Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Have Mermaid Hair

For lack of a better title this is about my day. Since Darryl Hannah is a vegan and played the role of mermaid Madison in the movie  Splash, it works.

My son is a total meat eater. Last night tacos with meat and cheese. Breakfasts of sausage patty, eggs and toast. Lunch was 'I don't LIKE any food stand or truck at the parade.' He had a jumbo breakfast grill whatever meal. I felt angry at how his lazy dad turned him onto that in the mornings, and now lunch. I have kale and strawberries at home in the fridge; he doesn't enjoy them. I am stuck. But I refused to eat at that place.

I googled vegetarian restaurants. Honolulu has two near Iolani Palace. One was an 'eight minute walk' that turned out to be way longer because I got lost. Buddhist Vegetarian I wanted. Loving Hut was closed.

We ended up in Chinatown at the Chinese Cultural Center. I saw a statue of a Chinese leader on an octagon. I saw an Energy Healing Center, a Buddhist Compassion and Assistance center, lots of mom and pop, slim health beauty--a supplement?, but NO vegan Buddhist restaurant. I passed Kuan Yin statue who has lots of incense  offerings. It looked like the incense was sold so I did not light anything.  It turns out retail space 109 was now Pho88. Pho. I like pho. It is my comfort food. I asked for no meat, and the server offered tofu instead.

It was delicious. The place was run by family. We were the only white people there, many Asian --it means food is good value and good quality.

There are MANY little flower shops that sell leis, the flower necklaces of the islands. I bought one for the luau, pikaki and pink carnation. It smelled good. It cost eight dollars.

The lei that looked like one the Buddha gave me is pikaki too, but blooms are closed. That one costs over twenty dollars, so I did not buy. But now I know what it is he gave to me. I am still waiting on the mala he promised!

I turned the corner and saw a church, a Catholic Church, the Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Peace. I still 'am' Roman Catholic, although because of Jesuits and archon influence I stopped everything--stewardship, reader, greeter, and attending Mass. My son thinks both his parents are Buddhist. I guess I am now that I have a Buddhist heart (see last message from Buddha Shack, bodhisattva tree) LOL.

I wanted to make a wish. If you step inside a new church to you, say three our fathers, three Hail Marys, and three Glory Be's you get one wish.

A wedding was about to start. I stood in the corner and tried to be invisible. The usher asked me if I was with the wedding. I said no. She asked me to sit and pray instead of stand.

The coincidence of a wedding caught me.

I decided to help the Light. I gave my wish for the Highest Good of the Couple. I gave Reiki blessing including the Transition Symbol for New Life. I gave Karuna Reiki, Divine Peace Healing, and claimed this union as blessed by Heaven, that it is from Light and shall be blessed with freedom from archon influence or attack. I sealed this important event in the lives of total strangers to help the Light and spread Peace. Just like I did in Laguna Beach for another couple. Just like I did on beach by Four Seasons, Big Island for another.Just like I did in Victoria, BC for one more couple who married on the hotel steps.

As we stepped out of the church, I realized no one had a clue who I am, or what I had just done for the . I liked that idea very much.

How about the luau of Saint Germain?

  •   Food = C- ( slow lines, long wait, have stingy people hand out meat, seconds aren't really true, dessert is a joke, and I found a baby cockroach in my salad.)
  • Bar= B ( long lines--it seems like people at luau's prefer alcohol over food if you ask me. Larger cups are available for purchase at the gift shop)
  • Venue =  C (short walk from parking lot, but tables are on sand, first come first serve. May have trouble with mobility)
  • Sit on Floor Tables in Front = A (yes, and nice selection. they have mats to sit on instead of sand)
  • Music = A excellent
  • Dancing = A excellent
  • dinnerware = D paper everything, flimsy
The best Luau is on Maui, in Lahaina, at the Old Lahaina Luau. It has unlimited food and drink, and early there are artisans and photographers to interact with and buy at the oceanfront at sunset.

The next best doesn't exist. Kona Village. It was the only one where the pork consumed was actually cooked in the imu (pit). I met the chef there, and he explained how the state watches over everything. That one was incredibly fun, at a beautiful venue, and the keiki (children) danced the hukilau for everyone.

The Paradise Cove Luau is a step down from the other two. It is for a crowd, with drink tickets and waiting for food but no 'rationing' like at Germaine's. There are way too many vendors beforehand. But the ceremony for taking the pig out of the pit is very nice with dancers.

I was so happy to be a vegetarian at the luau for the first time. I slept well, knowing that I had done my part to avoid cruelty. It was funny, as I slid my paper tray plate past the meat, I paused at the Kalua Pig. Then this 'chef' I have on my shoulder said, 'You don't want to get that pork. There are lots of things that are bad for you in it!' He said it was okay to have a lump of fried fish instead if I was going to have anything.

I have had all kinds of 'helpers' on my shoulder from time to time. This means I have internalized the lessons of a great master of food. No more, no less. And my conscience feels better because I 'listen'. My body feels 'lighter' too. 

Everyone has to take this path at their own place and time. Mine has been slow. Just listen to your body, and the teachers will appear at the right time for you.


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