Friday, June 28, 2013

Possible Signs Of The Veil Removal

Here is a letter that was sent to Violet Light UK:

Message: I would like to know if you had any visions very early this morning. I did and I am trying to find others that connected with the Universal Consciousness that may have seen what I saw. There was a strong shift last night and the vale was lifted.  Things are passing into this world.  Sorry to be vague.  Just wanted some feedback from you.


Violet-Light forwarded it to me. Here is my response:

Hi E,

This is Reiki Doc. I have been getting very strong signals from Spirit since Monday that 'it's over' and 'we won'. Not that my 'signals' matter in particular, but I have had three very clear messages to this effect. I know that these 'precede' by two to three days the 'intel' that shows up on the Internet. But you are right on track. The changes that will result from this are going to be 'made news' very gradually. If you would like to see some of them, please see the following links:

I also have noticed that the sun has changed--it seems 'bigger' and 'hotter' and I believe there are Tachyons coming through it for the first time in history (the veil blocked them).

More about Tachyons at

I also suspect that the Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda's walk across the Grand Canyon did a lot to raise the vibration of the planet enough for the last victory to be complete. His contribution to the Light was important.

Even though we 'won', the 'Rallying Point' for the general public I suspect is going to be GMO's, specifically, the Mom's Against GMO's marches scheduled for July 4.

Make sure you have plenty of Toilet Paper and cash and precious metals on hand for the two weeks after The Event (which is not yet 'official'). Until then, watch these websites for further intel:

Victory For The Light,

Reiki Doc <3