Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Flight Reiki--The Reiki 2 Flight Attendant!

Thirty thousand feet over the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Mikao Usui laughed. And so did Buddha...

Upon boarding I saw her lotus blossom in silver on her necklace. It could have been first class hospitality, but it was something that 'caught my eye' in her necklace and her manner. Was it Lovingkindness? In flight?

I saw she and the other flight attendant were 'in' on the surprise for my son at being in that part of the plane. Everyone was very happy for him to have his dream come true.

But when she caught me taking notes on the 'Listen to the Forest Movie' and laughed. (I will find the link to share the movie with you later).

When she refilled our water, we got to talking. She had gone to a Himalayan Fair at a park in Berkeley.
I shared I had gone to school there. I recommended FatApple's for breakfast and a tour up the Campanile, but warned her that the bells might go off when she is up there and it is really loud.

Then she spoke about singing bowls and healing. How it vibrates you to your core and it it makes you feel better.

I shared how we have the bowls at home. And that this is the medicine of the future.

That caught her attention. I shared how I am Reiki Doc, how my boy is a Reiki Master, and he heals kids who get hurt on the playground at school. And how my friend is an anesthesiologist who does the same singing bowl therapy.

Kathy shared how her fourteen year old cat had such bad arthritis it couldn't go down the stairs. Her ex-husband spoke to his new wife (they live in Hawaii) about it. That night, the cat came down the stairs and sat next to Kathy on the couch in front of the T.V. Kathy was so delighted and surprised the cried out, thus scaring the cat who ran like a kitten back up the stairs!

She called the healer right away, and asked if she had sent healing? She indeed had sent distance healing to the cat. She could not reverse the disease process, but she could take the pain from it away.

The cat lived to twenty-one with no pain ever since, and passed of natural causes.

Kathy was amazed at the work with Doctors With Reiki, and asked for all the information to read this blog and keep in touch. She gave me an extra hug before landing, saying how very glad she was that we met.

I, in turn, shared how wonderful it is to have a Continuous Source of Reiki in the air with her airlines.

What a wonderful way to share healing, peace, and Light with the world?


Reiki Doc

P.S. While we were at LAX, I did some 'vortex work'. There is a big blue one to the right of the funny building near the control tower, and coming down into it is a sparkling rainbow-white vortex of Goddess Spiral Energy. It is a double vortex, and the Light is going to town! (The natural Ley lines in the area on Gaia are opening up too.) Everyone in the area, and all flights, are highly blessed to fly through it, live near it, and work.