Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gaia News Brief 1.3.2015

What Is

Spirit asked me to write for you to explain what I see, what I have been taught, and what I basically 'know' about Life outside of the Illusion...

Divine Mother and Divine Father are in charge of our Universe--I'm not clear the boundaries, exactly so I call it the Universe--but it's a lot bigger than our Galaxy and our Sector. Together they are both All That Is. It is their energy that is the underlying component of all spiritual and physical 'matter'.

They have many many many children and love them dearly. All SOULS are their children to them.

From their Union, they have sex, just like everyone else, Divine Mother gets pregnant--she enjoys motherhood very much--and in each Creation Cycle they produce Archangels.

When two Archangels have children, they create Angels.

Some angelic beings are 'complete'--the masculine and the feminine sides of them are intact and completely balanced. So the being 'decides' if it will be a feminine (such as Gabriele/Gabrielle) or a masculine (such as Micheal) in its interaction with the world.

Although these 'complete' angelic beings are 'balanced' and therefore do not HAVE a true twin (more to be explained later) they due have Twins which is what they call 'marriage'-type close interpersonal relationships back 'Home'.

Ross and I are different. From what I understand, we were 'split' into two Illuminated Twin Souls. Were we the first? I don't know. I remember the machine, I remember going in, I remember not knowing what to expect as my soul was split into two pieces, and I have been perpetually delighted with the results. I LIKE Ross. And I LIKE how we balance each other on a soul level. I LIKE working with him.

I do know there is a connection between all Twin Souls, Illuminated or the other type of Twin, and that there is love, and a drawing to be together.

Now what happens when angels have children? What are Prime Souls? What are soul families? I am not sure exactly. What I recall, is that there are some souls who are created by the Prime Souls, and these can be many thousands--and they form a Soul Group. I will need to learn more about this. For these souls, they long to be together, and together, they are one complete soul 'unit' for lack of a better word.

How do you know who you are, and which is which? I don't know. I only know I got a lot of education from my soul Mother, who is Incarnate at this time.

Light and Dark

In my personal guidance from Ross and my team, I have recently been taught that Dark is the absence of Light, that it is not to be feared, and in some ways, it is 'healing' like Yin, and something we are expected to experience while incarnate (a soul in a human physical body alive on Earth).

I also want to take a moment to clarify something--both Saul and Jesus recently alluded to the fact that 'your body may be seriously hurt and feel pain but YOU CAN'T BE HARMED'.  Souls CAN be harmed. Atomic bombs blow them to smithereens, and there are special teams of angels who spend ten thousand years at a time collecting soul fragments and re-assimilating them.  These are rescue operations.  Now that this type of warfare is not permitted on the planet (the Galactics will intervene with their advanced technology)  no matter WHAT happens to the body, the soul will be intact and unharmed.

If Wile E Coyote gets run over by a steamroller, his SOUL will still be intact.

But what about the 'game' that is played out for 'karma' between 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' and those who do?

This is difficult. Both claim to be 'of the Light'.

Those Who Do Not Have Out Best Interest At Heart use ritual abuse to 'purify and cleanse' and to become 'gods' in their own tradition.

Some might say these are demons, fallen angels...

It is sometimes hard to say who is can be confusing, isn't it?

THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO DISCERN WITH THE HEART CENTER.  Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart can trick.  To quote the Discerning Christian or The Sun something--'they need to trick and mind control and do all these other things', while God (Source--Creator) is True, and doesn't.

This is where it gets tricky. Your head and your heart must also work together.  I have a theory since I was fourteen and really reading the Bible a lot--the Dark One has BOTH ends of the extremes, for example, in religion, in his 'camp'. The far conservative point to the far liberal--in spirituality--as 'the devil'--but really both are under the influence of what is NOT Divine.

The middle ground is safer.

