Sunday, June 30, 2013


California Screamin' is the roller coaster on the left

It's all about the energy.

How I view my world is always based on the energy that results from making my choices.

Remember the quote, 'they won't remember what you say or do but they will always remember the way they made you feel?'

It's kind of like that.

When you are like me, and I know one other healer who is from Sirius, you like the energy 'UP'. The faster the vibration, the higher the energy, the better you feel.

I eat Raw Vegan food to increase the energy. I exercise to increase the energy. I sit in the sunshine to feel the energy of the sun in my Light Body. I am kind to others because it raises the mutual energy that is between us (this is not people pleasing--it is 'right action'). I help others in my life's work because it is my calling. Whenever we are on our Life Path, and doing our Purpose, the energy is the highest of all, and the Universe supports us.

Well, I used to enjoy working in the heart room because the energy was the highest I could find.

Until I discovered Labor and Delivery! The JOY there is incredible!!!

I enjoy riding horses and jumping because of the energy.

I enjoy dancing ballet because of the energy.

The ocean, and body boarding, offers amazing energy and aura clearing at the same time!

And I love riding roller coasters because of the energy. It clears the 'fog' and helps me get in touch with my Higher Self. 

Lately 3D has me feeling like I just can't take the dense energies any more.

It is so confining and restrictive! Once you get a taste of the Higher Dimensions, chances are you are going to begin to feel like that too.

If you are sick and tired of the lousy, filthy, Cabal-controlled lower dimensions, here's what you can do to change it. It will speed up the process of 'setting the stage' for the planetary changes that are to happen. By doing this meditation you are giving notice to the Universe to 'Please Bring It On!'

Meditate with our group at noon  PDT for about ten minutes with the Cobra Meditation. We are going to start doing this together on conference call. Stay posted for more details once this gets set up. Again, we are the Planetary Healer's Network.  Here is the link to the Cobra meditation that we follow:

Love and Light Forever,


Reiki Doc

Usui Sensei's Little Joke : )

Reiki was discovered here, at the base of a waterfall upstream

Our leader, Mikao Usui Sensei, discovered Reiki at the end of a long search for solution to his life's problems. 

Along with enlightenment, and the solutions he had been seeking, healing was an 'extra gift' that was given to him.

As he raced down the mountain to share his good news, he stubbed his toe. You can imagine his surprise when it healed instantly in his hands as he inspected it up on the hill!

Here is Kurama Temple in Kyoto:

I think this was where Usui Sensei went on pilgrimage

To be sure, there is an entire book on the subject of 'The Birth Of Reiki':

All I have to share with you, is the English translation for Kurama yama mountain. It means 'horse saddle'.

Look at what I see from my sliding glass door as I write this to you now:

Saddleback Mountain, California (in the distance)

Everyone who lives in the entire Southern County Metropolitan region can see this landmark!

Domo arigato Usui Sensei, for this coincidence you provided as a little joke at my seriousness over all things Reiki. I have been smiling over this the past week. It is my hope that others will be join us on this  little joke.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friends and Family: You CAN Take It With You

This is a lesson I discovered while tapping deep into my Sirian 'roots' of my soul at the ocean yesterday.

For all of the 'matrix', the 'grid' and all the transformation that is currently happening within, above, below, and around us....for all the 'Illusion' there is one thing that is REAL--the love for our friends and family.

It is the close relationship ties that have an actual chance of staying 'intact' after transition, death, and separation.

It is the love which binds two hearts together that can cross both distance, time, and alternate dimensions!

This is what 'connects' the 'one that sees' to 'the One Beyond', be it loved one, angel, guide or Ascended Master.

In the pod, the bonds that tie are through the matriarch, deep in the ocean with the cetaceans--dolphins, whales, both baleen and toothed! (This also is true for elephants! Isn't it amazing how large, successful, intelligent mammals live in society like this?). They follow her wisdom, love, and guidance for survival in the ocean (and in the savannah).

Yesterday, I strengthened the tie between mother and son at the beach. While building sand castles together, I cracked jokes. With my closest ones, I have a sense of humor that is very active and I enjoy using it! One of my favorite ways to bond with another is to each try to sing as off-key as possible!

Here were were singing 'we built this city -with Rock and Roll!' and holding our stomachs we were laughing so hard! We boogie-boarded until we were worn out, counting down to the last wave...

