Monday, June 24, 2013

Update On The Healer's Group 6.23.13

Another Happy Volunteer!

One month ago I asked for volunteers to step forward to assist with the general non-intuitive public after the Event. The goal is to maintain calm and order and extend much-needed healing Light (in all modes) as well as to tap into your 'connections' on a grass-roots level to make sure much-needed care is  given to the local community around YOU.

Here are the results:

The main list for the Healers Group is here behind-the-scenes at this page:

(note that the sign up link is in blue at the top right hand corner, it is a little hard to see, but clicking on that pops up the sign up sheet 'link' I have posted above)

I have administrator access and will be posting with other key persons in the Healers Group on this page. This is your 'go to' in case of The Event.

The overall 'link' for all six groups, healers, media, finance, new technology, renaissance (that means 'artsy'), and local leadership is here:

It looks like the webpage--the headquarters for the Event--is up and running! The video in it is inspiring too. It's in the middle of the last webpage link but it is so awesome I want to save you a click.

Let's see if I can find it on YouTube...Got It!!!

Remember, your role is to help stabilize the energy of the masses who might experience confusion and act out at the time of the 'switch' to the Golden Age. 

Love Is The Solution For Everything!

Aloha and Mahalo and Namaste,

Reiki Doc


  1. could use a little so i can help. hello, my name is tommy, i am sceptical and honestly a little scared about the event. i am trying to understand and i think i may have over researched, i have studied alot of the golden age arena, but have also studied what the cabal is doing and even the whole alien-antichrist theories. believe me please when i say "i want to believe", i most sincerely do and want to help. i live in a rather rural area and as far as i know, i am the only one studying these areas. i live north of brainerd, MN. i have been sharing my research with a handful of friends up here but don't honestly think they believe me. but i honestly can't say that 'the event" is benevolent in nature 100%, i want to, but can't find conclusive proof. if anyone can help me before the event, please help, i would greatly appreciate it. i would love to tell people with certainty that it is going to be O.K., right now i would have to tell people that the event is either the birth of the new world order or our spiritual assistance to humanities freedom, and we all know which people will grasp. and that's a big coin to flip, and i must play on the side of caution until i know for certain. email me, reply to comment, drive to my house or i will drive somewhere to meet, just please help so i can tell people it's going to be O.K. let love guide us all

    1. Dear Tommy,
      What a blessing to have you doubt just like your names' sake! Here is all you need to know: The Event is best 'understood' with the heart, not the mind. The heart is the 'truth detector' and is truly galactic in nature. It is our connection to Source and also to each other. This answer is coming from my heart to you right now. Can you feel it? This is why there is no conclusive proof--the mind will look for it and because the Event is not 3D there is difficulty finding a way to 'understand' it. It is different from anything on Gaia you might have known. But here is a hint: everything else outside the inhabitants on Gaia (humans), is already in 5D. That's right, Nature! Go outside, and enjoy some time in the sun. Listen to the birds. Breathe the fresh air. Experience it. And let go. Is it benevolent outside? I say 'yes'. It feels wonderful and natural to me, just like home! And all of these things that are coming during The Event, is a way of 'coming home' for everyone. We are eternal beings of Light. Love is the foundation for our society. Would you agree that many who built our society have incorporated fear that is unnatural as a way of controlling us? It is time to drop the fear and experience the love and joy that is our birthright. Once the 'message' is clear, it does not matter what form or pattern that it takes. As long as there is Love in it, it is good. Always keep your little 'am I sure this is okay' doubt with you. It is wise to 'double-check' on everything. My only suggestion to you is to understand with your heart, and not your mind, and everything will make sense. The more you do to raise your Vibration (nature, sunshine, clear water that has been filtered, rest, avoiding poisons of alcohol-tobacco-drugs-GMO-high fructose corn syrup-meat, exercise, meditation) the more your heart will be free to do what it does best. This isn't a summer block buster movie. There are no 'special effects'. It is better. Far more soft and kind and needed by us all. You will not need a gun. Only about two week's extra toilet paper! LOL take care and always know: Love Is The Solution For Everything. Namaste.