Ross wants me to share with you this:

I liked The Lego Movie! I was like, 'what is this?' I had seen a mockery of 'Illuminati Mind Control' in the movie--how the people say, 'Everything is AWESOME' and drink forty dollar coffee drinks...

I saw how one was chosen to wake people up and get outside the Illusion...With Will Ferrell being the 'Dad', I saw him as someone 'on our side' and was glad for the movie being made. Sometimes 'Our Team' is behind creative works to awaken the masses. I had thought that 'WallE' was in perhaps that same category--both sneaked past the Hollywood 'machine' with a message for The True Light...

Mario has a lot of good points in this film. I couldn't watch the whole thing. But the part about this being an elaborate 'sermon' being given to our most vulnerable children, to subconsciously indoctrinate them--while the parents are completely unaware--rings of more truth than not.

The twisting of things makes a lot of sense too, as well as the term, 'Master Builder'--not being a Mason, I had NO CLUE what that 'prophecy' meant--the double-speak between the movie and the Mason agenda--I am thankful for Vigilant Christian Mario to point that out.

As for the rest, to be honest, I am not sure.

That being said, I STILL like Legos, and my keychain is the Golden Lego, who once my son recommended I buy him, opened the door for Ross to enter my life. I had a 'Cobra' keychain, followed by an 'Ito' and then this mystery one ended up for me to be 'Ross'!

My Dream Of Charlie Sheen

Yup. All last night. Not Ross. Charlie, from Two and One Half Men. He was charming. Really nice. And I enjoyed his company--not sexual or anything--but meeting for lunch in Beverly Hills area or Santa Monica when I had a conference in Chino, and needing a ride.

Everyone's heart opens to Charlie Sheen. He is so LIKEABLE in his role.

I remember him even being seduced into being a ritual abuse victim, was drugged, and was going to die in ceremony, when his mom told the group, 'not him, he's my son!' in one episode...

Yet I have to DISCERN!

When it comes right down to it, troubled 'genius' that he is, in his personal life he does NOT treat women decently and is not a good father to his children at all.

So here is the dilemma:

  • Is Charlie Sheen a 'victim' of the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart who is cleverly 'preaching to the masses' that his lifestyle--both on and off camera'' is something to emulate, that it's 'somehow okay' because of his charm and our sympathy for him?
  • Is Charlie Sheen a hidden angel, who because of his mass appeal, has been THROUGH and Infiltrated the 'Ways Of The Other Team', and yet 'connected' to the hearts of many, as a way of helping them to 'accept life' as it is, and laugh for a little to find relief from the pain? Like a prisoner of war 'looking out' for the other prisoners to help them enjoy life a little?
I don't know.

I know that one politician I genuinely liked, and thought 'harmless' is actually a fully embodied Archon--and his parents were raised by Josef Mengele, and his father was a politician in the same office too?  The masses lashed out at this son's quest for office--they HATED him--but I looked at him, he seemed okay, and I voted for him without ever understanding anything was wrong because this was LONG before I had 'awakened' spiritually?

I got the feeling that Charlie Sheen is an archangel in 'disguise'--because of the mass appeal, much like Iz with his weight and drug troubles.  These archangels come here to 'learn powerful lessons', and perhaps for this archangel, the life of Charlie is of 'mistreating women and drug abuse'?

I had a hunch it was Sandalphon. My pendulum said no, but to keep guessing.

My pendulum says that Charlie Sheen is angel Gabriel/Gabrielle incarnate--and the reason I am dreaming of him and discussing this is that perhaps it's time for Charlie to go back to where he came from, like Emoto, Iz..and the others. I had asked to be able to KNOW who they are before they pass. This might be part of the deal, I don't know.  I could be wrong too, but my pendulum--as long as it's not a test of my faith--is usually correct.

Here is one for you to try on for size--you have to see the whole thing to 'get a chance to vote' on which side it is on, 'OUR Light', or 'The Other Team'...

And this one was MY extra credit:

Please look up the Divine Truth youtube channel, that is presented by two Australians who claim to be..well..look it up okay?