As we showered at the top of the sand in the public spigots, he asked 'on a scale from one to ten how was your day at the beach?'

He called it a ten out of ten!

Please take the time today to build up the ties between you and those that love you. If you can, blow them away with your Light, and Love, and Laughter!  They are in your life for a reason--total Soul Contracts--they are the ones that offered to be your teachers so you can learn and grow in Spirit; even the ones who have given heartache have done so for the Highest Good (even though it hurts and I am sorry that the learning takes place that way on Gaia. This will change with the new energies, I promise!)

Today what is on tap?

The Happiest Place On Earth!


Reiki Doc

Friday, June 28, 2013

Possible Signs Of The Veil Removal

Here is a letter that was sent to Violet Light UK:

Message: I would like to know if you had any visions very early this morning. I did and I am trying to find others that connected with the Universal Consciousness that may have seen what I saw. There was a strong shift last night and the vale was lifted.  Things are passing into this world.  Sorry to be vague.  Just wanted some feedback from you.


Violet-Light forwarded it to me. Here is my response:

Hi E,

This is Reiki Doc. I have been getting very strong signals from Spirit since Monday that 'it's over' and 'we won'. Not that my 'signals' matter in particular, but I have had three very clear messages to this effect. I know that these 'precede' by two to three days the 'intel' that shows up on the Internet. But you are right on track. The changes that will result from this are going to be 'made news' very gradually. If you would like to see some of them, please see the following links:

I also have noticed that the sun has changed--it seems 'bigger' and 'hotter' and I believe there are Tachyons coming through it for the first time in history (the veil blocked them).

More about Tachyons at

I also suspect that the Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda's walk across the Grand Canyon did a lot to raise the vibration of the planet enough for the last victory to be complete. His contribution to the Light was important.

Even though we 'won', the 'Rallying Point' for the general public I suspect is going to be GMO's, specifically, the Mom's Against GMO's marches scheduled for July 4.

Make sure you have plenty of Toilet Paper and cash and precious metals on hand for the two weeks after The Event (which is not yet 'official'). Until then, watch these websites for further intel:

Victory For The Light,

Reiki Doc <3

Obstetric Anesthesia: How I Share Your Pain

This is a spinal anesthetic; the anesthesiologist has pulled the stylet and is looking for a drop of CSF at the hub of the needle. This confirms placement is correct and injection of local anesthetic can go in.


I do anesthesia for women who are in labor and having cesarean sections.  I support women's medicine for the entire day I am 'on call', offering emotional and Reiki/spiritual support as well as the removal of pain of surgery and having a kid.

I hurt.

I feel your pain.

And after you are done and ecstatic over your newborn baby, I drive home somewhat in a fog, anxious to go to sleep. I experience sleep deprivation just like you with your crying baby--only for me it's the phone in the call room that wakes me up instead.

Sometimes I wonder if our Guides and Angels get as tired as I get,  after helping us to get from 'here' to 'there' in our own growth and development.

Here are some of the ways all of us on the Labor Deck, not just the anesthesia providers (CRNA and MD) support you in ways you might not realize:

  • The ward clerk and doctors office sees that all of your important medical information is sent to where you are having your baby so everyone will know your needs precisely for this delivery.
  • The nurses carefully assess you and gather information for your current state and document it for the team, things like drug allergies, medical history, and obstetric history.
  • The lab checks your blood for me to see if it is safe to put in an epidural or spinal for labor (not enough platelets, you can get a blood clot in the back that can paralyze you)
  • The pharmacists make sure I have plenty of drugs to use to control your pain in the supply area.
  • Emotional support begins with the nurses and they explain to me your 'situation' so I can react accordingly.
  • Each of us on the care team makes it a point to communicate with face-to-face contact that 1) I'm here    2) I care about you     and    3) I know what to do to make you feel better
  • The above statement is from the work of Charles R. McKay, MD FACC FAHA, based on his work with Heart Failure Patients. This face-to-face is a direct factor in promoting good outcomes in patient care.
Sometimes when it is busy all of us feel like we are taking care of all these hungry chicks

In Spirit:
I offer myself to you in service with all of my gifts. With my intuition, combined with my experience and the teamwork/pooled intuition of the nurses, we have a pretty good idea if you are going to 'go' with vaginal delivery or need a c-section. We might try other things to 'help' it, but many times the 'data' point in that direction long before we ever mention it to you. We give you 'your chance' to go naturally.

