Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friends and Family: You CAN Take It With You

This is a lesson I discovered while tapping deep into my Sirian 'roots' of my soul at the ocean yesterday.

For all of the 'matrix', the 'grid' and all the transformation that is currently happening within, above, below, and around us....for all the 'Illusion' there is one thing that is REAL--the love for our friends and family.

It is the close relationship ties that have an actual chance of staying 'intact' after transition, death, and separation.

It is the love which binds two hearts together that can cross both distance, time, and alternate dimensions!

This is what 'connects' the 'one that sees' to 'the One Beyond', be it loved one, angel, guide or Ascended Master.

In the pod, the bonds that tie are through the matriarch, deep in the ocean with the cetaceans--dolphins, whales, both baleen and toothed! (This also is true for elephants! Isn't it amazing how large, successful, intelligent mammals live in society like this?). They follow her wisdom, love, and guidance for survival in the ocean (and in the savannah).

Yesterday, I strengthened the tie between mother and son at the beach. While building sand castles together, I cracked jokes. With my closest ones, I have a sense of humor that is very active and I enjoy using it! One of my favorite ways to bond with another is to each try to sing as off-key as possible!

Here were were singing 'we built this city -with Rock and Roll!' and holding our stomachs we were laughing so hard! We boogie-boarded until we were worn out, counting down to the last wave...

As we showered at the top of the sand in the public spigots, he asked 'on a scale from one to ten how was your day at the beach?'

He called it a ten out of ten!

Please take the time today to build up the ties between you and those that love you. If you can, blow them away with your Light, and Love, and Laughter!  They are in your life for a reason--total Soul Contracts--they are the ones that offered to be your teachers so you can learn and grow in Spirit; even the ones who have given heartache have done so for the Highest Good (even though it hurts and I am sorry that the learning takes place that way on Gaia. This will change with the new energies, I promise!)

Today what is on tap?

The Happiest Place On Earth!


Reiki Doc