Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pele Speaks

sometimes I awaken to beautiful messages from Spirit; today was one of them.

You will have a beautiful healing. You will understand more in one hour.

One hour later:
Being the consort of a queen is a fast way to get killed (suppoku)

I realized that is the healing I need to understand with my heart about the heart of another.

A big moth, bigger than a hummingbird, came to my attention on the screen door on the balcony.

In Italy, moths in the home are good luck, and this was the biggest moth I had ever seen!

Next came this song:

My Twin speaks to me through songs. For example the day we met, I 'got' Madness by Muse--he wasn't sure if this was 'real' or not, ya?

Now I just saw this: 

I fly home today. I guess it is time to face forward. LOL there is another music reference back at ya!

Seriously, I am excited and nervous and open all at the same time. I discovered an independence in my heart this trip to Big Island and Oahu. I am most thankful for the generosity of friends and the chance to live 'island style' without the big resort hotel that is full of GMO and pesticide and chemical. LOL? I never saw a 'sunset at the beach', I got a lot of mosquito bites, but it was okay.

Last night we saw frogs hopping on the lawn as we came home from Starbucks. He had never seen frogs alive outside a zoo. We tried catching them but they hop too fast and under plants on neighbor yard!

Mahalo, aloha nui loa, and namaste,

Reiki Doc