I take in all this 'information' on your energy and emotional state, and adjust how I interact with you to make it more effective. For example, when Spirit guides me, 'give the Transition symbol' while I am with you, I give it. For example,  I give a lot of Reiki while I hold you leg while you push. I also pray throughout the labor and delivery for both of us, for things to go as smoothly as possible.

In Emotions:
As an empath this is where I take the damage the most. When you are panicking, I feel it just like you. I do my work, but I have to be careful to take only 'what is mine' home with me at the end of the day. 
This is why I take a bath or go to the ocean the day after--to clean all the residue of these emotions I have been in 'contact' with off.
I make it a point to smile and to be pleasant when I am with you, even at three a.m. It's not your fault or the baby's that we are working when both of us could be sleeping!
I also do not wear makeup so you will be the beautiful one and be comfortable while you are with us.

In Professional Capability:
Sometimes I 'dig deep' to deliver the care for you. The spine isn't always 'textbook'. I have to make minor adjustments in dose, approach, and equipment in everything I do. There is a ton of information I must enter into the computer about what I have selected for you and what I want the nurses to give, and what I have given and how. My job is to make it look easy, but between us right now, more often than not, I sweat a little, and sometimes my knees wobble over the difficulty of what I have been asked to do. 'An epidural' sounds simple, doesn't it? But to me, it is often like Luke Skywalker using The Force to get those shots into the Death Star at the end of the first Star Wars episode. (Most pain doctors do this procedure with fluoroscopy --x-ray movie--visualization).
I also communicate to the team effectively about what I have done and make sure that your clinical needs are met after I finish with my care.

In Physical Capacity:
I am hungry, often times. I am sleepy. I am sore. I have a sore back from reaching over the bed. My muscles get a workout trying to get the needle through the calcified ligaments in your back sometimes. I might have just sat down to eat lunch when I am asked to come 'fix the blood pressure' or 'give an epidural'. My feet and legs ache at the end of the day. I might, when it is late at night, want to brush my teeth, but I am in the middle of procedures and I can't do that. Many times we have to void and there is no time so we are 'holding it' until the next chance we can get to empty our bladder!

In Mental Fortitude:
Sometimes we have just had something challenge us and you are the next one. I have to tell myself to 'pull it together' and 'move on'. Sometimes I have to focus for the entire team, and be a leader when there is massive hemorrhage and I am giving lots of transfused blood. Sometimes the nurse you have has written me up in the past (they do this OFTEN! Even me! LOL), and I know it, and I don't want to be working with her but I am, and I have to 'buck up'. One of the hardest ones is when technically my work is 'a challenge' and I would like to quit but there is no back up. I have to keep trying until I get it in and get you comfortable. Sometimes I have to come back and take it out and do it over to make you comfortable. It is all in a day's work, but you wouldn't know this; having to explain this to you takes a lot of mental strength on my part because you and I simply weren't expecting any difficulty in the first place!

How Spirit Helps:
  • The team invited me to buy dinner with them, but I declined.
  • Five hours later, when I was hungry, a nurse offered me a slice of her leftover pizza and a ward clerk shared salsa and chips.
  • I get woken up in the middle of the night with a message: God has JOY! 
  • Enough time is 'cleared' for me to take the yoga class offered free at work--in my scrubs!
  • A song kept playing in my mind, all day, all night, and then the same one came up on the radio 'out of the blue' to comfort me. Here it is--above--see Coldplay's Chris Martin?
How You Help:
  • Your trust
  • Your smile when 'everything works'
  • The gratitude of you, your husband, and your family for my work
  • Your being yourself so I can see the 'spark of God in you'--sometimes it can be your carefully put together hair, your pedicure you picked out to make you look your best, your laugh and joking personality, your curiosity about 'medical stuff' and wanting to give back a lot by just being 'who you are'. I find it refreshing how 'different' every mother, father and baby is.
  • Your little gifts for me or the team (we appreciate it VERY much)
  • The look of relief and joy when I check on you the next day.
It is an honor and a joy to be there with you at this special event in your life. 

