Monday, June 10, 2013

Swimming With Dolphins!

I jumped in!

Underwater camera in hand, snorkel and mask in place, wetsuit (thanks Au Lac--it fits!), and flippers.

I was in heaven...

I felt them. And they felt me. I sent a message to Source last night to tell them I was coming in the morning. The skipper saw them from the PARKING LOT as she came in. They 'got' the message!

The sky was like this, and when these Spinner Dolphins jump, they spin round and round. They were so joyful in their Presence.

I was right close to them like this. With the wetsuit and mandatory life jacket, I could barely move in the water. I was so blessed, they came to me!

There were mothers and babies, old ones and young, male and female. I heard them. I felt them! And the squeaking noises somehow spoke right to my soul. I felt HOME for the first time in a long time. My heart 'connected' with them and leapt with joy just like this picture--even though I was in the bulky life jacket. Remember, cetaceans--this is dolphins and whales--anchor important energy in the oceans to help Gaia. They are helping with Ascension too. All cetaceans are entities from Sirius inside of their bodies. Today I sent Reiki to all of you by distance from this wonderful place. I also sent Divine Peace Healing to you too, right from the water. That is my gift of Healing to everyone who reads this, each and every day. Today was special to be blessed with the dolphins, though...

How do you get to do this amazing thing?

Go to Ko Olina. It is west of Honolulu on H1--it takes about twenty minutes. Take Farrington Highway to West Oahu.

Isn't it gorgeous? I saw a truck with this on the back window: Town is for Clowns--Makaha bound!
This part of Hawaii has the most Kahunas, but also is not exactly the safest. There is a lot of poverty...

Then you go to Waianae Harbor, and there is a nice business out of the Spinner Cafe.

I also swam with Honu--

Here is nearby Makaha beach. Watch out, there are strong currents. The BLUE after the sand color is a steep drop-off, so be careful with children in the shallows...

So tonight, I am one happy Cetacean from Sirius--or mermaid is that's easier. I will sleep well.


Reiki Doc

P.S. My son loved this too. He said, 'Mom, this is AWESOME!' and he wants to go back tomorrow. LOL