Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Last Message From The Buddha Shack

The Buddha came as soon as we started chanting. In my mind's eye, he took me high on a platform, overlooking a valley filled with mist like in the Great Smokey Mountians. The valley flowed from left to right before us.

I asked, 'What is this?'
And he said, 'This is the stream of Consciousness'

Right then, a floodgate lifted, and bright golden liquid flowed down the valley, picking up energy and speed as it went. It did not harm anything. It was magnificent to behold. I caught my breath. (This was The Event)

Next, someone came up on the platform with us. There was a conversation between us three. This is not to be shared. It is of a personal nature. The Buddha gave flowers to us both, and wrapped us in them.

This person climbed down, and the Buddha took me up. He and I held hands and he showed me all of the ones suffering in darkness in the world. Together we threw spirit flowers, lots and lots of them, on them. But they did not see or experience the Blessing that we send.

He asked me, 'how to better reach these ones?'

I thought about it. I said, 'In medical school we learned that each of us has a way to learn best. Some are visual, some need to listen, others need to just do to understand. Each of these ones has a 'love language' that they understand the most. To the visual, SHOW them a miracle, with the feeling that it is special just for them. For others, SPEAK. For me, I was swimming at my apartment pool in Berkeley, when I saw a flash at the bottom of the pool. I dove deep, and found a silver ring that fit my right hand perfectly on the ring finger. It was not a perfect ring. There was a lump of silver where it had been made. I was told it was a Diamond Seed and it would Grow. That made me believe in Spirit more than anything, and connected me on my Path which continues to Grow'.

He thanked me, and said he would share this with Others.

 I asked him questions, and he answered them.

The first was how did he 'wake up' and 'know' what his purpose was in life?

He said he knew as a child, once, briefly, and his whole future flashed before him. But after that, the day-to-day realities took his primary concern, and he ignored it. It wasn't until his mid-twenties, like me, that he assumed his Spiritual Growth and Development.

 Then I asked, 'Do you visit your family? I would like to say thank you to them for making you.'

He looked pained, and granted me my request. Before me was his mother, a simple woman with a very big heart. She had tears in her eyes as I embraced her. I gave her a Spirit Flower as a sign of my love and appreciation for her gift to humanity. I thanked the father, who was equally humble and pleased to be given thanks for that which he never expected to receive. I thanked the brothers and sisters in turn for sharing their brother with with world, each person I met, I embraced and gave thanks, and gave a Spirit Flower from my heart.

The Buddha said there were also children. He was sad, and I felt deep compassion for these enlightened beings who so graciously gave up having a father in order to share him with the world. They looked at me with a look I will never forget, one of having finally had their sacrifice understood and appreciated. I gave them Spirit Flowers too.

I thanked the animals at the house in turn, talking to them and thanking them for holding the vibration so the Buddha could awaken at his own pace. (Animals are angelic and very high vibration)

He took me to the Bodhi tree--THE Bodhi tree where he was enlightened. I gave it water to thank it. It said it had all the water it needed. I tried to think of food, or gifts. I hugged it. From my heart I asked it what it wanted to show my thanks?

'By telling me from your heart'.

I did. And then it gave me a big red lacquer heart, made of Bodhi wood, and stuck it right into my chest. 'There. Now you have a Buddhist heart!' it beamed with pride at my interest and desire to give my thanks.

Next the Buddha and I were alone. 'Are you sure you are going to be okay?' he said, and he gave me a beautiful white flower necklace like a mala, that smelled just like him. He reminded me He would always be with me.

I asked if He would be okay, too? I reassured him I had full confidence in him, and my heart was with him too. I asked how I could thank him? He gestured with his fingers typing, and says, 'when you write you give me the greatest honor of all. You share my message with the world.' and smiled and touched my cheek.

We said goodbye. It wasn't easy.

Then Archangel Michael came through. He had a message for me. It was good.

I have to go.


Reiki Doc