Even if I am worked to the point of pain while it is happening. 

We share that pain, together, while new life is being welcomed into this world!


Reiki Doc

Thursday, June 27, 2013

World Peace Project--Reiki Healers Unite!

Reiki practitioners, forgive me if you have heard about this already. It was new to me when I first learned Reiki, and want to write it here for handy reference for others.

William Lee Rand has created a 'grid' or 'card' with the help of Spirit. Golden copies have been placed personally by him at the North Pole, the South Pole, Jerusalem, and his headquarters I believe are in Michigan.

At this link you can find both the history and purpose of the project, and a link to a free printout of the 'cards' to use in your own meditation with the group on the selected dates.

The next one is scheduled for Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

What you do is at the appointed time, join others across the globe by focusing on your cards and doing the meditation.

This is very similar to the weekly meditations with the Cobra group.

All are for the highest good.

I simply thought you should know about it. I believe if you are not Reiki, but have the intent to heal the Globe and Gaia, you might wish to join us.


Reiki Doc

A Sign of Spiritual Assistance: It's Almost Imperceptible

Can you see a flower grow while you are watching it?

The same is true with us.

We grow in spirit at the same rate that flowers touch the sky; we 'get there', albeit imperceptibly.

Today I had a 'meeting' with my boss.

Yes, that's right, I have one, same as you. Anesthesia bosses always catch you in the hallway. And after the topic of importance gets done, they relax and start bringing up 'other things'.

The messages I got were:

  • Sign the contract on this line and this line after you look at it tonight (tonight I am sending it to my contract attorney! LOL)
  • Position the patient so their legs hang off the bed for an epidural. (I can't reach across the bed, I have short arms, so that's why they sit funny. But I will do it.)
  • Here on some tips to make your epidural even more technically 'slick'
  • Don't take three weeks vacation in summer,  people complain to him. Don't take off work at times when school is out because other people have kids too. (even if I get coverage--he says 'it's not first come-first serve')
  • Do any of the women want to work part time? (looks straight at me--I stalled)
  • Because this is not residency, academics, or a large corporation, don't complain about not eating lunch. ('I get lunch but don't eat it. I take a few bites here and there. By dinner I am done.' they said. 'Get some nuts and chocolate to keep in your locker.')
I was pleasant. 

I was polite.

And for the first time ever, I spoke up!
  • I completely understand. I won't do the Christmas break off again. EVER.
  • I won't do Spring Break either, too.
  • But please look at it from my side--this is FAMILY I have in France, I am going the long trip, and three weeks makes it more doable. My colleagues go to Iran, China and Vietnam for three weeks all the time. This is for my son to learn to speak French. What else am I supposed to do? This was planned in January. I have the tickets. (Just don't do it again--in SUMMER--he says. Ok.)
  • I also explained that I have food IN MY LOCKER and I don't even go to the cafeteria. And because I give a detailed report to PACU, unlike the rest of the group, that is where my time for lunch 'goes'. All I ask is for ten minutes to actually eat it. I won't mention it to the team any more--I will just go eat.
If this had been me twenty-five years ago, I would have gone home and cried to my husband, and never said a peep to my boss. I would have been terrified of losing my job.

If this had been twenty years ago, I would have done my best to do everything the boss said, and made sure he knew I was doing it.

If this had been fifteen years ago, I would have complained to a girlfriend about what was said, but never let my boss know I disagreed with him.

If this had been ten years ago, I would have asked a mentor how to make it work for me--with business smarts. I probably wouldn't have had the courage to try it.

If this had been five years ago, I would have gone straight to my mentor (a different one) and done exactly what HE said to do without questioning HIM.

Today I spoke for myself.

The 'flower of assertiveness and self-confidence'  is growing with lots of love and support from my Guardian Angel, Laetari, my Ascended Masters, and Spiritual Guides. And from the day to day practice of being a mom. I try to work together and be reasonable, but I also know when to 'call him on the carpet' because sometimes that's just what has to be done, and there is no choice.

Thank you so much God for helping me to grow like that. I am happy with the results!


A lot of people are disappointed with the Spiritual Path. It's not like you can measure inches gained or lost with a tape measure. It's not like a summer blockbuster movie with special effects.

It's like watching the grass grow, or paint dry.

But that is the speed it takes for a soul to learn life lessons. That's why it takes possibly many lifetimes to learn, right?

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to watch the effect of spiritual guidance.

It's there, with you, always.

And besides, being a Reiki Master helps too. I have grown so much as a person since I first took Reiki!


In Love, Light, and Happiness,

Reiki Doc

The Power Of 'Never'

Do you recall the joke with the punch line: 'I am a frayed knot'?

Current energies on Gaia are focusing us to re-examine our hopes, goals, and fears. Often it is our Dream that leads us to discovery of our True Purpose in life, our 'mission' so to speak, for this incarnation.

While traveling in San Diego last April, I discovered the 'Power of Never' in my own Life Journey.

I realized that the strongest rejection of any 'path', where I said profusely, 'I could NEVER do that!'
as a strange course of fate turned out to be predictive of what I ended up doing in my life!

Here are some examples from me:
  • I could NEVER be a surgeon!:  I am afraid of blood. I thought the ooze of blood after making a skin incision would make me pass out. It didn't. I ended up applying for and getting a categorical general surgery spot in Residency. I was a surgery intern and resident for two years before I 'jumped ship'.  Not only was I a surgeon, I earned HONORS in that clerkship! In internship I was told I was 'one of the best' (but perhaps you should read a little more...LOL)
  • I could NEVER be a single mom!:  I didn't think it was fair to the child to be brought up that way. I counseled a friend who was approaching forty not to have a baby fathered by one of her gay friends as a sperm donor. Her biological clock was ticking. (she had a strong family and personal history of depression, and financial difficulties too. The whole situation didn't seem 'right' overall). Little did I know a short time later a twenty-three year old 'sperm donor' would find me and become MY 'baby daddy'!
  • I could NEVER be attracted to an asian guy!:  It didn't matter that all of my best friends were asian in college, in medical school, in residency, in fellowship, and at work. I was convinced I wanted a blue-eyed baby. Little did I know because of my training, including Reiki, and my friendships, including all of my closest ones today, I would become 'an egg', white on the outside, and asian on the inside! LOL I might have a lot more in common with some than I might think. And right now, my best friend on the planet is Japanese. 
I actually took one of my favorite teachers, the one who taught me Divine Peace Healing (and brought it to the planet like Usui brought down Reiki!), to MEET my Japanese best friend over lunch. As she was talking to me about her story, I noticed a similar pattern in her:
  • I could NEVER channel!:  She was very Catholic and afraid of losing control because she thought 'channelling' meant in a trance like Edgar Cayce. She had a friend that was interested, and both of them were reading a book on the subject together. She couldn't put the book down, and read it 'to be able to help her friend'. Soon she was channelling her father as her guide. 
  • I could NEVER have an Advanced Master as a Guide in Spirit!:  at one point, her father congratulated her that she had progressed enough to have caught the attention of a Master Teacher Guide who stepped up to help in her Spiritual Work. She was concerned about her 'worthiness' and also about 'not having her dad as her guide'. Not only did she excel under the direction of Gunter, she published books she has written by channelling his spirit for the benefit of teaching others! 
Margaret is am amazing healer. You might want to check out her website and her services. If you are interested in taking a Divine Peace Healing course from her, and getting attuned, she offers it once a year. I also had her recently 'spring clean' my house's energy--for only fifty dollars, she can remotely 'clean' any negative imprints and souls who have not crossed to the light, and change everything to the frequency of Divine Love. Here is her page:

What areas in your life have you heard yourself utter, 'I could NEVER do that!'?

Chances are they have something to do with your life's calling, your True Path of Service to Humanity by honoring Love and Light.

You never know!

"Whatever you think, so shall you be. There are no limits." Gunter

Love and Blessings,

Reiki Doc

What Planet Are YOU From???

You don't have to take a Goddess Energy Initiation with Lady Isis or attend a Cobra Conference to find out you are from Sirius, for example.

There is a website!

A friend of mine shared this with me--it is done online, or by snail mail, and all it takes is like, ten dollars, she says. It will tell your your Star Origin for your last three incarnations. I am getting mine done now. I think there is a Pleiades in there too. I always LOVED that constellation and looked for it every time in the night sky as a child.

Here is the link:

Have fun!


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Unicorn and The Faerie Queen

I was relaxing as I was having my hair cut this afternoon.

As I started to close my eyes, I 'saw' with my third eye, a Unicorn. It was the same one I had seen earlier and mentioned in this blog. I asked questions, but he would not let me touch him. I pestered him and he let me kiss his horn to say a quick 'hello' and look him in the eyes.  He answered the questions briefly, and said he had something to show me.

He led me to a glen in the forest, and soon I was in the realm of the Faeries.

I was very excited and happy to be amongst them! The energy is very beautiful and Light.  Then I understood I was invited to meet the Faerie Queen herself, and got a little self-conscious.

The Unicorn basically said, 'Chin up!' and I met her. I walked very very slowly to make sure I was polite.

She had a tall hat of peach and pink roses, and a beautiful ephemeral Faerie gown to match. Not tall, only as high as my knee, but definitely regal.

Apparently earlier this afternoon when I was guided to 'sit on the grass', not on a towel but right on the ground in the sunshine. I had been watering the garden, and let the hose keep going, and just sat facing west.

There was very little 'talk' as I sat. I just enjoyed the sunshine, which was quite hot, And when it was 'time' I 'knew' and got up.

I didn't think anything of it at all...but according to her, I was being 'tested' or 'evaluated' in some way, to see if I was ready for 'contact'.

Her message to me I can't recall. I asked her name, it is Shinatu (pronounced shin-not-too)**. She said it was very important that I remembered her name, and so I kept repeating it to myself over and over to make sure I would not forget it.

I do recall asking here where we were? She was in fact in charge of the faeries who are responsible for my garden.

'Does it make a difference?' I asked, surprised that my tiny patch helps in the general scheme of things.

Indeed it did, and she showed me the connections. She also showed that we were in the etheric plane, the part that sends the energy down into the physical to make it grow.

'Well then how could I be here? I am physical!' I blurted out, not understanding any of it.

She let me know by telepathy, like a really smart person almost impatient with someone who is a 'little slow', that I had risen UP to the etheric plane in my state of consciousness. (that was a big part of the 'test' in the sunshine--my Vibration was being measured).

I was sure to offer my services to help in any way possible. I felt embarrassed not to have a gift for her, since she was a Queen. I did curtsy properly though.

In return she gave me a beautiful chain of daisies! She put it over my head like a lei, and a matching one for my wrist and for my finger. I was delighted! I had always wanted my own daisy chain! In childhood all of my attempts at making them failed miserably when the stems would always split.

I was not allowed to eat, but was given a box, a about four inches wide, four inches tall, eight inches long, and covered with satiny periwinkle colored cloth. I was not allowed to open it. I was was heavy, like full of baked goods or coins.

The Unicorn showed up, I said my goodbyes to the Faeries, and then I was 'back' in the chair getting my hair cut.


Fascinating name.

I am going to have to look that one up.

And yes, I thanked her for making my garden so vibrant and wonderful!


Reiki Doc

P.S. It wasn't the only 'higher dimensional' experience: during the massage on my head during the shampoo, my friend and master stylist's hands started to send healing energy to me. I saw it--pink/white, with a little bit of lavender flecks in it. I told him and he said, 'I like those colors!'. I realized he had been concentrating so hard that he popped into 4D and it happened. (he is not Reiki trained) I told him soon everyone is going to be like this. And more, we will read each others' minds, so no one is going to be able to trick anyone! He liked that!

I also congratulated him and his partner on the Supreme Court decision. I said, 'When you two get married, I want to be the flower girl. I was promised it twice when I was little, and it never worked out! Be sure to tell Jeffrey that I want to be the world's oldest flower girl at your wedding!' They love that kind of humor, and they knew I shared their joy.  : ))) <3

** = Shin (ATU xx) means a LOT. In Gnostic texts. Like, 'The Next Aeon'. Yikes!

Here is an excerpt from this link:

The figure at the bottom, which AC considers "suggestive of a flower" [this is the Lotus of Harpocrates), is a Shin with three Yods occupied by three human figures "arising to partake in the essence of the New Aeon". ("Man reborn, o deed divine!")
The coloured bands behind the Shin are representative of Libra, "the forthshadowing of the Aeon which is to follow this one presumably in about 2000 years"."when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place" (AL III: 34).
Shin (Atu XX) is triple, thus 31 x 3 = 93 (Thelema)
T (Atu XI) = Lion; Serpent, Sun, Courage, Sexual Love
Atu XX + Atu XI = ShT & 31

The Next Aeon

The word of our Aeon is Themema...Shin  (Atu XX) is  triple, thus 31 x 3 = 93 (thelema)

It also is linked with ATU XX ('The Sun' tarot card) and shin = ATU XX = horus

I don't understand any of this. I don't know if it is from the Light, although I tested for it during the vision. It felt okay, but she felt 'serious'. There is some Crowley stuff I don't understand or like at all, plus Gnostic stuff that sounds like it is a Mystery School with White Knights or something.


With Respect To Our Reiki Ohana: Chijuro Hayashi

Usui, Hayashi, Takata...Rand.

William Lee Rand did a marvelous research on the history of Reiki. To give him full credit, and the full article if you are interested, here is the link to his website for International Center For Reiki Training's article on the history:

What I will do is share with you the beautiful story of Chijuro Hayashi by taking a section of Rand's article to share with you:

 Chujiro Hayashi
Before his passing, Usui Sensei had asked Hayashi Sensei to open his own Reiki clinic and to expand and develop Reiki Ryoho based on his previous experience as a medical doctor in the Navy. Motivated by this request, Hayashi Sensei started a school and clinic called Hayashi Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute). After Usui Sensei’s passing he also left the Gakkai.
At his clinic he kept careful records of all the illnesses and conditions patients who came to see him had. He also kept records of which Reiki hand positions worked best to treat each patient. Based on these records he created the Reiki Ryoho Shinshin (Guidelines for Reiki Healing Method).(25) This healing guide was part of a class manual he gave to his students. Many of his students received their Reiki training in return for working in his clinic.(26)
Hayashi Sensei also changed the way Reiki sessions are given. Rather than have the client seated in a chair and treated by one practitioner as Usui Sensei had done, Hayashi Sensei had the client lie on a treatment table and receive treatment from several practitioners at a time. He also created a new more effective system for giving Reiju (attunements).(27) In addition, he developed a new method of teaching Reiki that he used when he traveled. In this method, he taught both Shoden and Okuden (Reiki I&II) together in one five-day seminar. Each day included two to three hours of instruction and one Reiju.(28)
Because of his trip to Hawaii in 1937–38 prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he was asked by the Japanese military to provide information about the location of warehouses and other military targets in Honolulu. He refused to do so and was declared a traitor. This caused him to lose face, which meant he and his family would be disgraced and would be ostracized from Japanese society. The only solution was seppuku (ritual suicide), which he carried out. He died honorably on May 11, 1940.(29)

Hayashi-Sensi, domo arigato and many many heartfelt thanks for laying down your life to spare the people of Hawaii, by refusing to inform Japan of Hawaii's war targets, and following through with ritual suicide, seppuku, to end your own life honorably.

I wish I could have given you Reiki to help you at that terrible time!

honorable Hayashi Sensei we would not have Reiki today if it were not for your leadership


Reiki Doc

Nano-Nano: No! No! No!

In 1992 I had lunch at a local Russian restaurant down the street from where I lived in Berkeley. I was left with amazing impression of two things: nanotechnology, and a new love of Borscht. My friend wanted to get into medical school, like me, however, he was doing some research on nanotechnology. He described being able to create particles that were very small but had 'motors', so for example, they could be injected into the vein and do surgery and move remotely with the movement of his hand to cure disease.

An engineer by training, I welcomed the idea of something new

how would nanotechnology advance science?

what kind of new and exciting materials would nanotechnology create?

Then I went to medical school. Nanotechnology was forgotten. There were no 'micro robots' like my friend had said was the future. It was only in sunscreen and paint and some silver colloids and varnish and face creams and weird coatings to fabrics like to make exercise pants not stink of sweat.

Big whoopee, right?

Was I wrong!

Here's why YOU should inform yourself about nano particles:

This is your basic building block of your body

This is a nucleus. Those little colored lumps are coils of DNA in chromosomes

Perhaps this karyotype view of a chromosome is more familiar?

