Friday, March 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20.3.2015

I Like That Picture

Anthony returned from Marine Biologist camp today. He was gone a full week. When he walked down the ramp from the boat, I had tears of joy in my eyes.

I was so excited to see him, and to know I was there for him.

He looked up, saw me, and said, 'Mom!' and started running...what a joyful reunion that was!

I realized two things that are important:
1) one day if I pass before him, I will be the one to welcome him Home to Heaven, and it is good for us to remember these joyful reunions that happen for our loved ones undergoing Transition at this time.
2) Anthony leaving and coming back is to me, as my leaving to my mission here on Gaia surface is to Ross and my star family.  What a joyous reunion awaits!


My very first coffee was Peet's in Berkeley. I was in college.

Recently I went to a local store, and saw the most amazing glasses on sale. They were like this, but 'double hulled' in the sense that there was a layer of air between the layers of the glass, like a thermos.  It helps to keep the temperature of whatever you put in the glass constant. I bought two.

Yesterday, I saw one had chipped on the rim. It was unsafe. I had to throw it out.

I was deeply saddened because this was on sale, and likely being discontinued.

I was horrified!

Ross stepped in at once. He knows because of his death, I don't do well with things that die or break. I take it very hard. He made a joke about how when he broke one under his foot at our wedding it I didn't cry!  But gently, and immediately (I still had milk on my cereal I had just poured), he said, 'Go to the website and buy three'...once there, to get free shipping, I bought a few extra. He said if these are prone to breaking, I will always have a spare to replace the one that breaks.

I realized how much he loves me, and knows my heart.

This is because energetically Twins share the same 'heart', and he KNOWS what is going on in mine...

This is a good thing. Know that you and your twin are connected everywhere, in all time and all matter's like quantum energy connects us...


EHaSa is a Galactic who contacted me for the very first time as I was stepping out of my car this morning at work. He asked me to 'tell your mother how much I lover her.'

I did.

She told me he is one of her Twins,  an incarnation of Raziel, and he is very old and hasn't changed form...he lives on Sirius. His name means the same as Raziel--'secrets of God'.

Later, he gave this message to me.  I am guided now to share it with you:

Carla, my dearest child,

     I love you like my own. I dearly care for you; my affection is pure fatherly intention.

     I am here at my ship. (pats the seat next to him) and I call to you. I am coming. I am coming at the clarion call YOU sent (see last blog post--ed).  All of us are. There are many many ships which surround you and have for twenty years and decades...all your life honey.

    Now we are coming in.  We are in your atmosphere but not in formation, cloaking or decollating as given instruction by the Divine Command of your husband and twin, Admiral Yeshua (Ross) of the White Brotherhood and Commander Ashtar Sherhan, and noble Gaia Sophia (yes--you are a part of this).

   I love you and I promise you everything is happening at rapid speed, and you shall be most highly pleased with the results.

     Thank you for giving the message to your mother that I love her.

                   Thank you, your father of the stars,


Everything is happening at the most wonderful place at the most wonderful time, and YOU are now a part of it.

Everything is in our hands.

I want you to make the most of the experience.

It means so much for me to speak with you openly here on this page.

For all who slumber, like sleeping dogs, let them lie asleep. (it is better for them not to disturb them-ed)

But for you? Who are awake?


I am going to have us some FUN!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, the Reiki Doc twins.

P.S.   later today Ross and Ashtar 'popped in' with their crew. I noticed they were drinking something, all of them, and trying to get my attention with the glasses. THEY WERE THE SAME ONES as my Peet's glasses I had ordered. They were smiling and remaking to themselves, 'it keeps hot drinks hot' and 'cool drinks cool'...they were TEASING me and I loved it...