Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 5.3.2015

Patient Won't Wake Up

It's terrifying.

You take away the anesthesia and the patient doesn't wake up.

Anesthesiologists go through a mental list of 'what could be causing it?'

What happened to me is this time I noticed the teamwork--between surgeon, nurse, RT, random neurosurgeon in the Doctor's Lounge I bumped into, and the attending pulmonologist...

You go through the drill. And you do the tests.

And with a little LUCK--the patient wakes up!

It might be in the ICU on a ventilator, but the miracle is a miracle just the same, and everyone celebrates in this victory--TOGETHER!

Ross Thank You HONEY!

On the freeway onramp after work, Ross asked me, 'how was your day?'

I had one slow bar (seeds and veggies and savory) and the black coffee--half a cup--that had sat in the car all day...that's my dinner. LOL.

I told him, 'Ross, I am all wound up! I need a drink, to relax, but I don't want to use alcohol for this purpose. What do I do?'

Instantly a shower of this CALM just washed over me.

I was thinking about my house. I'm not the best at organizing. I was thinking about what Mark Taylor had said to me a long time ago, when I first met Tim Braun--get rid of your stuff and you will meet your man (Mark knew him and said he was nice, but didn't say who he was.)

I thought about my stuff. I have so many cool things for cooking in the kitchen. How could I get rid of them? My red coffee carafe for those long weekend mornings, my fancy baking pans, all those accessories...

I realized how much I love buying sheets and towels and china and having a beautiful dawned on me that perhaps Ross was right, and in my heart of hearts, I really WAS a housewife all along...I just happen to be working to support my family, you know?

Then it dawned on me...that I wanted to be the most PERFECT housewife, so that back when we were married, I hoped Ross would stay home and stop traveling. That he would stop trying to 'save the world'.

He smiled. He said I was correct. He said it in the most gentle way. He said the kids felt that way too. They wanted him to stay...

He said now he HAS 'saved the world'...and laughing, he showed me the image of me, that made him decide 'to stay'---I was so behind on my housework, with no help, as a single mom, that I was distraught, and  praying to Archangel Nathaniel for HELP in the housekeeping department because I couldn't live like that any more...

It was my HORRIBLE housekeeping and my giving up that made Ross decide to be home on a more regular basis. He says he 'stays' now. And it's forever : )))

I also thanked him for watching me all day. I asked him if it gets boring for him to always monitor me?

Again, he smiled, and he said, 'You know I kind of got used to it...I enjoy it.'

He was so very nice. I challenged him and said, 'WHAT is there to SEE?!' He said, 'Watching you at work for's interesting in its own way...'


He had something 'official' to say to me, but I kind of forget that part.

We are close. I confess things to him I never would tell anyone except Ross.

I asked him something from my heart. I said, 'Ashtar, you and Ross are pretty close huh?'

He said yes.

I asked, 'Do you know more about Ross than I do?'

Ashtar was startled by the question, and asked me to clarify.  I explained how I feel like I know Ross, but is there a lot more for me to get to know?  And are there any surprises for me, like some of the ones in the past?

He got quiet, and said, 'What do you think?'

I said, 'I know him. He's okay. There's no more surprises...'

He nodded.

Then I paused, after a short time in very deep thought.

I had one more question.

'Ashtar, does Ross fart?' (you know how some people pass a lot of gas and it stinks when you are with them)

Ashtar TOTALLY lost it over that one. He had to take some time to regain his composure. He understood that if I am going to be near Ross I wouldn't want to be around all that stink without fair warning...

He leaned in and whispered to me in a conspiratorial way, 'Only if he eats (some galactic food I can't remember) so don't let him have any. That's what I do!'  I'll never forget the look on his face, or the bonding that we shared over Ross' delicate digestion when it comes to that food!

The Firestorm

Gaia closed all the 'excape routes' last week. She is a 'closed box' for all vibrations.

On Monday, she sensed some more activity by the Dark Ones--it had stopped at the initial mergings after the gates closed but came back.

She is infested, basically, and pretty darn sick and tired of it.

So she shifted Agartha and her surface--rotating the two spheres within each other--to disrupt any 'tunnels'. Then she worked furiously at the computer of her command station (she is a commander--has consciousness--and is more than 'just a planet')...she opened her pathways of a special grid, and opened the top of the atmosphere about just as much as the opened top of a soft boiled egg...

With an increasing ramping up of frequency of Light from Source--careful to spare the inhabitants by increasing it gently--she brought it in, fired this 'grid' and brought it up to Full Strength, Undiluted Source Energy.

This created a 'no place to hide' situation for the Dark Souls.   There was very loud panic and screaming from these souls who were hell-bent on taking over Gaia and enslaving Her and Her people.

I asked Ross and Ashtar, 'What is all that screaming?' and both of them, smiling, stomped on the floor of the bridge and innocently replied, 'What screaming?'

These are the souls who were offered rehabilitation, refused to take it, and were intent on continuing their plan. What they had NOT bargained for is that the vibration of Gaia is incompatible with their energy signature now, and very very uncomfortable.

Some I think exploded.

These were the 'ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice' in the 'Firestorm'.

Ross says it's okay now for you to know.

More developments will be shared as needed to be known.


All is energy.

Just like this wave--it builds up, it breaks, and it is gone.

(he still has the giggles over my fart question, and he wants you to know that 'Carla will fart too when she eats that certain thing when she gets home. Everyone who eats it does. Even you will too!)

Carla had a very long day, and I want her to have more dinner while Anthony completes his homework...

I love you.

Each and every single one of you. Thank you for your patience with both of us. Hold your heart high, and hold on to your Vibration in the next coming weeks. It is important for both you and Gaia herself.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla