Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Chalice Of The Divine Feminine Healing Light

You are a chalice!  Spirit said to me yesterday.

I was like, 'What? What is a chalice? You mean that drinking wine fancy metal goblet thing?'

And it is coming to me now.

'God is a woman.', said The Patient That Healed Me three days ago, 'Anyone would know it. They are the bearers of New Life.'

Then there was this quote I saw today:
I practice from a deep belief that a woman’s body is sacred, that birth is sacred and that the womb is the sacred vessel that holds a new life. That woman indeed is the sacred chalice of life!

Christine Vermeersch
Birth Guardian - Doula

Now Spirit is really 'talking'. With images.

Here is the first, it is taken from a page from Rob Potter. This item is a Quantum Resonator:

This innocuous-looking device is more than a chalice. It has Pleiadian design to harmonize the quantum energy fields in its vicinity. It is 'tachyonized' and used in advanced, non-invasive healing.

Here it is in use:

I was using Reiki under the pyramid structure with tachyonized healing crystals and the quantum resonator into the aura of the people that attended the Laguna Beach Cobra Conference last year. One of the crystals is on the 'patient's' third eye.

Here are the links to the Quantum Resonator and the blog post on healing:

Women are shaped like chalices--thin at the waist, like an hour glass.

Women are heart-based, and understand the emotions, rather than the intellect, because of their Divine Feminine Nature. (This is not all--some mothers are not exactly 'calm' or 'healing', I am the first to admit)

Women tend to be the Healers in the family. Married men live longer because of the influence of their wives...

In a very wise 'angel couple' I know, it is the woman that sends Divine Feminine Goddess Energy to heal the man as he does his energy healing work. (I will write more on them later). She sends it right from her heart to his energy fields to heal it after it gets attacked by non-physical negative entities that he removes from places.

There is something MORE to this chalice that Spirit is bringing up at this time.

There is a lot of incredible intel in the link from The Promise Revealed.

There is a lot of hope in Yoda 107.

In the future there are going to be 'Cities of Light' healing centers where people go to cure EVERYTHING. The first has been selected to go, or already is, in Sedona, Arizona.

I want to be a part of this new healing paradigm. I want it more than anything and in my heart I am building it. I envision a column of Light where I work, and at another more natural 'healing' location not far, it's right down the street. In my mind's eye, I see two columns of white light coming out of both 'places' and combining into one huge column of Light up to the Sky.

It is my wish for Advanced Healing to be made available to those who I work with, my patients, and their families. And everyone else is invited to come. When it is ready, an announcement will be made on this blog.

Right now we have Reiki in the Operating Room with five practitioners besides myself. We have 'open to spirit' other workers in their 'conventional' roles for the O.R. too. There is a big vortex in the Doctor's Dining Room that was put there by me : )))  . The other site is full of the presence of angels. A lot of natural healing takes place there; rumor has it some have been cured of cancer. I know for myself I have a new, stronger body, more energy, more hope, and at last I found Peace all because of the work done by these most humble and caring team of Lightworkers under the direction of at least two Galactics I recognize as such but am not sure if they are aware of it. And I am not going to be the one to tell them! LOL! The female is a Sirian, without a doubt. And the male? That is my favorite thing to guess. Today I guess 'andromedan' but tomorrow that could change.

After the Event, it is my hope that the Galactic Brothers and Sisters in the skies will grant me my request: to be IN on bringing the advanced healing to the masses with Love and an Open Heart.

My favorite place in the world is Lourdes, France.

It is because the crutches and braces and other 'healing devices' that are not needed any more are nailed up above everyone's heads on the walls.

I want everyone to get that kind of healing--a miracle that you never dreamed possible for all your life, and hoped against hope it would really be given through God and Divine Feminine.

Even thinking about it now makes me cry.

When I was at Lourdes, naked, in the bath, with the nuns covering my modesty with a towel and another pouring the healing waters on me, I made one wish: it was for my children to be spared the pain I had experienced while growing up--to break the chain, the cycle of suffering.

Today I fly to Paradise, or Hilo (ITO) from LAX.

I have two first-class tickets**. It is my son's dream to fly first class at least once in his life.

I lied and told he we can only afford coach.

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he figures it out. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Reiki Doc

P.S. ** the money we would have spent on lodging is put into the tickets because we are staying at the homes of friends.

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