Tuesday, June 18, 2013

See Yourself Heal: Art From YOUR Heart

There is another way to promote relaxation and healing

To the point--there is a video out there by George Khut at TEDxSydney on YouTube that blew my mind!

I watch pulse ox tracings and blood pressure and ventilator parameters (breathing) for twelve hours a day, like I did today. 

There is a magic to this, and a harmony that I experience every day in my work: listening to other people's rhythms.

I also have extended this to 'listening to other people's energy' in the O.R., and am training students in my same O.R. to do this. It's the Reiki that lets me 'in' on all this.

Look how the artist, George Khut, puts it all together.

Watch how the people respond to seeing their own energy and using it to raise their Consciousness and Heal!!!

Bravo, George Khut! Bravo! 

Here is the link--I couldn't get the standard YouTube version to load. I hope it works. Otherwise 'cut and paste'. It's about ten minutes of your time, but a real 'Sneak Preview' into the medicine of the future!


Reiki Doc