Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spirit Has A Sense Of Humor On The Solstice

This morning I wrote about something sad.

Today Spirit cheered me up big time!

Mama 'Floor', our housekeeping staff in the O.R., stopped me on my way in and said, 'I have something to tell you. Remember yesterday, how we talked about, you-know-him?'

I didn't have any idea who.

'You know, that surgeon? Him?' she gestured with her hands and looked like she had a big secret to spill.

I pretended like I knew.

She said one day about four years ago, in the Doctors Lounge, this same surgeon expressed openly to the room, 'there is this new doctor. I really like her a lot and I might be interested in her--but she is a Lesbian!' And the whole room said, 'yes, right, don't mess with that! Leave her be.'

Then I recalled yesterday's conversation. There is a surgeon who was just divorced when I started work.  He was attracted to me. But as someone new to work, and as a single mother, the risk of having a relationship, or even worse, have it end badly in the workplace was too much for me to even consider. I had to think of something quick before he asked me out.

I made him think I was gay.

I dropped the hint on purpose to let him come to the conclusion I preferred women!

And it worked! He left me alone. : ) we were able to work together ever since with no problem.

As I shared this, Mama 'Floor' nodded and said, 'that was smart!'

This morning she wanted me to know she had overheard his original conversation in the doctor's lounge, to let them know just how effective my plan was!

To protect both of our anonymity , let us call him 'Dr. Joe L.'

I worked with him yesterday, and also was scheduled today.

Yesterday I watched with interest as he worked. There was some bleeding and he had to reopen the wound. He reached for the surgical clip stapler and I, having had done a significant amount of surgery myself in my own training, thought, oh no that won't work--you are going to need a stick tie!  (this is when you sew through the bleeder and tie a knot about it).

No sooner had I THOUGHT it did he say, 'Wait, I need a suture!' and he did a stick tie!

The only person I told about that was my friend, Margaret, over lunch. She is one of my teachers, and she thought the telepathy was cool. She approved.

Today, as we started the case, I reached up and turned off the radio because he doesn't like music in the O.R.

Then he started to talk. His editor (he is an author) finished editing his book. It had taken a year. It will be published this August and available at all bookstores. The title is Conquering Cancer. It has information in a true Integrative Medicine manner about all treatments of cancer. He shared that eighty-five percent of all cancer is preventable: it is due to alcohol, tobacco, environmental causes. As a general surgeon and son of a surgeon he was shocked! He is also reading Eckhardt Tolle, The Power Of Now. He says it is brilliant.

I shared just a bit, that I am into 'that stuff' too. I asked what his favorite type of alternative healing is for cancer?

He said there are a million of them.

I wasn't sure whether to share or not. Then he said he had been to both hospitals he works at, and spoken with management about forming a department of integrative medicine and was flatly refused! He was dumbfounded, and countered with, 'Do you KNOW that EVERY major cancer center in the COUNTRY has a department like this?!' Again, the answer to his request was 'no' and he gave up.

I shared how the CEO laughed the vegetarian surgeon out of the office when he approached her about having local community kids make a farm to grow vegetables for the hospital--or at least, to make organic food available in the cafeteria that was not full of GMO like what is served currently.

That's when I let down my guard. I said I do Reiki. That the circulator is my Reiki student. That I blog and have over 75,000 hits--I am a writer too and internationally known!

He was impressed. I also asked about his publisher. I said I had written a book, but I didn't want to publish it on Kindle because I wouldn't get an ISBN number.

He asked what the book was about? I said, 'Well, I am a little bit of a medium' and my patients who have crossed give me messages. I keep a journal with the messages, and typed it up into a book. I call it 'Messages From My Patients' and have published it one chapter at a time for free on the blog.

He said that any way you publish it you get the number. Even on Kindle.

Then I shared how I have already brought Reiki into the O.R. I said, see the nurse circulating? She is my Reiki student! (she nodded). I said, 'I finished writing it when Eben Alexander's book came out. He has like, one story. I have so much more!' (the RN nodded more vigorously, to emphasize the point. She is also a certified yoga instructor!)

I also shared how it is my passion to create a unified Healing which takes the best from all healing practices, and how I am not asking for permission but working on an energy level: I have sent energy healing to the hospital and O.R. every day without fail for four years!

He said, 'You can't do that! The hospital makes money on those health conditions that need surgery! How can you take the BUSINESS out of medicine?'

I said, 'It WILL happen and it is going to happen in my lifetime!'  with a smile!

It turns out his wife is  very 'into' this kind of thing. She has really changed him for the better. He says, sincerely, 'I used to be all in my mind (ed--I KNOW, I am psychic and empathic!), but now the thought of doing like Eckhart Tolle says and thinking with my heart is really exciting!'

He doesn't know that for all those years, whenever he would go into a rant in the operating room, I would stop giving Reiki to the patient and start giving Reiki to HIM! Bless you, Dr. Joe L., for being one of my early 'subjects'. When you got the Reiki you would calm down, every time, and never even know why or how it happened. I gave a LOT of Reiki to you in over the years! : )

But it is his wife I give credit for the incredible transformation of him on an energy level. She has done amazing work! How else could this conversation have occurred between surgeon and anesthesia? She is also a website designer (which I need) and something else too that is important that I hope Spirit would be sending me when the time is right.

After he left the O.R., everyone in the room did high fives because of this 'win' in Spirit.

As I wheeled the patient past the desk in PACU, I heard him on the phone with his wife--'You are not going to believe this! The ANESTHESIOLOGIST in the room....!'

Happy Summer Solstice!

Aloha and Namaste,

Reiki Doc