Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Oyster And The Pearl: A Lesson In 5D Reality

This is a farm where oysters are grown for white pearls

Imagine you are transported to a tropical island like the one shown above.

Imagine you are in a little boat, and you step on the dock with a wise, wrinkled local with a hat. It can be any type of hat. Mine began as a pointy straw hat, but then switched to baseball cap with something really cool on the logo. My old man's baseball cap is bright blue and worn and faded with use.

This man is most gentle and smiling. He makes eye contact with you. He takes your money.

Your seven-year old niece is with you. She is most excited to get to have a jewel, her first pearl!
She is so excited she is beginning to jump up and down a little but it trying to hide it .

This is the highlight of her trip to the island, she had dreamed about it for as long as she can remember, getting a REAL PEARL!

You remind yourself that this is why you took her on this trip. Your sister said it was a dream come true for 'Little Maddy', wouldn't you mind taking her on your next business trip?

You  have been working forever. In fact, you work so hard you are unmarried, and never made the time to find someone. Your work completes you on a deep level, and you are fine with it that you are unmarried and without kids, for like, the rest of your days. You have your niece, who is the angel of your eyes and of your heart!

But what does an oyster look like? You haven't thought of it since YOU were in grade school! It is something like this?

Abalone shell is sometimes called 'mother of pearl'

The old man comes back with a bucket. There are lots of little grey 'lumps' in it that clatter a little inside as the bucket moves while he walks.
Quietly, with eyes shining and hands clasped up under her chin, your niece's smile widens in amazement at her goal! So close, so about to happen! Her focus is magnetic as the man gently encourages her to pick her oyster.

She can only have one.

Her hand moves over the bucket back and forth, as if 'sensing' which one for her is 'the right one'.

She selects. He takes it out and gently places it on a towel on the counter.

Then he looks at you.

The pearl diving is 'buy one get one free'.

You offer it to your niece, brushing away his kindness out of deference to her wishes.

His eyes look into your very soul, piercing, with Great Kindness and Great Love. 'No, the offer is one pearl per person per day. The next pearl goes to you.'

So you look. You try to guess by the size of the oyster which one has the biggest pearl in it. You can't see!

You notice that some oysters are already a crack open! You bend and squint to maybe get a peek.

The old man clucks his tongue and shakes his head, 'No'. He encourages you to pick.

At last your hand reaches forward and points to the one that 'feels right' to you. It is just a little feeling, but you know in your heart that is the one meant for you. There is no doubt in your mind, no wanting to second-guess.

Each of you gets your pearl. Each of you is delighted! The man takes salt to rub the beauty into it more.
Together you hold hands an look at the display for how to mount your pearl. Your niece did not expect to ever have her pearl turned into jewelry she could wear! She is speechless at the chance to pick out matching pendants for each of you to wear, one for her pearl, and one for yours.

You pay for everything, and the man slowly walks away.

Having studied Spirit and worked with it,  you 'sense' his thoughts as his back and his tiny body step slowly away from view:

  • Does the amount of joyful expectation affect the size, shape, and luster of the pearl inside?
  • Does the length of time thinking about the pearl influence its outcome?
  • Everyone is free to get the pearl of their choice--including the one that is imagined in the mind first
  • What kind of pearl would come out if one instead imagines something like this:
  • What kind of pearl would come out if one is thinking about how much it will take in once it is sold?

The answer is multidimensional.

What we think, comes to pass in the Higher Dimensions.

It has little to do with the mind, and everything to do with the heart in this process.

The more your heart BELIEVES without a doubt that 'something wonderful is going to happen', the more 'wonderful' is possible to make its way to you!

Yes, YOU influence the outcome in this process.

It is your divine birth right as a soul: the ability to co-create.

To manifest. To make happen through the power of your mind and heart all put together.

The longer you hold that wish, the more likely it is to come true. One wish can take twenty years sometimes. Manifestation is not 'instant' like everything else we are accustomed to in our busy lives!
Hold that dream for as long as you can in your heart, imagining it is 'real', imagining it is 'just for you', and feel the joy and excitement in your entire being.

The 4D and higher ones are going to 'get the hang of this', and in a short time, be racing around like a kid on a new bike up and down the street!

The 3D ones do not understand. They will be taken someplace where they won't have to watch the 4D and higher ones.

This happened once, and quite badly, when some 'witches' in Salem discovered their Divine 5D ability to 'manifest' and got a little 'sloppy' in showing off this skill. We all know what happened to them. It is in the history books and was nothing to do with ergot mold on rye bread.

That is enough for today.

Happy Oystering!


Reiki Doc