Monday, June 3, 2013

Would You Like To Share A Cup Of Tea?

To my right is a cup of beautiful, red, herbal Hawaiian tea. It is warm and soothing after a long day. Would you like a cup?

Sit right down, watch your breath for a few minutes, and relax.

I am going to tell you a story. It is dedicated to Lady Isis and the lesson she has taught about intuition, and surrender to the process of creation, or 'manifesting' with Spirit in our daily lives:

This cup of tea, although Hawaiian, travelled far! I bought it at the Fairmont Empress hotel in Victoria, British Columbia last September. My boy, a new Reiki Master, and I went to visit the Empress hotel. We were staying elsewhere, but it was famous and we wanted to see what it was all about. At the corner, near a statue and before I saw the statue of a famous writer, I saw her ghost. She welcomed us and invited us to walk in the garden. My son did not see her.  For some reason we felt like going to the sixth floor. We sat in chairs and watched the view. Then the ghosts came. I have written about them already,, but what is important is that we made a vortex and helped others to the light. We set the ghosts free to return Home. There was a tea shop downstairs, and for some reason the Fairmont Kea Lani tea called to me. It went back home to L.A., and now to Hilo!

Life is like that. For all the twists and turns, it is by following our intuition that we accomplish great things.

When I had attuned my friend last March to Reiki III, I checked with the pendulum when I would return to Hawaii and see her again. It said 'six months'.

But back at work, a friend who is starting a fellowship in July and had just got married, offered two weeks in June for vacation coverage. At first I felt guilt and thought to offer it to someone else. Then something inside said, 'take it'.

I decided to go to Hawaii, and I wrote a blog post about that and how the trip fell together.

What I didn't say is that there is a Goddess conference by Lady Isis, at the same place, at the same time! It was announced AFTER I had planned my coverage. Unfortunately, my flight was on Saturday, and the conference started on Friday. So only Sunday could have worked. I exchanged numbers with one of the organizers. But my text to her was answered with a 'I will call you in the morning' with no call all day. I accepted it.

After yoga at the Buddha shack, we had two options, Ecstatic Dance or the Maku'u Farmer's Market. My friend asked me where to go? I took out the pendulum (my Chakra vial and holder from and the answer for the Highest Good was 'Farmer's Market'.

So we went. I let go of all expectation of outcome for the Cobra conference blocks away, and accepted what was happening for the best.

At one stand, some crystals called to me. There was a beautiful clear quartz crystal ball about two inches in diameter that was perfect to use when I scry, or 'see the future'. I also was drawn to labradorite (I have a nice crystal at home), and a stone carved with the Reiki Master symbol on it. They had called it the wrong name, but I thought to buy it to keep its sacred design out of public eye.

My friend wanted Reiki Master, but I hadn't been guided to commit to the attunement. The Reiki Master symbol is complex, and I need to see it when I attune. Possibly it is a sign that she is ready?

At one point I had to use the restroom. I felt a strong 'call' to go, not a biological one. (Once at Mosun in Laguna Beach, I felt that strong call to go in, even though I didn't need to go. There was a woman with a huge cut on her leg from glass. It was bleeding everywhere and she didn't know what to do. Without gloves, I examined it, and treated it, exposing myself to AIDS and Hepatitis C. I also calmed her down, and directed her to the nearest Emergency Room at Mission Hospital South Coast down the street. She was so thankful of my being there for her she looked me up--and sent a ten dollar coffee gift card to my work.)

As I came out of the stall a woman from my Healer's group at the Irvine Cobra Conference last week recognized me! She had come to the Cobra conference here! They had sent her to buy food. We were delighted to see each other. I shared how I wanted to go. She texted and called the organizer, but no response. 'Oh well' I sighed, and we both agreed no matter what it was for the Highest Good.

Back at Pahoa, I asked my friend if she wanted Reiki Master. I had felt Spirit say 'it was right'. She said yes. I showed her the symbols, and we went to the Buddha Shack for the attunement.

Their black kitten followed me into the shack. She wanted to be attuned! I started attuning her to Reiki 1 when my friend came in. The kitty was the first animal I attuned, but she was very cooperative, and it helped to instruct my friend on how the attunement process works.

Then I attuned her for Reiki Master. It is a long one, and very complicated to do. It takes a lot out of you to do it; very strong energy flows. Over her left shoulder, looking at me, I saw Kamehameha, my Reiki Master guide. I was glad he was there. He nodded at me as I worked. It went well.

Our writer friend, Tigmonk had Sat Nam scheduled to lead at a local retreat center. I offered to watch the children so both parents could attend the event. I planned to take the children to Burger King, where they wanted.

Then the phone rang.

It was the conference. I could go to the closing from six to eight p.m.! The dad offered to watch the kids so I could go; he will go tomorrow night.

It felt so good to see Lady Isis and Cobra! And I enjoyed the other people in attendance. Some I knew, most surprising was the gentleman I had sat next to on the first day of the November conference in Laguna Beach.

One woman had to leave early to catch a flight back to California--Spirit wanted ME to fill in so that the energy of the group would have the same participants in it.

And because I had the energy attunement with Lady Isis, I was the first to participate in the event! 

I expected nothing, but materials were shared with me--and the crystals I had bought were perfect for the closing activities!

One of the attendings saw the Kapuna (elders' spirits) come to see what we were doing; they were pleased. I saw some other things, too, but nothing that is pertinent to this topic.

A hula dancer in class taught us several hula dances. It was magical in every way.

Like the cup of tea, by following Guidance from accepting vacation coverage, to deciding where to go, to the timing of the flight, the activities for the day 'for the Highest Good', and letting go of the outcome, the end result was better than I dreamed!

So next time you 'have that feeling nudge you?


You'll be glad you did.

My tea is finished. I hope you enjoyed yours too. It is pitch dark and the music of the koki frogs and crickets is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. My son is talking in his sleep (he got that from me). The air is cool and breezy. It feels wonderful in my lungs. The only thing that could make it better is the rain...I love to fall asleep with the sound of rain falling...sweet dreams. <3


Reiki Doc