I don't know if it will show or not, and you don't have to watch it. But it leads us to the next section:

You are YOU, and You are for a REASON

You have a soul. Even if you are part of a soul collective from a Prime Soul. You are You are you re never going to disappear. 

Even if you are Illuminati. You will be given a chance to rehabilitate. If you don't take it, then you will merge with Source. But you didn't have to choose the merging. You had a way out, see?

Well, what about the--as the new Gaia Portal puts it--'the illuminations of processionals'--those unique Souls who are in fact incarnate on this planet for the purposes of awakening and guiding the surface population of Gaia, their souls, back out of the Illusion and to 'Reality' as Creator, Jesus, and Saul often call it? Where our souls are from? You know, Home?

Can these unique and vastly precious souls who volunteered and were selected for this assignment be unprotected and without Divine Support?

No more than Air Force One, or the Motorcade with the President of the United States, right?

They have decoys, and look alike, and all kinds of ways to protect the President when he travels, right?

And there are Secret Servicemen ready, willing, and able to 'take a bullet' for him too.

This is only in 3D, and the guy gets all this protection...

As the Awakening progresses, there are going to be many who claim to be something they are not. I could be one of them too, I guess, I really don't know for sure--but the connection to Ross, and to Divine Father and Divine Mother, and to all the other Incarnate angels and Archangels--along with the memories, the trauma from those past life experiences with Ross, and the need to HEAL--make me think I could really be what I am.  This is my heart and mind and soul working together--but I don't exclude the fact that there is a possibility I could be wrong about the whole thing. In this, I humbly accept my frailty and pray with all my heart that no matter what, right or wrong, I point as many souls as possible in the right direction, back to Home, and do the very best job I possibly can to awaken them...

It hurts, when you are YOU and someone else claims they are you. I know. I speak of this from my heart to my Divine Mother, who is also incarnate at this time. With souls being 'aspects' this is entirely possible. I do know that one who says she is me, is in fact an 'aspect'...

I also know that I am the life force that once WAS her, and She--the one many many many claim to be 'incarnations' of--was one of MY old incarnations...

It was NOT the other way around.

I'll let you be the judge...

Here is a video my cousin sent me. Watch the video, listen to the music after:

I think the advice in the middle verse of the song, about the beach--is true. I know I saw Ross pop up, smiling, and gesturing as I heard it.  Be the most YOU that YOU can possibly be...

And this is right. For it all comes down to the energy signature. This is how people are 'known' in the Galactic Society. It's in the aura. The intention is clear, as if it is worn on the sleeve of the individual...

So when people Awaken, and there is like, 'You are not that, I am that!?!'--comes out--does it really matter?

God made you with LOVE, and you have a PURPOSE that is Divine!!!

You MATTER to the whole picture!!!

Your loving peaceful presence is a unique and irreplaceable individual field of energy...and that is right from Jesus himself.

So don't worry.  Take it in stride. It might be amusing, really, the roles we play and the disguised angels and everything else it took to WAKE THE WHOLE WORLD WHO IS SLEEPING--UP!!!

With so very much love, I leave you now. I have work today, I am on call, but I really wanted to write this for you.

I love her music, Anita Baker....our bird, Harry, really likes her voice a lot too... <3


I have to keep it short and to the point, as Carla has to go to work...

I love you.

I love every single one of you.

Even those who have not read these words.

I love you for your breath, your heart, your magic of being YOU.

I love each and every one of you Forever.

That is no lie.

It is truth.

I think you know it in your hearts...

Welcome Home to the family....where Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion are the norm. Where illness, strife, and poverty do not exist.

We are well on our way to this becoming 'reality' for all.

Hold on to your hats!  (he smiles...he is SO handsome when he smiles like that! How am I EVER going to get to work when I am thinking about Ross?! LOL  -- ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Souls who are your Star Family to boot!