Saturday, June 1, 2013

Working With Spirit - Abundance

This trip to Hawaii didn't happen by accident. Spirit had been working with me for quite some time to develop what would happen. It took an openness and a willingness to work with Spirit for everything to happen for the best experience.

In March, a friend of mine came to Orange County to visit. A native Californian, she moved to Hawaii shortly after we met. If you look at my photos on the Blog, the beautiful trees that make arches over the road, that is on the road in Puna where she lives. We were delighted to see one another. We saw one another two times during the three weeks she was on Mainland:  once I met her family at Mother's Market when she first arrived, and second, to attune her to Reiki 3, where our sons could play.

At that time, I took out the pendulum to find when we could see each other again. The answer was 'in around six months'.

Shortly after vacation in April, my relief, who is starting a fellowship in Texas in July, offered up the first two weeks in June for vacation. He would be working for me, or whoever needed to go. At first I thought to offer the time to others. But as I listened closer to Spirit, I took the time for us to return to Hawaii. It was more like six weeks than six months, much to my delight!

If you are a close reader of this blog, you would know that I was just at Big Island at the end of October and beginning of November. I met Kamehameha in spirit and I did a lot of work, besides my anesthesia conference, on spirit side. I opened Vortexes and cleared a lot of the negative energy. I also saw my friend on Halloween and had a wonderful time. The drive back from Hilo on Saddle Road was phenomenal. I took many photographs of wild flowers and sent them to you on the Facebook page.

Why would I return?

The islands were calling me.

I had the hardest time deciding where to go. Although I logically thought, Kauai, somehow it did not 'connect' for me. I decided to wait.

My friend offered for us to stay. I asked and she was delighted for us to visit. So I knew Big Island and I 'felt' for 'something else'. But I wasn't sure where.

It wasn't until April that I learned our close friends have a condominium vacation home on Oahu. These people, who live near us in Southern California, generously offered up their home. Because a relative would be staying there the week before us, they said to arrive on the day he planned to leave to get the key. Then we could pay the cleaning fees and take the keys home to them in L.A.

It felt 'right'.

And because of this incredible generosity, I decided to buy the First Class Tickets for travel for myself and my son.

You see, what the Universe gives, is meant to be shared, to be passed along, not to be sold.

On the flight I watched an incredible movie about 'Listening to the Forest'. It had kahuna lapau lau in it. They say that the medicine of Hawaii is to be made only for one person at a time; it is not to be sold. There is a delicate balance between humans and the land. I saw happy face spiders that are native to Hawaii, and also whistling snails. There was a lot of Hawaiian dancing in the film, too.

Anyhow, as we move towards the future, many are going to discover that  to give instead of take is very easy. This is because the ability to manifest enough for everyone to be happy is commonplace. 

I describe the process of 'working with spirit to manifest' a vacation because it activates the ability of Divine Assistance in your goals. It is not 'work' and it is not 'magic'. It simply is a way of life and looking at it.

The most wonderful thing is that without my being aware of it at the time I decided to go to Hilo,  Cobra and Lady Isis are having a Goddess Meditation Conference in the very same town as my friend! And another big spiritual person Tig Monk will be having Sat Nam every night there the entire time we are in Puna. Tig lives in Oregon! What are the odds of that? All these spiritual people in the same place at the same time?

It is my hope to meet up with every one of them, if it is possible. I am also looking forward to whatever else spirit has in mind. My goal is to do yoga, and to snorkel. My boy wants to be in the jungle (rain forest) and make friends.

Some of you might wonder how I got to know Steve Jobs through my mediumship. The answer is simple--we both love to vacation at the same place, Kona Village on Big Island in Hawaii. He was a regular there and went every year. He was just 'Steve' to everyone, and was treated like ohana just like everybody else. Although I only went one time shortly before the tsunami hit--by the way, intuition saved me big time for not buying a week again a year in advance like some other vacationers 'invested', we were there in September and the tsunami 'hit' the following March--I am connected to the land. And so was he.

When he came to me the first time, I was at Aulani in Oahu on Spring Break with my family in April 2012. If you see the waterfall on my Facebook page, it is the beautiful Waimea Falls. Hawaii and I are so strongly 'connected' that I am offered the Kama'aina discount wherever I go. It is my energy that feels like I am 'Hawaiian', you see, not the 'look'. It is the Huna, which is their Reiki in the islands that makes us 'one'.

So that is the 'connection'. Everything is vibration. Everything is alive. And everything is from Source. 

Love Is The Solution For Everything.


Reiki Doc