Thursday, June 13, 2013

RAW And The Sushi Plate Moving Belt

As you may or may not know, I have moved to a plant-based, as RAW as possible diet in the last six months. I do it because of Vibration. I like mine to Vibrate as F-A-S-T as possible. It is more comfortable for me, and therefore to achieve this I eat RAW.

I also have a fascination with the sushi places, like Genki Sushi in Hawaii, where you get charged by the color of plate kind of like Dim Sum, and the plates go by on a little conveyer belt that goes right by where you sit.

Today I went there before the plane leaves for home in California.

It wasn't the same! : (

The plates would go by and I would think: fried. dead. too much mayonnaise. unhealthy. 

And what I did eat wasn't as much fun:

  • The SPAM musubi was overcooked and had no flavor
  • The sea salad sushi had too much rice
  • The little sesame balls with red bean inside were too sweet and too fried
  • The ahi had lost its 'thrill'
  • The california roll was 'okay' but not like I had remembered
  • The green tea was the best part--and it was FREE!
My boy ate a four-dollar cupcake and orange juice. I drove him after to Target, where he had a cheese pizza. He ate more 'healthy' in some ways than me!

Long story short--we change.

That is the progression of Consciousness, even more so than 'Life' itself.

If what it took to turn me RAW was what it did, I am okay with it. 

But today, I am 'unattached',  I am happy, and I eat RAW for myself. Or more accurately, for my Vibration. 

Whatever else comes next, God--and Source--I am okay with it. Even if it is big space ships coming in the sky! I don't have ANY attachment to the outcome. Just get on with it! If you ask me...and....
here are some wishes, though, just because I can ask:
  • I would like a RAW vegan conveyer belt with little colored plates that go by and I get to pick
  • A hula troupe with 'real bodies' --i.e. post surgical changes--would inspire a LOT of people, much in the way Winter the dolphin inspires a lot of amputees.
  • I think free, safe childcare no matter where you go, much like Aunty's Beach Shack at Disney would make the world a better place for all the single parents
  • Hawaii is SO much more than an ocean facing window at a high-rise hotel
  • Aloha is something worth cultivating in everybody--it has truly changed my life for the better
  • The opportunity to live off the land and form community is a basic human right
  • Daily yoga is a must for me! And possibly, you? Any daily movement is awesome!
  • Staying where there is laundry is the BEST--no nightmare at the washing machine when you unpack. Seriously consider it on your next vacation.
  • A lot of the post-plantation changes/modernization in Hawaii are owed to the brave Nissei who enlisted in WW2. 
  • I want to snorkel and be in salt water EVERY DAY!
  • After this hard year, two weeks in Hawaii, and not having to use the alarm clock when I wake up, has been a miracle cure in so many ways for both my son and myself. I am so thankful!
Take care, and it is my hope that one day soon, you too may visit the islands, experience ALOHA first hand, and 'connect' with the 'aina heart to heart. In the meantime, I have sent Reiki to you from here every day. I hope you felt the 'difference'. ALOHA!!!


Reiki Doc