Saturday, June 8, 2013

Harleys And Kamehameha

Today was the annual Floral Parade in Downtown Honolulu in memory of Kamehameha. His official day is June 11, and is a holiday.

It was a beautiful parade, very island style, with princesses from each island on horseback in traditional attire. I thought the 'lei decorated pooper scooper wagon' that followed these horses to be both charming and adorable reminders of Island values and ingenuity. If there is need, fill it simply, and when possible, make it beautiful to view...

There were many Harley riders all in matching jackets, and a flat truck trailer with a troupe of Island Dancers with many tattoos peeking out the grass costumes!

Across from Iolani Palace(ee-oh-lah-nee),is the justice hall.

Did you know Hawaii was under Martial Law from December 7, 1942 to October 19, 1944? The people suffered immensely in Spirit, as their world was charged with fear. Japanese and German civilians were taken away by police in the middle of the night to internment camps, with no time left to even grab a toothbrush! Families were disrupted and property that had been lawfully gained was lost. All mail and phone calls was censored. Everyone had to be home with lights out after six p.m.can you imagine the heat with closed windows to block out light in summer?

The part that made me want to throw up is that in daytime, when leaving home, everyone had to carry a gas mask and an ID card. Everyone over six was fingerprinted. And any nighttime flashlight or car headlight had to be blue.

The people were ruled by military officers with no training in law. It was unchecked power, with cases decided in minutes and no opportunity to appeal.

There was no explanation of why the prisoner was kept (habeus corpus). The press was censored, so no locals knew four hundred people were arrested and held through the war, or that fifteen hundred of Japanese ancestry were locked away.

Japanese were marked by a patch with the number three on it like the Jews worse the Star of David.
It really happened, and I never knew about it in my American History. I got a five on the AP exam in that subject, the only one at my school, I aced it. And I never knew! I am deeply saddened; my friends who are generously sharing their vacation home are of Japanese Hawaiian Ancestry. What kind hearts whose ancestors have seen so much!

The energy was awful in that building, and I healed it with Spirit. There is a new Golden Spiral vortex courtesy of Kamehameha ( I was his daughter, and ties last across different incarnations). Many were taken to the Light. The Platinum Ray was sent through all legal systems connected. And healing green ray, courtesy of Koot Hoomi, was sent to every soul that had been touched by the system that has been in place. The timelines were healed for All Collateral Damage to entities who were affected by the racism, the fear of the entire Japanese community, and the witnessing of the violation of their human rights.

Of note, two individuals spoke up against Martial Law: Garner Anthony, and Supreme Court Justice Franklin Murphy.

It was an excellent day...more later. I have to go to luau now. First time I am going to skip on meat...because I love animals and want to, not because I have to.


Reiki Doc