Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cancer Wake-Up Call

For those of you who have experienced cancer, know that you are my favorite patient. My heart naturally fills with lovingkindness when I work with you. It is my honor and life's work to assist you.

Here is a film link on the harsh realities of cancer industry. The individual practitioners usually care a lot like I do-- but the system of treating it, and the medicines, do not pass the 'follow the money' test. It is not for the highest good and to relieve suffering, it is to make money, pure and simple, and put it into the hands of the cabal.

Here is my comment I posted on the website for the movie:

Thank you. I blog anonymously under the pseudonym Reiki Doc. I treat my cancer patients with Reiki while I give them anesthesia in surgery. I encounter many imbalances in the energy field of each patient, which I clear. Many of my patients, who do not know I am giving Reiki, love my energy and request my services again if they have follow-up surgery. The reason I am writing to you is that a colleague at work found a cure for cancer in PhD project. It was an antibody from a mouse, very cheap and easy to make. He did not understand 'why the drug companies showed no interest'. He switched to become an internal medicine doctor instead. An ER Doc told me an oncologist got upset a newly admitted patient died without his being called for a consult. Even though the cancer was end of life end stage, the oncologist was upset because he could have given one dose of chemo and billed for it in the short time between admission and death. This is the reality of our medicine, it needs change. Now. Namaste.

And here is the movie link itself:

Namaste and Aloha,

Reiki Doc