Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Energy Healing Instruction by Andy Bojarski, Karuna Reiki Master

It all begins with baby steps : )

A fellow Karuna Reiki Master, who I have not met, Andy Bojarski, has offered a beautiful mini-course in Energy Healing on his website--For FREE!

To make things easier for you, I have compiled all the links to this one page for easy reference.

You need not be a Reiki-trained healer--this information is for ALL who are sincere in their desire to help relieve the suffering and bring joy to others who are in need of it.

Here we go:

If there is a next part in the series, you might wish to track it on the home page. It  is a brilliant blog, with plenty of testimonials to Andy's healing work.

This is an important resource for the Planetary Healers Network, for the volunteers who wish to do more healing on an energy level who have no prior training.

Thank you Andy for your Light.


Reiki Doc