Friday, June 14, 2013

Walk With Me: My Spiritual 'Lesson'

Yesterday, while laundry was going at the condo at Kapolei, and the movie was entertaining my son on the DVD player, I sneaked out onto the patio for a little heart-to-heart with Spirit.

My sharing is for you to discover how 'real time' lessons for our own lives can be.

Our Lady had a message for me, and I wrote it down:

My Jewel,

There is happiness for you.
Out there.
Just feel it. It is in the wind, caressing you. It is in the wall and ground that support you. It is in the sky where the stars are hiding behind the sun.
What is it? (that is troubling you)

me: How come I don't feel anything for (a certain person)?

*** a gecko shows up out of nowhere, head down stuck on the wall across from me***

What is it doing? (You should look up its significance)

me: It is hanging on and surviving by doing what geckos do (Today I looked it up: Mo'o)

Can most creatures climb up the wall and walk on the ceiling?

me: no. only the gecko.

So can you. Is there a lady gecko or a man gecko to 'go' with this gecko? Or babies?

me: Not that I know. Only gecko knows.

Gecko: Hi or ALOHA! (he uses Hawaiian to speak to me as a second-thought, he looks at me quizzically, as he senses something is up)

me: I leave (today for airport)

Gecko: I stay. I can keep eye on place. I want to come inside!

me: You are like Charlie at home! (the lizard that won't stay outside and keeps sneaking in the house)

***I see a butterfly. Moth is there too. ***

Butterfly means 'completion' of a goal--celebrate and enjoy

Moth in Italian culture means 'good luck' when found in the home. This was HUGE!

Gecko: One big family! Ohana! (he leaves after making a comment about all the animals I see)

*** I see a bird. I hear more birds. ***

Birds are social. They mate for life and live in groups. But not moth or butterfly.

me: okay.

As easy as that?

me: (I look at the air conditioner) Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim R410A.

Are you happy?

me: yes.

Let that be a lesson for you then. Why have two when you can make do with one?

*** I see white sea birds *** (I looked it up Ulili)

me: Oh. I thought I would get a Twin Flame : (

You are complete.

*** I see a mockingbird. I love those. ****

Those are the lessons for today:

  • Strength!
  • Fortitude!
  • Spirit!
me: he really doesn't like me... : ((( (I stop my dark thought mid-sentence, and call on the Light)

(very gentle tone she uses) It really does hurt you?

me: Yes. Until it heals. I can heal anything. I trust God.

what is your wish? (she shows me a place where in my mind I had hoped all three could stay for a week--I explain in detail why I had that wish and what I wanted to Her) why can't you ask?

me: I will ask God.

God isn't going with you. Someone else will.

me: He is moving away. At the same time as this week!

All the more reason to ask.

me: Give me strength.

We will.

me: why isn't it easy?

It is what it is. (encourages me to read first entry in the journal I keep of my spiritual 'lessons'. It is dated 10.28.12, was written at the Kohala Coast, and says, 'your biggest miracle and your biggest passion is about to begin.')

Here are the learning points:
  • Spirit guides and supports, kind of like a 'trainer' or 'coach'
  • Spirit does not do the work
  • I might never make this 'goal' that is laid out for me. I am chicken! Real growing points are HARD! Like, over many lifetimes HARD!
  • Animals 'pop in' like teachers, sort of for 'picture/significance/feeling' emphasis
  • Animals talk. This is very 5D
  • There is total honesty and trust between my Guide and me. It goes both ways.
In the big picture, I have all Eternity to learn this lesson. I did not type out the meanings of the animals, but they have special significance to me. The last bird was 'good' news for me; I 'get its message'.

I came back from Hawaii a changed person. Travel is good for this. I 'let go' of these societal images:

And the need for a significant 'other' to 'share'. I have a moon in Gemini. And a sun in Cancer. I feel my feelings and I need to 'talk'! LOL This is a big 'letting go'.

I also have discovered this:

Grounded with Gaia and Goddess Energy

For as long as I can remember, I felt as different as this sea iguana (not reptilian! for heaven's sakes!, but very noticeably 'different' energy wise on the 'beach of life'. See the people off in the distance, all couples?):

 By some miracle, of energy healing I do not understand, I have 'upgraded' my 'energetic self-image' to this: 

This is no ordinary seal. It is a rare Hawaiian monk seal. It is sacred. It is hanging out on the beach, enjoying the sun, and is being happy. Look at that smile in the warmth? I don't see any other seals with it. And it is okay being what it is. 

We'll see how the rest of the lesson 'goes'. No matter what, I will always be like gecko--and only I will know where the rest of the 'lesson' leads as far as solitude or partnership. I never really 'am' alone, as you can see by the transcript of this! 

One day you will be like this too with your 'lessons', perhaps even soon!

I know in my heart that as long as I hold my Vibration, others will 'awaken' and then there will be more of us in the Light. That is my dream of dreams--to share this wonderful experience.

And if my kid is my Soul Mate (I have been told we are 'very well matched')--instead of some 'romance' like in the 'social advertisement/brainwashing' in the mass media--well as long as it helps the Light win, that is a good thing. 

It really ties in with all of this!

Mahalo and Aloha and Namaste,

Reiki Doc