  2. thank you, the misses has mentioned the doubting thomas thing as well. we live in northern minnesota, so we certainly value our time outdoors in the summer, since we only get about three months. well, minus the humidity and bugs. the bugs as well value their time in the summer heat. oh, and the chemtrails, they kinda suck. it's not an easy concept to grasp, when i can physically see in this 3d reality the buildup to pummel this planet with war again. i work in a hospital and i see all the respiratory cases coming in and all i can think of is us breathing in the nanotechnology, the aluminum, barium, dessicated red blood cells and the rest of the poisons being sprayed on us. and i certainly have noticed a huge difference in me since i had a awakening session with mothergod on O.K., i literally just stepped outside and they're is a giant v shape in the sky of chemtrail and the misses was cleaning out the outside cat bowls and the water is gritty from the ickys in the air. theres not a cloud in the sky, except a big giant v chemtrail hovering over our house. O.K., back to the story, i have followed for 6 months now, enjoy the teachings from that site, and a handful of other sites like that one. but it is still hard to tell everyone it's all going to be O.K. when i see this buildup of darkness that seems like it could just explode all over this planet at any time. and all my family, friends, co-workers and neighbors are going to be looking to me for answers when this event happens, and i am sitting right smack dab on the fence here, but i do believe that as events unfold, it won't be hard to know which way to lean. but obviously i would like to be able to talk to people now to start to prepare folks so they are not scared or do something rash. but on the flipside, if i'm wrong, if we are wrong, if we aren't prepared for economic collapse and the ensuing martial law, people are going to be very unprepared when those armored vehicles come rolling down our driveway to drag our families off to FEMA camps never to be seen again. and don't get me wrong, i do share just as much golden age of gaia info as i do military buidup info, i try very hard to help people understand that peace and love is the best medicine, not guns and war, but you gotta admit that in the past on this planet, guns and war has kicked peace and loves butt over and over again. well, thank you for the quick response and i promise i won't give up, because one thing is for sure, even though guns and war has been the action of choice on this planet, it ain't workin... do you know of a place online where i could possibly find folks in my area preparing for this event i could connect with and help and learn, i work at the big hospital in my area and most my co-workers know i study this stuff as well, and when this event happens, i know everyone is going to look at me and say, what now? BTW, we got at least a weeks worth of teepee but we got many, many trees with leaves..LOL.

    1. Be who you are and trust that everyone is prepared to the best of their abilities. Each has their own purpose and will be instructed through inner guidance on what is to be done by them. Even those who are 'asleep' may be powerful Light Workers and it just isn't their time yet to 'do their task'. All will work put for the Highest possible good. There will be no FEMA camps. There will be no more nuclear war. No world war three. And no martial law. As for the chemtrails, point at them next time and say, "Change it!". It works. That's what I do, anyhow, and it totally works for me. Why not take a class in Reiki? You might be surprised at what a healer you are and didn't know, blessings and Light, namaste.

  3. thank you, very encouraging words. i did alot of meditation today, mostly cuz it was to hot to move, but later in the day it hit me to search the google for brainerd area spiritual healers, i know, should have thought of it on my own, first website that caught my interest i opened the practitioner list and right there was a young lady i graduated with back in 1992 from pequot lakes high school, she had ovarian cancer and has spent her life practicing spiritual healing, guess i got an answer. think i'll contact her and start some healing, i know i'm only trying to learn all this from a 3d perspective, i meditate and pray frequently, but also have a fairly polluted body, need to cleanse. i try to vivid dream, meditate, contact spirit guides, remote view, and just stare at the stars alot, i do believe i'm being guided by someone, somehow, someway, i can't count how many times i have stumbled across answers to questions after meditation or prayer. i just wish i could have a dream and someone tell me it's gonna be O.K., wish i could have contact in my bedroom and have my star family tell me not to sweat it, sometimes i wish i would have that traumatic head trauma that would knock my pineal loose and open up that intuitive side that has worked with others. all i do is try to understand this from a 3d perspective while watching my children play outside while planes spray chemicals on them hoping and praying that my research isn't in vain. that this truly is the golden age of gaia coming upon our species and this planet and not the new world order. i thank you sincerely for your kind words, and i am here to help. let me know what i can do, where to find information, what to say to people, how to handle this event. i am not spiritually connected, yet, but want to help as much as possible when the transition takes place. thank you, thomas wills

    1. Thank you, it is my pleasure. And I read today that iodine supplement is good for the pineal gland to wake up! Be sure to check out 'Betadine is Good For You!' for all the information you need to know to make an informed choice. Remember, since you read this blog, you will get Reiki healing and Divine Peace Healing every day for free for as long as I am able to send it. Aloha, and mahalo nui loa. Thank you for being in my Soul Pod.