Anne's IMPART program), she is able to 'reach' me and 'talk' to me, just as two who are incarnate would do, as a couple.

What I loved the most about last night, over dinner, was that Carla let down her guard with me. She relaxed. We spoke openly as partners, equals, friends. I was a little shy at first with her questions, which were open and engaging and warm--but something that the people up here, who rely mostly on telepathic communication NEVER think to ask!

It was like explaining how you do your perfect serve in tennis after you have been doing it for years! (he smiles and laughs)...

This is what we have to look forward to, in the coming phase for the Awakening--the engagement of humanity with us (points with both hands bent and fingers on chest, tapping). Wanting to KNOW who this is, and why this happened? And what are we together going to do about it?

I like seitan. It is entirely plant based. Our meal last night, except for the little bit of yogurt in the salad and the tandoor sauce--was vegan.

I opened up my heart to my Lady. And Carla's warmth and love for me, has never changed.

She also still enjoys eating beets! I told her this, over dinner, and she smiled. It was our first happy memory both new and old, which 'connects' our past incarnation to this.

We are timeless, all of us, and Carla is just now stepping her first steps, into the awareness of what being timeless 'means' to her, and to us, personally, in our relationship.

It ALSO is 'time', unfortunately, for Carla to get to work. And to also do the dishes! I had her relax and not do them last night.

(he smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla