Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Japanese Temple!

Temple Byodo In, Oahu, Hawaii, opened June 7, 1968

I randomly picked up a Pleasant 'Holidays' brochure at my friend's house. I looked for a luau. I had been drawn to Germaine's (yes, I know! All you Lightworkers 'get' that!). It turned out to be right in the Kapolei where I am staying! I booked it.

Then I saw this picture.

I had to go. Spirit was calling.

It turns out today of all days, is the forty-fifth anniversary of this temple!

It was built to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Japanese arrival in Hawaii.

Here is the nine HUNDRED year old original. Note the absence of the mountains behind it: 

You may ask, what did Spirit want me to do? Well....

  • This was in the back of a cemetary complex called Valley of the Temples. I helped many souls cross over to the Light.
  • I opened a blue Goddess Energy Vortex over the area (that's what helped them cross)
  • I took advantage of the anniversary to heal important timelines between America, Japan, and Japanese all over the planet.
  • I fed lots of koi, and felt total fifth-dimensional peace and joy in doing so. (my boy fed three bags)
  • I saw a nine foot tall buddha, and lit incense for many, many I know, and sent blessings
  • I learned of different 'orders' of buddhism, including zen and cakra.
  • A Japanese past life came through, patchy, not sure if I was male or female, but I was happy then. (the incense triggered these 'flashbacks')
  • I rang the bell five times. A Karuna Reiki Master ringing a bell gets some major energy moving!

To me is was all worth this: 

I have to go--Starbucks is turning off the WiFi,


Reiki Doc