Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prepare For Change: Intel About The Event

Here is the update on Healthcare and Drugs after the Event--in other words, what breakthroughs to look forward to in the future:

New Advanced Health System

There will be a more advanced health system introduced. Most diseases can already be cured. This information has been prevented from reaching us through the evil workings of the Cabal and the many multinational pharmaceutical companies who have been working for them. Health care will be free. Healing modalities will become more efficient and be based on true spiritual principles. And this will only be the beginning.
For your health now make sure you are consuming plenty of water daily and that it is as pure as possible. As we are all different, something that Ayurveda explains very well, it is not necessary for everyone to consume an exact amount, it will vary and be somewhere between one and two litres daily. If you would like to start the process of detoxification of your body, then it might be of use to know that good quality colloidal silver helps to eliminate toxins. Any way that you can improve the quality of your food intake etc. is important as this is the way you will receive more Light.
DO NOT GET VACCINATED. See Rothschild faction further down this page and the page 'Dark Truths'.


The drug trade is CIA – Cabal operated. This will be changed.

Here is a link to the original source:

I know this blogger, she is a reliable source. Much of what is posted is what I heard from the November   Cobra Conference.

Here is a link from Cobra's blog post today to that site and other related ones:

Other things to look for, according to New Sheldan Nidle:

  • more Galactic fly-overs
  • more signs of 'friendly' intent from the Galactics
Here is the Sheldan Nidle link:

Aloha and Mahalo for keeping informed.


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