Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Message From The Buddha Shack

I am staying with friends in the middle of nowhere, in the part of Hawaii that is near Hilo and called 'Puna District'. There is jungle, countryside atmosphere, and ocean not too far away. Last night I went to Sat Sang by Tigmonk at a local Buddhist retreat on the ocean 'farther up the road'. Although it was beautiful and serene on the grounds, and beautifully kept, I couldn't help but recall my messages that 'came through' in a tiny little shack built for Buddha, doing yoga with anadevi and my friend, chanting and sending Reiki. Why did it happen there and not here at the Retreat? I did not understand...I walked the grounds and took photographs of this beautiful place to share later with you.

I had a ceremony myself with the large Buddha statue at the retreat before the Sat Sang. I walked up to the tall standing Buddha, took some of my Chakra high vibration aromatherapy healing oil, and gently placed it on his third eye. I sat in lotus at the stone at his feet, and activated my Goddess energy. I moved my arms as I had been taught, then sat in meditation to give thanks for all that He has done, not just for me, but for everyone. I asked humbly to represent to Him the one who made that oil, and to send images of this wonderful place to his consciousness, for I knew that he would be deeply moved to be on the grounds, if he could have been there instead of me.


This morning The Buddha carried me in Spirit. My arms were around his neck, my head on his shoulder, and I was sitting in his arms. I did not understand why he held me, but I sensed he had his reason, and I did not mind at all being carried by him.

The first place he took me was a workshop. It was dark and it was lit by one light. Someone was in there. The Buddha said for me to tell him He had a message for him. I did. This person looked at me, waiting.

For some reason, the yoga DVD got loud, and caught my attention instead. We had our hands fingers laced, thumbs up, at our sternum, and did a chant to energize the ability to speak from the heart.
When it was over, The Buddha gave me the message which I delivered. The person did not like it. I gave them a Spirit Flower, pink, and was taken by the Buddha someplace else.

Then the Buddha held me and we went up high, across space and time, to a very barren grey landscape. It resembled this:

I was interested, and took it all in. I wondered why it was this way? What were the people like? Did they live on the surface or underneath like in Agartha? Why would I be brought here to a place like this?

At that thought, The Buddha, who had been carrying me, gently let me down and asked me to 'shine my light' and 'glow'. For lack of a better picture, let's just assume I looked like this:

Then, in an instant, the land looked like this:

There were beautiful people, tall and dressed in futuristic clothes, with a gentleness and light of their own. There was grass and blue sky and wonderful flowers, and a feeling of Peace across the land. It was most pleasant, and at that thought, The Buddha whisked me up in his arms and we were traveling again.

I had a sensation of going way UP. At this next place, I 'sensed' that this is where The Buddha lives.
It was very different, nothing like anything I had every experienced. The 'people' were big spheres of consciousness. Like, huge, taller than me and The Buddha. I 'felt' their 'vibe', and it was most soothing and tender and wise and calm and Loving.  Let us just say it looked like this:

I interacted with them, in a pleasant way. Each was slightly 'different' in personality from the other, and all were very advanced spiritual beings who do their work for the Light. There was respect that went both ways, which surprised me. For I am nowhere near as advanced as them! It was like a talented Einstein gently looking at the math papers of a first grader with consideration and regard for the path that these humble 'first steps' ultimately will lead.

The Message From The Buddha to each of your hearts is this:

  • Each of the three places shown is energetically the same--energy interacting with perception of our own consciousness for our growth. Each individual is at their right place for their highest good.  If one sees with the eyes, this lesson is not grasped. But with the eyes of the heart, one can see this is Truth. Never forget this.
Then he reached into his brown bag on the right side of his belt, and took out a beautiful deep purple orchid. He placed it on my left ear, gently, while looking me in the eyes with deep love and respect. I felt like this when he did it, because in Hawaiian it means I am 'taken'. 

Not by The Buddha, not in that way, but it deeply touched my heart and I rejoiced.

He then reached for my black lacquer jewelry box he gave me on Sunday, and pulled a beautiful pearl out of his bag, and placed it in the box. 

'Do you like it?' he asked.
I held it in awe at its glow, and said, 'Yes', never losing track of the seed of pain that caused that pearl to grow. (yesterday while snorkeling, I found an oyster shell and dove deep to get it. I placed it in my bathing suit top under my rash guard to keep it safe. Nobody knew about that but me. The Hawaiian amakua for oyster is pipi and I will look that up when I get home.) I was delighted and filled with gratitude.

I made for The Buddha a big red paper heart he could wear like a sash and the heart would brightly cover the chest. It was bright red, and very simple. He smiled and laughed at my 'childish' gift, for he knew the wisdom in my encouraging him to 'be a boy again' from time to time, and that my Love would encourage him to Play and Jump and Laugh for these things are GOOD, no matter what the level of spiritual development. He took it off, folded it carefully, stuck it in his pouch and looking at me from the side of his eyes with a sly grin, said, 'I will wear this when I am alone'.

Then it was time to go. We said goodbyes. We do not know what tomorrow will bring. Another vision? Another yoga? Tomorrow I fly to Oahu for some more 'business' in Spirit and in Light.

Until then, Aloha nui loa (I love you very much) and Huna Hou (come back soon),


Reiki Doc