Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reiki In The Operating Room, Part 2

During a case where you don't have to wear a mask and the surgeon does not need as many instruments, the surgical technologist (scrub tech) sat on a stool and complained about her back and shoulders hurting.

The circulating nurse had taken an acupressure class and was working on the scrub tech's back while the scrub tech was still sterile. In case you were wondering, the sterile part of you in surgery is somewhat like the strike zone in baseball, only smaller, it is about from your waist to your shoulders in the front and includes your arms. Everything else is considered 'unsterile' and may not touch the patient. So the scrub tech was sitting with arms in prayer position, hands and arms tucked away, and slightly bent to protect them.

There was so much tension in the neck that the massage was painful. No matter how gentle the nurse tried to be, the scrub tech complained and complained about the pain with each rub. She didn't want the back massage to stop, it just was so much tension being released it was uncomfortable to her.

This RN was also my Reiki one student.

I called her name, and she looked up.

I gestured CKR across the room.

The nurse nodded in agreement, and started Reiki as she continued the massage once again.

The scrub tech never complained about the pain again. 

The massage went on for about twenty more minutes, and not one peep.

That is the power of Reiki!

Gentle healing, lovingly applied with trust in both guide-teacher and guide-spirit.


Reiki Doc