Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Power Of 'Never'

Do you recall the joke with the punch line: 'I am a frayed knot'?

Current energies on Gaia are focusing us to re-examine our hopes, goals, and fears. Often it is our Dream that leads us to discovery of our True Purpose in life, our 'mission' so to speak, for this incarnation.

While traveling in San Diego last April, I discovered the 'Power of Never' in my own Life Journey.

I realized that the strongest rejection of any 'path', where I said profusely, 'I could NEVER do that!'
as a strange course of fate turned out to be predictive of what I ended up doing in my life!

Here are some examples from me:
  • I could NEVER be a surgeon!:  I am afraid of blood. I thought the ooze of blood after making a skin incision would make me pass out. It didn't. I ended up applying for and getting a categorical general surgery spot in Residency. I was a surgery intern and resident for two years before I 'jumped ship'.  Not only was I a surgeon, I earned HONORS in that clerkship! In internship I was told I was 'one of the best' (but perhaps you should read a little more...LOL)
  • I could NEVER be a single mom!:  I didn't think it was fair to the child to be brought up that way. I counseled a friend who was approaching forty not to have a baby fathered by one of her gay friends as a sperm donor. Her biological clock was ticking. (she had a strong family and personal history of depression, and financial difficulties too. The whole situation didn't seem 'right' overall). Little did I know a short time later a twenty-three year old 'sperm donor' would find me and become MY 'baby daddy'!
  • I could NEVER be attracted to an asian guy!:  It didn't matter that all of my best friends were asian in college, in medical school, in residency, in fellowship, and at work. I was convinced I wanted a blue-eyed baby. Little did I know because of my training, including Reiki, and my friendships, including all of my closest ones today, I would become 'an egg', white on the outside, and asian on the inside! LOL I might have a lot more in common with some than I might think. And right now, my best friend on the planet is Japanese. 
I actually took one of my favorite teachers, the one who taught me Divine Peace Healing (and brought it to the planet like Usui brought down Reiki!), to MEET my Japanese best friend over lunch. As she was talking to me about her story, I noticed a similar pattern in her:
  • I could NEVER channel!:  She was very Catholic and afraid of losing control because she thought 'channelling' meant in a trance like Edgar Cayce. She had a friend that was interested, and both of them were reading a book on the subject together. She couldn't put the book down, and read it 'to be able to help her friend'. Soon she was channelling her father as her guide. 
  • I could NEVER have an Advanced Master as a Guide in Spirit!:  at one point, her father congratulated her that she had progressed enough to have caught the attention of a Master Teacher Guide who stepped up to help in her Spiritual Work. She was concerned about her 'worthiness' and also about 'not having her dad as her guide'. Not only did she excel under the direction of Gunter, she published books she has written by channelling his spirit for the benefit of teaching others! 
Margaret is am amazing healer. You might want to check out her website and her services. If you are interested in taking a Divine Peace Healing course from her, and getting attuned, she offers it once a year. I also had her recently 'spring clean' my house's energy--for only fifty dollars, she can remotely 'clean' any negative imprints and souls who have not crossed to the light, and change everything to the frequency of Divine Love. Here is her page:

What areas in your life have you heard yourself utter, 'I could NEVER do that!'?

Chances are they have something to do with your life's calling, your True Path of Service to Humanity by honoring Love and Light.

You never know!

"Whatever you think, so shall you be. There are no limits." Gunter

Love and Blessings,

Reiki Doc