Let's take a closer look

zooming in on one double-helix of DNA

this is a nano tubule. It is smaller than those little dots in the DNA, above

This is how the DNA creates RNA to make amino acids which become proteins

A virus has the ability to inject its own DNA into another cell, and splice it in to the host DNA, 'hijacking' the cell for its own purpose.

we know that abnormal DNA encodes cancer

We also know technology exists to manipulate DNA for science

For example, a 'liger' is a cross between a lion and a tiger

the ability to alter DNA and create hybrid creatures existed in Atlantis

It is possible that science may be used to control the population and decrease it

Not everyone has a lofty ideal; some 'mithraic' institutions worship power and the dollar (this image is titled, 'The End Times')

This is YOUR DNA

It has been kept hidden from you that it is a conductor of High Vibration Light and also a Supercomputer

this is a ribosome, a protein factory in each and every one of your cells that 'listens' to commands from the DNA

Are you willing to expose your DNA and RNA to nano technology?

Are you going to let waste nano particles affect the DNA of other life forms around you?

'Bucky balls' sound totally harmless, don't they?

Are you going to let this affect your health?

Or your eternal I Am Presence?

You decide.

My job is to ask the questions, and get you thinking about it. Here are the facts:


An area of concern is the effect that industrial-scale manufacturing and use of nanomaterials would have on human health and the environment, as suggested by nanotoxicologyresearch. For these reasons, some groups advocate that nanotechnology be regulated by governments. Others counter that overregulation would stifle scientific research and the development of beneficial innovations. Public health research agencies, such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health are actively conducting research on potential health effects stemming from exposures to nanoparticles.[51][52]
Some nanoparticle products may have unintended consequences. Researchers have discovered that bacteriostatic silver nanoparticles used in socks to reduce foot odor are being released in the wash.[53] These particles are then flushed into the waste water stream and may destroy bacteria which are critical components of natural ecosystems, farms, and waste treatment processes.[54]
Public deliberations on risk perception in the US and UK carried out by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society found that participants were more positive about nanotechnologies for energy applications than for health applications, with health applications raising moral and ethical dilemmas such as cost and availability.[55]
Experts, including director of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies David Rejeski, have testified[56] that successful commercialization depends on adequate oversight, risk research strategy, and public engagement. Berkeley, California is currently the only city in the United States to regulate nanotechnology;[57] Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 considered enacting a similar law,[58] but ultimately rejected it.[59] Relevant for both research on and application of nanotechnologies, the insurability of nanotechnology is contested.[60] Without state regulation of nanotechnology, the availability of private insurance for potential damages is seen as necessary to ensure that burdens are not socialised implicitly.

Health and environmental concerns

Researchers have found that when rats breathed in nanoparticles, the particles settled in the brain and lungs, which led to significant increases in biomarkers for inflammation and stress response[61] and that nanoparticles induce skin aging through oxidative stress in hairless mice.[62][63]
A two-year study at UCLA's School of Public Health found lab mice consuming nano-titanium dioxide showed DNA and chromosome damage to a degree "linked to all the big killers of man, namely cancer, heart disease, neurological disease and aging".[64]
A major study published more recently in Nature Nanotechnology suggests some forms of carbon nanotubes – a poster child for the “nanotechnology revolution” – could be as harmful as asbestos if inhaled in sufficient quantities. Anthony Seaton of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland, who contributed to the article on carbon nanotubes said "We know that some of them probably have the potential to cause mesothelioma. So those sorts of materials need to be handled very carefully."[65] In the absence of specific regulation forthcoming from governments, Paull and Lyons (2008) have called for an exclusion of engineered nanoparticles in food.[66] A newspaper article reports that workers in a paint factory developed serious lung disease and nanoparticles were found in their lungs.[67]
Extremely small fibers, so called nanofibers, can be as harmful for the lungs as asbestos is. This scientists warn for in the publication "Toxicology Sciences" after experiments with mice. Nanofibers are used in several areas and in different products, in everything from aircraft wings to tennis rackets. In experiments the scientists have seen how mice breathed nanofibers of silver. Fibers larger than 5 micrometer were capsuled in the lungs where they caused inflammations[68][69] (a precursor for cancer[70] like mesothelioma).[68]

Here is a link to a list of over eight hundred products that are known to contain nano particles. There is a 50 SPF sunscreen for babies from a well-known 'natural' line of personal care products in it. Check it out.

Aloha and mahalo and namaste,

Reiki Doc