Saturday, June 15, 2013

Healers Unite: A Guided Tour In The O.R.

I gave a guided tour today.  To my Reiki student, who it turns out was also my patient three years ago in an emergency case that was in the middle of the night. She thought there was a chance it was I who had done her anesthesia for her cesarean. She asked me to look it up. I did, and there was my note in the chart! What a coincidence is that?

I also had a section scheduled for today with the same surgeon who had done HER section.  I shared with the surgeon how my friend was happy with everything about her delivery and said it really helped to turn her life around for the better. The obstetrician was delighted to learn of the impact her care had made on this person. My friend had a chance to thank all of her team that was at work today, including her surgeon. ( this patient did not know, but I did, that the surgeon had surgery last year, and understood on a deep level the gratitude that was being expressed.)

For me it was a blessing--for the first time I had someone around while I was on call for OB. I have to stay on the hospital grounds for the entire call, and there is not much to do when there is down time. There was not much work, so we did an impromptu tour of the O.R.

I wanted my student, who is a server at Au Lac, to experience the energy of healing in the O.R.

We put her in 'a bunny suit' scrub clothes worn over clothing. She had a hat and booties. There were no cases, so there was no mask. She met a world-famous transplant surgeon who was practicing on the robot on his free time. He let her sit at the console and give it a try. She met a surgical technician, a gynecologist, a PACU nurse who had requested me for her c-section,  and the director of orthopedic surgery who is a world-class expert at what he does (his partner works on professional athletes).

It was exciting to share on a professional level, on a Reiki level, and on a RAW vegan level 'healer to healer'.

This is the medicine of the future; this is exactly how it is going to happen--one to one.

I emphasized over and over how we are in the same business--to make healthy, to ease suffering, and to share 'what works best' with all healers across the globe. One blog post at a time, one O.R. tour at a time ( the O.R. was empty, and she was 'from L&D and interested in a new career in medicine').

I loved watching her face when she smelled anesthetic agent for the first time! She works with High Vibrational Aromatherapy --but had never experienced anything like that! I told her three breaths, big lungfuls of that stuff, and one would be asleep and under anesthesia. She asked, 'where is this from?' I said some chemical plant somewhere (sevoflurane, a halogenated hydrocarbon inhalation all agent that is Fast On and Fast Off,  originated in Japan before it went generic). She also learned  heparin comes from bovine (cow) lung and porcine (pig) intestine. And protamine is from salmon sperm! "I didn't realize animals were so important in medicine." she shared. Yes, they are. And lots of animals are used in research too. I don't like it, but it is true.

She tried on lead apron and thyroid shield, and sat in the doctor's lounge to have a cup of chai tea from our Keurig. She looked the part and blended in. I took pictures throughout, and they show such a smile and joy at being able to experience this type of healing and know. She said , "the people here are just hanging out, and doing their work, and are very calm and capable. And friendly too!"  (An add-on case was being organized).

Want to know the best part? She offered to bring food. She went to pick it up, wearing scrubs! No one could believe it--they totally treated her like 'a doctor' and were convinced she had a surgery emergency to go do!

She came back with the food, which we shared, as we talked about the day.

She also asked me to 'do my magic' and give channelled information about her future. I said, 'let's get out the pendulum and see!' She also learned how to do the pendulum and answered my questions too. What started as a way to meet up after my trip to Hawaii, student and teacher, so she could share about seeing a ghost for the first time, and how intuition saved her from the Santa Monica massacre (she felt guided to go to the library and stayed there for two hours) turned into a first 'diplomatic tie' between conventional medicine, reiki, and RAW vegan healing.

It was awesome!


Reiki Doc